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Eufy 2k floodlight camera vs Ring Which One Gives You Best Value

Following its success with previous Eufy doorbell video camera products, as well as Eufy wire-free cameras, Eufy has also released eufy 2k floodlight camera. This is a newer model that becomes best seller in some of online stores, one of top rated floodlight cameras that demonstrate vivid image results, better brightness, easy to install and good image quality. Eufy comes with local memory storage that makes this product competitive with similar ones that require cloud storage plan.

Eufy Floodlights Camera Series

Previously, we discussed that there are three series of floodlight cameras that have been released by Eufy to the market:

  • Eufy floodlight cam
  • Eufy floodlight cam 2
  • Eufy floodlight cam 2 Pro

The last two series come with 2k camera resolution camera, while the first generation Eufy still has full HD 1080p resolution. So that’s why the last two product series are commonly known as eufy 2k floodlight camera.

The apparent difference with the last series eufy floodlight cam 2 pro is that it provides a PTZ feature like PTZ camera in general. Besides that, Eufy Cam 2 pro comes with 3 floodlights, while the first two series come with two floodlights as general. All the three series comes with floodlights with adjustable brightness. I don’t want to talk more details about the differences for these three eufy floodlight camera series, see more details in the following article eufy vs arlo floodlight camera.

I will focus on the second series the eufy floodlight cam 2, and will call it as eufy 2k floodlight camera, and will compare it with most popular Ring floodlight cameras.

Eufy Floodlight cam
Eufy Floodlight cam

Eufy vs Ring Floodlight cameras

Ring introduced various models of floodlight cameras and the last two series are Ring floodlight cam wired plus and Ring floodlight cam wired pro series, both comes with 1080p resolution as mostly floodlight cams in the market today. See also Arlo vs Ring floodlight cameras.

Let’s take Ring floodlight wired pro (2021 release) and compare it with eufy floodlight camera 2k. You can use table 1 below that shows you spec comparison table between Eufy and Ring floodlight cams.


Eufy is not only more economical than the most popular Ring floodlight camera, moreover eufy floodlight camera 2k gives more value by providing a camera with twice as high resolution as the one offered by Ring. Of course this is an advantage to be reckoned with, because the camera with 2k resolution will demonstrate sharper image and the resulting image wider than a camera with full HD (1080p) resolution.

Ring floodlight camera wired pro 2021 release
Ring floodlight camera wired pro 2021 release

Especially if you zoom in via your Smartphone with the camera app, the 2k resolution is sharper and clearer with lower noise than 1080p resolution camera.

Both camera models also support color night vision when the floodlight is triggered on by motion detection. Both models also provide b/w night vision with IR LEDs in low light to dark when the camera can no longer render color night vision without a floodlight or ambient light.


From the camera side, eufy floodlight camera 2k is superior with double the resolution compared to Ring, what about the floodlight offered? One more feature eufy is slightly superior with a higher brightness level than the ring. While the color temperature depends on your taste, eufy offers day white while Ring offers warm white halogen incandescent light.

One more thing that distinguishes Eufy from Ring is the floodlight. With eufy floodlight brightness level can be adjusted as needed. You can set it to a minimum brightness level so it doesn’t need to detect any motion. This is very helpful when you need to invite some guests and gather in the yard so that there is no need to trigger any motion detection of people around.

With Ring, the original model of Ring doesn’t allow you to dim or control the brightness of the floodlight. With the Pro series, released in 2021 the floodlight brightness can be adjusted via your ring app.


One spec that distinguishes these two products is that eufy floodlight camera 2k comes with 4GB of onboard eMMC memory and there is no slot for additional memory. Although theoretically assuming 30 motion-trigger snapshots per day, this memory is sufficient to store up to 15 days before the over write cycle. However, when you need longer file retention, you are in trouble unless you have cloud storage.

On the other hand with Ring there is no local memory storage, you need to subscribe to Ring protect plan for cloud storage to let you playback the event video footage.


One of the advantages of both camera models is wifi connectivity, which allows the camera to connect to your internet direct to your home wifi network, no hub station needed. There is a difference in this wifi connection, Ring offers dual band wifi so that it can connect to @5GHz radio band which is cleaner than the more density @2.4GHz band which is prone to interference.

Today, wifi routers for homes are no longer come with single wifi band, and all the latest model of wifi routers come with dual or three radio band even Netgear released a quad band product with its Orbi rbk963. Almost all the latest models of wifi routers have a smart connect feature that can force devices with 5Ghz band support to connect to 5Ghz router network so that it is cleaner from interference.

Bird’s eye

One unique feature that Ring offers is the bird’s eye display, a kind of three-dimensional monitoring that provides a trail track of a person’s movement from entering and moving within your detection zone which is displayed in a snapshot image alert that is sent to your mobile device.

ring bird's eye
Ring’s bird’s eye view

This is quite useful so you can give more control from where someone can enter your property and where he moves. Eufy only provides motion detection feature like other ones in general.

Take a look at table 1 below that shows you more details spec comparison between Eufy and Ring floodlight cameras.

Table 1 Eufy floodlight cam vs Ring

Floodlight cameufy floodlight camera 2kRing Wired Pro Floodlight camera
Recording resolution4MP (2k)  Full HD 1080p with HDR
View Angle130° vertical / 140 ° horizontal140 degree horizontal; 80 degree vertical Bird’s eye: 270 degree
FloodlightsAdjustable brightness of dual 2,500Lumens
floodlights – set the preset brightness on different scenarios; Motion-activated only 5,000K color temperature
2x 2000lm LEDs array with 3,000K color
SirenBuilt-in 100dB siren, manually trigger via the appBuilt-in 110dB  siren with motion-activated or controlled via the app
Night visionB/W with IR LEDs, bright night vision. Color night vision with floodlights triggered by motion detectionBlack / white night vision with IR color night vision when floodlight on triggered by motion detection or manually by the app
AudioTwo way audio with built-in microphone and speakerTwo way communication with built-in microphone and speaker; and advanced noise cancellation
Local memory storageBuilt-in 4GB EMMC memory card on board, 20 Days45 activations/daylocal storage N/A; You can subscribe Ring Protect Plan $3/month each device or $10 / months per household Stored video for 60 days
ConnectivityWifi @2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/nDual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi connection @2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
PowerHard wired to 110-240VAC outdoor wiringAC powered Hardwired (100-240V)
Smart eventMotion detection Preset brightness setting for different scenarios Support up to 4 activity zone Works with Alexa & Google assistant3D motion detection with 270 degree bird’s eye view angle.
Housing protectionIP65 weatherproofIP66 weatherproof
Price (Amazon Jul 2022)$219.99$249.99

Prices listed here may be different with current price in some online stores. Click the product’s link below to see the current price and shop the product in Amazon (#ads)

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