Dahua vs Reolink vs Hikvision Varifocal Lens Camera

Which one is suitable for your business need dahua vs reolink and dahua vs gw security varifocal lens security camera. This time I would like to compare three models of security camera with optical zoom, namely Dahua ipc-hdbw4433r zs; Reolink rlc-422; and GW Security gw8767mip. To make everything simple, in this article all of those complicated product numbers will be called just the name, Dahua, Reolink and GW Security.


What is the advantage of a camera with a zoom lens? With a zoom lens, you can adjust the focal length to suit your needs without having to move forward or backward to adjust to the object to target. With a zoom lens, we can adjust the focal length without changing position. On the other hand with fixed lens you cannot do that, you only have a single view angle.

Dahua ipc-hdbw4433r zs 4MP varifocal camera

Varifocal lens

Likewise, a security camera with a varifocal lens, you can put the camera in a certain position without having to bother adjusting the required viewing angle because later you can adjust the viewing angle by controlling either through the monitor screen or via your smart-phone by zooming in / zooming out on the fly as needed.

Optical zoom

When you want to aim at an object in the distance, small object within the frame, you cannot get the image in detail, so you need to zoom in to get the object as closer as possible to get the object details more clearly.

There are two ways to zoom in / out, namely with digital zoom and optical zoom. With a digital zoom the camera process the image by software by cropping the image within the frame and usually the result is less sharp or much noise.

Reolink RLC-422 4mp zoom camera

Conversely, the camera with optical zoom results are very sharp and the results are as good as of the original image without zoom, because everything is done optically with complicated mechanical methods. So that’s why cameras with optical zoom are tagged at a price that is much more expensive than cameras that are not equipped with optical zoom.

Dahua vs Reolink vs GW Security

To make long writing short, let’s focus on the three camera products with varifocal lens by comparing dahua vs reolink and dahua vs gw security. please refer to table 1 representing spec comparison between dahua and reolink, table 2 representing spec comparison between dahua and gw security.

GW Security gw8767mip 4k camera


Both dahua and reolink offer the same 4.0megapixel resolution but different frame per second (fps) with reolink @30 fps real time frame speed, dahua frame rate is lower. On the other hand GW Security offers twice as high resolution as the other two products, aka 4k resolution @30 fps real time speed.

With the same varifocal lens dahua vs gw security is the same 5x optical zoom, no difference. But dahua vs reolink there is slightly different in optical zoom. The widest view angle is offered by gw security, it’s 120 degree view angle.

Night vision

The security camera must still be able to function well both day and night. Almost all cameras support night vision while still being able to view and record in black and white when night falls with the activation of IR LEDs with a certain range. Actually there are few models of security cameras with color night vision such as Lorex lne8964 4k turret camera or Lorex lnz44p4b 2k ptz camera.

Dahua is superior compared with the other two products reolink and gw security regarding range of infrared light.

Table 1 Dahua vs Reolink

Model Dahua ipc-hdbw4433r zs Reolink rlc-422
Resolution 4mp (2688×1520) @20 fps 4mp (2560×1440) @30 fps
Lens 2.7mm~13.5mm 1/3” 4Megapixel progressive scan CMOS Varifocal lens 2.8~12mm autofocus f1.2
Zoom 5x optical motorized zoom 4x optical motorized zoom
Field of view angle 92 ~ 33 degree 100~36 degree
Night vision High performance anti-light infrared light , Up to 165ft (50m) IR range 24pcs IR LEDs range up to 64ft (20m)
POE   DC12V, PoE (802.3af) 802.3af, 44V~54V. Support up to 330ft with CAT6 cables
Audio N/A N/A
Housing IK10 vandal resistant,  IP67 Solid housing IK10 vandal resistant,  IP67 Solid housing,  
Onvif ONVIF ONVIF Blue Iris, Milestone, iSpy, Digital WatchDog, Video Sighthound, Security Spy, Synology, and QNAP
Price $89.00 $94.99

Should require higher resolution you may choose 4k resolution security camera, double resolution than those dahua and reolink. See also 4k cameras – Amcrest ip8m-t2499 4k camera; or try Lorex lnb9272 4k security camera. See here the price is double as much as Dahua.

Table 2 Dahua vs GW Security

Model Dahua ipc-hdbw4433r zs GW Security gw8767mip
Resolution 4mp (2688×1520) @20 fps 8MP (3840×2160) @30 fps
Lens 2.7mm~13.5mm 1/3” 4Megapixel progressive scan CMOS 2.7~13.5mm 8.0Megapixel Starvis progressive scan CMOS sensor
Zoom 5x optical motorized zoom 5x optical motorized zoom
Field of view angle 92 ~ 33 degree 120 ~ 35 degree
Night vision High performance anti-light infrared light , Up to 165ft (50m) IR range 30pcs 850nm IR LEDs with split glass design to minimize IR reflection ~100ft
POE DC12V, PoE (802.3af) Yes, with optional power port 12v for non-PoE installations
Audio N/A N/A
Housing IK10 vandal resistant, IP67 Solid housing IK10 vandal resistant IP67 weatherproof
Onvif Onvif Onvif
Price $89.00 $209.00

Have a look at the price tagged by each of the product, GW security is tagged with most expensive price almost twice as much as the price of Dahua or reolink. This is reasonable since the resolution is twice as high as Dahua and reolink, and the view angle is also very wide.

Click the product link below to learn more details, link to shop in Amazon and current price and customer rating.

1. click here for Dahua ipc-hdbw4433r zs;

2. click here for Reolink rlc-422;

3. and click here for GW Security gw8767mip

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