Dahua vs Reolink vs Hikvision Varifocal Lens Camera

Hikvision has very large inventory of security cameras ranging from low end products to high end products targeted for business needs for offices, process plants, mining projects etc. Its main competitor is Dahua, with large inventory that is arguably the same as Hikvision, and most Dahua products with similar specs and features compared to Hikvision are sold cheaper.

However, if you have a lower budget, Reolink offers a similar product, slightly lower spec but cheaper than Dahua, especially when compared to Hikvision. And most varifocal motorized zoom lens cameras are tagged with more expensive price than fixed lens cameras.

Should you require varifocal motorized zoom lens cameras, consider Reolink when budget is low. However, when high end heavy duty and smart outdoor security cameras with varifocal lens, you may consider Dahua and Hikvision.

Varifocal Lens Camera

Security camera with varifocal lens is very flexible the way you need to control and customize the zoom in to get the closer image detail and to zoom out to fit your wide view angle need, all optical motorized zooming control is done remotely either using your mobile device or NVR system. 

One of the new products released by Reolink with a varifocal lens is the Reolink Rlc-522, a mini dome series with 3x optical zoom. For the needs of an outdoor PTZ camera, you can consider the Reolink Rlc-423 ptz outdoor camera. We focus on this Reolink Rlc-522 security camera and compare it with each of Dahua and Hikvision that come with richer features to meet your business needs.

Reolink RLC-522 outdoor 5mp camera
Reolink RLC-522 outdoor 5mp security camera

Reolink RLC-522

For the needs of a security camera with resolution of up to 5mp @ 30 fps and 3x optical zoom, the Reolink Rlc-522 is very adequate for your needs and the price is also under $ 100. Rlc-522 is perfect for the needs of homes, small offices, retail stores or other small businesses. This product can work stand alone with local memory for playback footage video needs of motion detection snapshots, or continuous recording by connecting to an FTP server or NVR system (good with Reolink NVR systems e.g. RLK-8 or RLK-16).


  • Mini dome outdoor security camera full rotation 360 degree and vertical rotation up to 70 degree, ideal for ceiling or wall mount for homes, or small businesses
  • 5.0MP (2560 x 1920) @30 fps resolution
  • ½.7” 5MP CMOS image sensor
  • Varifocal 2.8mm ~ 8mm lens, 3x optical motorized zoom with auto focus, F=1.6, with IR-cut filter
  • Range of field of view angle 48 degree ~ 94 degree (Wide angle)
  • 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 98ft (30m) with auto-switching IR-cut filter
  • Power DC 12v; POE 802.3af
  • One way Audio with built-in microphone
  • Support local memory SD Card up to 64GB, FTP server and NVR
  • IP66 rated weatherproof

This Reolink Rlc-522 outdoor POE camera is tagged around $85.0 in Amazon, price is always fluctuating. Click the link below to shop in Amazon (#ads) or to learn more spec details.

Click here to SHOP RLC-522 or you may like to Click here for specs details Rlc-522

Reolink vs Dahua vs Hikvision

If the specs and features offered by Reolink rlc-522 are still not sufficient to meet your business needs, you can consider Dahua or Hikvision products with higher specs and richer features than Reolink. We take Dahua Ipc-Hdw5831r-Ze and Hikvision Ds-2cd2h85fwd-Izs as competing products, both of which have 4k resolution with varifocal lens.

Dahua Ipc-Hdw5831r-Ze  4k outdoor security camera
Dahua Ipc-Hdw5831r-Ze 4k outdoor security camera

Table 1 is presented to help you understand the spec comparison for Reolink rlc-522 vs Dahua Ipc-Hdw5831r-Ze comparison, while table 2 shows you spec comparison table between Reolink rlc-522 and Hikvision Ds-2cd2h85fwd-Izs.

By combining the two tables you can easily find spec comparison table for Dahua vs Hikvision.


Note that Dahua and Hikvision offer a higher resolution i.e. 4k resolution, while Reolink only goes up to 5MP @30 fps real time. Note, however, that at the same 30 fps, Dahua is only up to 3M (2304 × 1296) @ 30 fps, and Hikvision up to 5MP (2944 × 1656) @ 30 fps is the same as Reolink offers.

When resolution @ real time is your concern, Reolink rlc-522 is more preference with lower price and fit your resolution need up to 5MP @30 fps.

See also 4k cameras – Amcrest ip8m-t2499 4k turret camera; or try Lorex lnb9272 4k security camera

Camera lens

The three security cameras are equipped with varifocal lens which the view angle can be adjusted on the fly remotely by the mobile app or nvr system. Reolink’s focal length range is shorter than Dahua and Hikvision, both of the last two products feature 4x optical zoom. Zoom settings are motorized, so it’s not manual so you can customize it via mobile app or NVR system.

Hikvision Ds-2cd2h85fwd-Izs
Hikvision Ds-2cd2h85fwd-Izs 4k Outdoor turret camera

With slightly difference in focal length range, Reolink is still preference with cheaper price.

Night vision

These three products are equipped with IR LEDs for Black and White night vision. Reolink and Hikvision provide the same IR distance, while Dahua provides longer range. Hikvision is equipped with the widest maximum diaphragm compared to Dahua and Reolink, so light is captured faster to image sensor for faster processing needs.

Reolink doesn’t specify the minimum illumination spec, but Dahua and Hikvision do. With ambient light still above the minimum illumination, the camera still provides color night vision until the light drops below it and finally switches to B / W night vision.

For the needs of B / W night vision, Reolink is sufficient. However, if color night vision is required, Dahua and Hikvision can be used by increasing the ambient light around the camera so that it doesn’t drop below minimum illumination.

Actually there are few models of security cameras with color night vision such as Lorex lne8964 4k turret camera or Lorex lnz44p4b 2k ptz camera. Hikvision introduces ColorVu series cameras that offers full color 24/7, see one of its series Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU ColorVu 4MP Turret.

Smart features

Up to here, Reolink Rlc-522 is adequate for the needs of your home, or small business. However, if the need for outdoor with additional smart features, Dahua and Hikvision should be considered. Take a look at the ‘other features’ row in both comparison tables to consider which one suits your needs.

Click here to learn more spec details Dahua Ipc-Hdw5831r-Ze

Table 1 below shows you spec comparison for Reolink vs Dahua with varifocal lens, see the price difference is vey much.

Table 1 Reolink vs Dahua

ModelReolink RLC-522Dahua Ipc-Hdw5831r-Ze
Recording Resolution5.0MP (2560 x 1920) @30 fps15fps @4K(3840×2160), 25/30fps @3M(2304×1296)
Image sensor½.7” 5MP Image Sensor1/2.5” 8Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
Minimum illuminationUnspecified0.05Lux/F1.8 (Color,1/3s,30IRE) 0.2Lux/F1.8 (Color,1/30s,30IRE) 0Lux/F1.8(IR on)
Lens2.8mm-8mm autofocus; F=1.6, with IR-cut filter2.7mm ~12mm motorized lens f/1.8
Zoom3x optical motorized zoom4x optical motorized zoom 16x digital zoom
Field of View94 degree (Wide) ~ 48 degree (Tele)110 degree (Wide) ~ 40 degree (Tele)
Night Vision18pcs IR LEDs 850nm range up to 98ft (30m) with Auto-switching IR-cut filter2pcs IR LEDs range up to 164ft (50m) Auto / manual  IR On/Off control
AudioAudio In recording with built-in microphoneAudio In with built-in Microphone
Local memory storageLocal Micro SD Card ~ 64GBMicro SD card 128GB
IP ratedIP66 weatherproofIP67
OnvifConnect to Reolink NVRONVIF, PSIA, CGI
Other featuresWork with Alexa 360 degree manual rotation and up to 70 degree vertical rotation IVS: Tripwire, Intrusion, Object Abandoned/Missing Advanced Intelligent Functions: Face Detection

Table 2 below shows you spec difference for Reolink vs Hikvision, see that the price difference is triple fold. For high security area with face detection and other rich features as well as for heavy duty harsh outdoor environment, Hikvision supports IK10, TVS 2000V lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection.

Click here to learn more spec details Hikvision Ipc-Hdw5831r-Ze

Table 2 Reolink RLC-522 vs Hikvision Ds-2cd2h85fwd-Izs

ModelReolink RLC-522Hikvision Ds-2cd2h85fwd-Izs
Recording Resolution5.0MP (2560 x 1920) @30 fps8MP (3840 x 2160) @ 20 fps 30 fps @ 5MP(2944 × 1656)
Image sensor½.7” 5MP Image Sensor1/2.5″ progressive scan CMOS
Minimum illuminationUnspecifiedColor: 0.01 lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON), color: 0.014 lux @ (F1.4, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR
Lens2.8mm-8mm autofocus; F=1.6, with IR-cut filter2.8mm to 12.0 mm
Zoom3x optical motorized zoom4x optical motorized zoom
Field of View94 degree (Wide) ~ 48 degree (Tele)115 degree (Wide) ~ 35 degree (Tele)
Night Vision18pcs IR LEDs 850nm range up to 98ft (30m)850nm IR LED, range up to 100ft (30m)
AudioAudio In recording with built-in microphone1 input (line in, 3.5 mm), 1 output (3.5 mm), mono sound
Local memory storageLocal Micro SD Card ~ 64GBSupports microSD / SDHC / SDXC card (128 GB)
IP ratedIP66 weatherproofIP67, IK10, TVS 2000V lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection
OnvifConnect to Reolink NVROnvif (Profile S, Profile G), Isapi
Other featuresWork with Alexa 360 degree manual rotation and up to 70 degree vertical rotation Behavior Analysis: Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection Face Detection and RoI Supports one fixed region for main stream and sub stream

The listing price could be different than the current price. Click the link below to shop in Amazon (#ads). Dahua and Hikvision are not always available, but the OEM versions are many.

Next Page click the following linkDahua vs Reolink vs Hikvision PTZ cameras

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2 Responses

  1. Brendan says:

    You’re comparing garbage like Reolink in the sub $100 range to 4K cameras with a lot more features in the over $250 range.
    A bit of a ridiculous comparison. You are not even comparing the same feature set. There is no metion of iFrame rates or anything that is actually useful to serious surveillance.
    As a note, the Reolink RLC-822, the 4K version, has exactly the same flaws, particularly with night vision.
    I own a REOlink RLC-520. Night vision is complete garbage and limited to 12FPS in B/W and it switches to B/W mode when there is still over about 30lux brightness. The 12FPS is confirmed by Reolink tech support. Colour night vision is impossible. Anything under 15lux gives a compeltely black image.
    Additionally, due to the ridiculously low iFrame rate, that is not user adjustable, B/W night vision in particular is a blurry mess of ghosting and unusable footage. Face identification at anything over 15 feet is virtually impossible and not legally usable.

    • KG says:

      What is taken into consideration is the available budget. If your budget is under $ 100 what camera features do you get compared to other feature-rich and high-spec products that may cost two or three fold the price of a low-priced product? Selecting the product with features and specs that suite to your needs, that is the point I think.

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