Floodlight Motion Tracking Cameras

Few models of popular floodlight motion tracking camera including Ring and Versonel motion tracking camera.

Why Floodlight camera

Most security outdoor cameras support night vision, in darkness or in ambient light the camera still can view in black and white due to IR LEDs illumination. Lorex offers few models with color night vision with CNV technology such as Lorex LNB8111 4K security camera one of popular 4K outdoor security cameras.

And when the camera detects the motion, the camera start recording. In some cases, you require floodlight to illuminate the area when the camera detects the motion and the camera starts recording the area where it sense the motion. So that’s why a floodlight motion tracking camera is required in that case.

The following are floodlight motion tracking camera products you may consider to meet your need.

1. Ring Floodlight

One of popular products offer by Ring is Ring Floodlight motion tracking camera. what this product does? This product will turn on the floodlight when the sensor detects the motion object or facial detection, the camera then starts recording or capture the image and push to your mobile devices as alerts. In addition, you can also activate the 110-decibel siren when it detects the motion.

You can always get streaming video and audio with live view via your mobile device, anytime and the good thing is that this Ring floodlight motion tracking camera works with Alexa.

Ring floodlight motion tracking camera camera
Ring floodlight motion tracking camera camera


  • High resolution of full HD 1080p camera
  • Smart zoom and panning
  • 140 degree adjustable mount with night vision support
  • 270 degree field of view area
  • Motion and facial detection
  • Two way audio and 110-decibel alarm
  • Two 3,000 degree Kelvin ultra-bright floodlights
  • 11b/g/n wifi connection single 2.4Ghz band
  • App-controlled camera, lights and siren


  • Ring floodlight doesn’t support memory storage. However, you can sign up for cloud storage service. Ring offers basic plan for individual Ring camera and Protect plan for unlimited cameras

Like other motion detection cameras in general, Ring floodlight motion tracking camera comes with free app to help you view and control to flash the lights, sound the alarm and zoom-in to focus on your most important areas.

The resolution of this camera is full HD 1080p, enough resolution you can view from mobile devices. if floodlight is not required, you may consider higher resolution 4MP camera such as Amcrest IP4M-1056EW bullet model or Amcrest IP4M-1054EW bullet model outdoor camera.

Currently this product is tagged with the price around $250, prices are fluctuating by time. To learn more spec details and manufacturer’s description click the link below:

Click here for Ring floodlights

2. Amcrest ADC2W

Amcrest offers a security camera with built-in spotlight that can be refrigerated manually or due to motion detection, plus built-in 110db siren which is very effective in driving away the intruders into your property.

Compared to Ring Floodlight, the capacity is different. Ring offers two very bright floodlights around 3,000 degree kelvin while Amcrest is only equipped with a fairly bright LED spotlight to illuminating light around your frame at night.

Amcrest adc2w camera with spotlight
Amcrest adc2w 1080p camera with spotlight


  • wifi camera single band 2.4Ghz with full HD 1080p @30 fps for smooth real time speed footage
  • Active deterrent camera with built-in 110 db siren and built-in spotlight (up to 33ft range) you can trigger manually or motion detection
  • Fixed 2.8mm focal length with 133 degree wide view angle and up to 16x digital zoom
  • Comes with memory slot storage up to 128GB micro SD Card
  • Supports two way audio communication with built-in Microphone and speaker
  • Wifi connection with 802.11b/g/n 2×2 MIMO wifi technology
  • IP65 rated weatherproof for outdoor placement


  • Speaker volume is quiet even with full volume in app

This Amcrest ADC2W spotlight security camera is tagged with the price around $90 in Amazon or any other online store, cheaper than Ring Floodlight that is sure with very bright two floodlights.

click here to learn more details Amcrest ADC2W camera

3. Versonel Smart tracking camera

With Ring floodlight smart motion camera you cannot record footage locally in the camera, however you have cloud storage option plan. Versonel motion tracking camera supports memory storage – 4GB micro SD Card. The camera can record up to 720p resolution @15 frame per second (fps).

Versonel floodlight comes with rotating robotic lamp heat with 8x super bright 1w Nichia LED. Compared with Ring with two way audio, Versonel doesn’t support two way audio but pre-recorded message audio.

Versonel floodlight camera
Versonel floodlight camera


  • HD 720p resolution @15 fps
  • Field of view angle 40 degree up to 26 ft (8m)
  • 220 degree range of motion and up to 55 ft detection range
  • 3x Passive infrared sensor for motion detection
  • 8x 1w (855 lumens) bulb LEDs as light source with rotating robotic
  • Lights activate 3 minutes soon as motion detection
  • Records 20 seconds 720p video events @15 fps
  • Built-in 4GB micro SD card (up to 32GB) memory storage
  • Audio function with pre-recorded messages or recordable warning message
  • Aluminum and plastic housing with IP55 rated, weatherproof

See that Ring motion tracking camera offers higher resolution than Versonel. However, Versonel offers built-in memory storage to let you record motion detection, Ring floodlight doesn’t.

To learn more spec detail and manufacturer’s description including current price and rating, click the link below:

Click here for Versonel floodlight motion tracking camera

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