Dbpower Vs Ottertooth Front Car Cameras

Dbpower dash cam delivers 2K video resolution with 150 degree wide angle view featuring G-sensor, one of best high resolution front car camera products in the market today.

Various models of dash cam product available in the market today to help you record the front car view video while you drive the vehicle. Some models include the rear cam to help you feel safe while backing up the vehicle. Dbpower is one of front car camera products delivering high resolution of video recording.

What this product does

Dbpower dash cam is one of front car camera products with high resolution video recording up to 1296p just like other similar products like Z-Edge Z3 and Wheel –Witness HD-Pro.

It is powered by high performance Ambarella A7L50 chipset and OV4689 CMOS sensor for crisp image detail, delivering high resolution 2560 x 1080 pixels or 2304 x 1296 pixels @30 frame per second (fps) video recording of your front car view while you drive your vehicle. It starts automatically recording the front view when the car is On.

You can attach the front car camera on the front windshield to cover 150 degree wide angle front view. it’s different model than those front and rear dash cam with rearview mirror model you can easily bind to the original rearview mirror. Dbpower includes a 2.7 inch LCD screen with integrated six-glass lenses with wide aperture f/2.0, delivering high resolution and crisp image details and HD video recording. It also supports night vision recording. And like other dash cam products, Dbpower supports G-sensor that automatically record the current video when the crash happened and lock the file for traffic disputes when required.

DBPower 2K Front Car Camera
DBPower 2K Front Car Camera

Main features

  • High resolution camera 2560 x 1080 / 2304 x 1296 pixels @ 30 fps in FHD
  • Built-in Ambarella A7L50 chipset
  • 150 degree wide angel front view camera with WDR (wide dynamic range) feature
  • Emergency lock button
  • Featuring G-sensor for automatic video recording while crash accident happened and lock the current file
  • Local memory storage up to 64GB TF Card with loop recording
  • Comes with 250mAh battery
  • 7 inch Full HD wide screen display

Dbpower dash cam is designed like compact pocket camera in general with built-in DVR system, it can record the footage in loop mode overwriting the old files for continue recording and keep saved files when G-sensor detect accident and record the current file and lock it.

To learn more about this product, manufacturer’s description, current price, rating and spec details,

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Currently there are various models of dash cam available in the market you might confused which one is to choose that would be suitable with your vehicle. One of them you may also consider is the Ottertooth, this is a dual front and rear dash cam. Or you may also consider other similar products offered by Rexing and Auto-Vox. See also Rexing X80 and Auto-Vox dash cam and also Powerlead and Auto-Vox front and rear dash cams.

Ottertooth Dual front and rear dash cam
Ottertooth Dual front and rear dash cam

Here is head to head spec comparison between Dbpower and Ottertooth front car camera presented in handful comparison table below.


Dbpower offers higher video recording resolution @30 fps than Ottertooth. The good thing with Ottertooth is that it comes with dual camera, front and rear dash cam. With rear camera you can easily backing up the vehicle with rear view to assure no pets, no obstacles for safety reason and easy backing up the vehicle by viewing from the large 4.0 inch screen.

Wide angle view

Dbpower is actually ideal in recording up to 1296p resolution with 150 degree front view wide angle. However, Ottertooth offers wider 170 degree front view angle. The rear camera is adequate with 140 degree wide angle to assist you backing up the car.

Take a closer look at the following comparison table to help you understand more details what the differences between the two products.

Table comparison Dbpower and Ottertooth dash cam

front and rear camNo, Front cam onlyYes, front cam and water resistant rear cam
Resolution2560×1080 / 2304×1296 Pixels @30 fps



Front cam resolution:


1920 x1080 Pixels @30 fps

Rear camera resolution: 480 x 720p @30 fps


Field of view150 degreeFront camera: 170 degree


Rear camera: 140 degree

Night visionYesYes
G-sensorYes, including emergency lock button and accident auto detectionYes,
LCD screen2.7 inch4.0 inch IPS screen
Local storageUp to 64GB TF Card memory – looped video recordedUp to 32GB micro SD Card – looped video recorded
HDMI & TV outputYesYes


Dbpower is affordable front car camera with high 2K resolution @30 fps and featuring G-sensor for auto crash detection. However it doesn’t come with rear cam to help you backing up the vehicle safely. Ottertooth is another alternative with 1080p resolution, wider front view and comes with front and rear cams.

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