Engenius EDS5255 Wireless Outdoor Camera

Engenius introduces high performance Wireless Outdoor POE Camera – Engenius EDS5255. How good it is compared with Amcrest IP4M-1026W?

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EnGenius is commonly specialized in networking technology including wireless network devices such as wireless router, wireless APs, wireless bridges and other long range wireless networking devices. No wonder that when it introduced surveillance cameras, some of them are enriched with networking touch for example its product in mesh camera – the EnGenius EWS1025 AP meshcam this product combines surveillance system with mesh wireless AP.

EnGenius EDS5255 is one of its flagship in IP camera for homes or businesses.

What this product does

EnGenius EDS5255 is a bullet model wireless outdoor camera designed with full HD 1080p resolution @30 frame per second (fps), clear and sharp image. It a great IP camera for homes or businesses with its motion detection with 3 windows with customized sensor sensitivities.

Wifi and POE

Installation is easy with wireless connection to the network or POE connection for both data and power requirement, it is not a wire-free IP camera which is typically powered by battery such as Motorola Orbit or Arlo wire-free outdoor cameras. You still need to provide power either POE or using power adapter.

EnGenius EDS5255 comes with built-in 802.11n adapter with high gain 2dBi external antennas to allow you connect to your existing wifi network. Or you may connect using UTP network cable for both data and power connection, more solid connection than wifi.

EnGenius EDS5255 wireless outdoor camera

16-channel video management software

The good thing with EDS5255 is that you don’t have to connect to the NVR system when you don’t have one. EnGenius comes with 16-channel video management software (VMS) to provides you live monitoring using your computer, record, playback and features for quick searches. Should you prefer to free up your computer you may connect the cameras to the ONVIF compliant NVR system such as Amcrest or Foscam 8 channel NVR system, or any larger channel high bandwidth 32 channel NVR system such as Amcrest and GW Security.

EnGenius 1080p bulet model camera


  • Wireless outdoor POE camera
  • High resolution of 1080p (1920x1080p) @30 fps video recording
  • 120 degree wide field of view angle
  • 264 compression format for bandwidth saving
  • Supports dual streaming H.264 and MJEG @30 fps
  • Removable IRC filter & built-in IR illuminators up to 82-ft. (25m)
  • Built-in 802.11n wireless adapter
  • 10/100Mbps RJ-45 with POE supports
  • IP66 rated weatherproof and dustproof solid housing
  • Remote view with EnViewer mobile app
  • Comes with 16-channel video management software

EnGenius EDS5255 is a high performance wireless outdoor camera with bullet model and superb image quality with 1080p resolution @30 fps. The price is tagged with higher bucks than some wireless outdoor camera such as Amcrest or Reolink.

EnGenius EDS5255 vs Amcrest IP4M-1026W

To help you make up your mind purchasing this product or any other model, take one of popular model in the market – the Amcrest IP4M-1026 wireless outdoor camera. well, IP4M 1026W is one of new model in addition of wired model Amcrest IP4M-1026 POE camera bullet model, or the dome model of Amcrest IP4M-1028 POE outdoor camera.

Have a look at the spec comparison table as reference to the following paragraphs.

Recording resolution

Amcrest IP4M-1026W offers higher resolution than EnGenius, 2MP 1080p resolution @30 fps for EDS5255 and 4MP 1520p @30 fps for Amcrest. Amcrest is superior in resolution, twice as high resolution as EnGenius. Even though EnGenius offers wider field of view angle, actually only slightly different.


In addition of built-in 802.11n wireless adapter with high gain 2dBi external antenna, EnGenius EDS5255 wireless outdoor camera comes with RJ45 10/100Mbps Ethernet port that supports POE to allow you connect to the network or NVR system using UTP CAT5/6 network cable in case you don’t have wifi network in place. With Amcrest, the Ethernet port doesn’t support POE but you can add POE injector and splitter.


Memory storage is used to store video recording footage to allow you playback later when you require to view video recording for specific times. EnGenius doesn’t come with local memory storage but Amcrest does with micro SD card. Amcrest offers free 4 hours cloud storage and some options of longer storage is also available.

Comparison table

Take a look at the following spec comparison table between EnGenius EDS5255 and Amcrest IP4M-1026W wireless outdoor cameras.

Table 1 spec comparison EnGenius vs Amcrest

Model Engenius EDS5255 Amcrest IP4M-1026W
Lens Fixed lens 2.8mm, ½.7 inch 2MP progressive scan CMOS image sensor Fixed lens 2.8mm 4MP (2688x1520p)Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor and the Ambarella S2Lm chipset
Resolution 1920x1080p @30 fps 2688x1520p @30 fps
Field of view angle 120 degree 118 degree
Night vision Yes, 12 pcs IR LEDs range up to 82 ft (25meters), IR-Cut filter Yes, 30 IR LEDs range up to 98 ft (33 meters)
Audio N/A N/A
Zoom N/A N/A
Motion detection Motion / tamper detection and alerts Motion detection and alerts
Network connection 802.11b/g/n with 2dBi high gain external antennas

10/100Mbps Ethernet RJ-45


10/100Mbps Ethernet RJ-45

POE support Yes, 802.3af class 2 You need 12V POE injector and splitter
Storage No local memory storage; NVR storage Micro SD Card local memory storage; NVR storage ; free 4 hours of cloud storage
ONVIF Yes, ONVIF Compatible (Profile S) Yes,
Management EnViewer mobile App for remote view; 16-Channel Video Management Software; QR code scan Amcrest View ap; QR Code scan
Housing IP66 rated weatherproof and dustproof IP67 weatherproof
Price (in Amazon) $186.99 $110.00


Technically Amcrest ip4m-1026 is more favorable compared with EnGenius, twice as high resolution as EnGenius and is cheaper. To learn more details about the specs, manufacturer’s description, current price and rating in Amazon:

Click here for Amcrest IP4M-1026W wifi outdoor camera

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