Falcon Zero F360+ Dual Lens Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F360+ is a dual lens dash cam with rear view mirror model, a popular front and rear dash cam with much better improvements from older model F360.

Falcon Zero F360+

The older model of Falcon Zero F360 front and rear dash cam is designed with rear view mirror model you can setup easily on rear view mirror of the vehicle, don’t need to take out the mirror. Many rear view mirror models are available in the market like other popular dual lens dash cam such as Auto Vox M3 das cam or KDLinks R100 dash cam.

What this product does

This product is like dash cam in general that comes with DVR system with dual lens to record the video while you’re driving the vehicle.

Rear view mirror model

Normally with dual lens dash cam it consists of front view camera which is typically installed on the windscreen and backup camera installed at the rear side of the vehicle. But Falcon Zero F360+ is installed on the rear view mirror with secure grip system, not replacing the mirror but clamped on it. Clamped on the rear view mirror is firmly seated, moreover with the addition of secure grip system assure the DVR kit is firmly seated on the rear view mirror. It is much safer than attached on the windscreen with suction cup that prone to loose and fall.

You can setup the viewing angle as you wish, you can setup for front and back, or both cameras facing front view for super wide viewing angle or front and side windows views. You can record the footage stored at local memory SD Card memory storage up to 32GB with loop recording feature like other dash cam products.

High resolution cameras

Falcon Zro F30+ front and rear dash cam has two cameras, the main camera which is typically facing to the front view and the second camera which is for rear view and both can record in full HD 1080p recording resolution and are routable 180 degree with 120 degree viewing angle.

Falcon Zero F360+ dual lens dash cam
Falcon Zero F360+ dual lens dash cam

When you compare F360+ with KDLinks 100, Kdlinks offers higher resolution with 1296p front view camera and the same 1080p resolution for backup / rear view camera. On the other hand you may compare with Frizione 3.0 inch front car camera which comes with 1440p @30 fps HD resolution. However this product is not designed with rear view mirror model but attached to the windscreen with suction cup.

Falcon Zero F360+ is also featuring night vision for interior clips and shots. And the good thing is that it supports two way audio with built-in microphone and speaker function.

The newer version F360+ (the plus model) is the same model as the standard F360 with more improvements will be discussed below.

F360+ Improvements

With few drawbacks found in the previous product – the Falcon Zero F360, the F360 plus is now having much better performance with few improvements to get better.

  • Clearer and thicker LCD screen, easy to read and natural mirror
  • Multi vehicle use, included 2nd power cable for second car you can swap dash cam without take down cable system
  • Better heat resistant SD Card memory with more reliable and solid slot
  • 25% better night vision
  • More sensitive microphone and speaker

With these improvements the Falcon Zero F360+ dual lens dash cam is now getting excellent customer rating than the first model.

To learn more spec details and manufacturer’s description as well as current price and rating in Amazon, click the link below:

This Falcon F360+ front and rear dash cam is tagged with $170.00 price (Jul 2017) and price might fluctuated by times, click the above link for current price.

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