Foscam Outdoor Wireless PTZ Camera

Foscam FI9828P is an outdoor wireless PTZ camera with high resolution of 1.3MP image detail, 3x optical zoom actor and H.264 compression format.

What this product does

Foscam FI9828P is an outdoor wireless PTZ camera capable of recording video with high resolution of HD 960p clear image quality (1280 x 960p). This camera delivers HD video streaming using H.264 video compression you can view remotely using your mobile devices via internet from all over the world, easily and securely by scanning the QR code. See also popular HD PTZ camera with POE supports.

This camera is designed with aluminum shell housing with IP66 weatherproof rating, ideal in placing the camera outdoor in harsh environment. At night? No problem, this camera supports night vision with the embedded 21x IR-LEDs covering up to 65 ft distance (up to 20 meters). It can detect motion and pushing the email-alerts and FTP the image to the user.


  • HD 960p clear image resolution
  • Reduce bandwidth with H.264 video compression
  • Easy to install using QR code scanning
  • 3x optical zoom lens
  • Night vision feature with 21x IR-LEDs up to 20 meters (65ft) distance
  • Motion detection and pushing alerts via email and FTP image to users
  • IP66 weather proof rating
  • Cloud enable for live viewing and storage via Foscam Cloud

Various models of outdoor PTZ camera available in the market today ranging from home usage like this product Foscam FI9828P outdoor wireless PTZ camera with 3x optical zoom factor up to those business class PTZ camera with POE support that support up to 30x optical zoom factor ideal for long distance coverage in plants or warehousing area. See also best PTZ outdoor camera.

foscam outdoor ptz wifi camera

Foscam FI8928 wireless outdoor PTZ camera

Foscam FI9828P is ideal for homes or small businesses, connect to your existing wireless network wirelessly or you may connect using CAT5e network to the nearest Switch or router to allow you connect to the cloud for remote viewing via the internet. For indoor you may also select the indoor camera, even though you can install this camera indoor. However, with home indoor wireless camera such as Foscam FI9821 is enough and is cheaper.

See also comparison between Reolink varifocal lens and Amcrest wireless security camera

Comparison Foscam Vs Sumpple

Another outdoor wireless PTZ IP camera you may also consider is Sumpple outdoor wireless PTZ camera which is also ideal for homes or small businesses. It comes with 4x optical zoom lens and some other similar features compared with Foscam.


You can see that each of the PTZ camera offers the same image resolution of HD 960p with slightly different lens type, the focal length that makes optical zoom factor different. Foscam offers 3x optical lens as opposed to 4x on Sumpple. The larger number of optical zoom factor the longer distance the camera can reach with clear and crisp image detail quality.

In some conditions you may consider varifocal lens IP camera which you can adjust the focal length manually to fit to your angle of view as opposed to fixed lens which has fixed focal length, you cannot adjust to meet the desired angle of view. See also varifocal IP camera 5MP.

Sumple ptz outdoor

Sumpple wireless PTZ outdoor camera


Each of Foscam FI9828 and Sumpple outdoor wireless ptz camera comes with either RJ-45 Ethernet port you connect the camera directly using CAT5e network cable to your router or you may connect the camera wirelessly to your wifi network in home. both includes standard 802.11b/g/n wifi network built-in with the camera to allow you connect to your home wifi network.


Foscam outdoor wireless PTZ IP camera supports the P2P (per to peer) feature to eliminate the hassle and complicated configuration of your router port and DDNS setting. Just scan the QR code and you can connect the camera remotely from all over the world, but Sumpple doesn’t support P2P feature.

P2P is technology that makes remote viewing much easier than ever.

Have a look at the following spec comparison table to help you understand which one is best to suit your need.

Table 1 Foscam FI9828 Vs Sumpple outdoor wireless ptz camera

  Foscam FI9828 Sumpple wireless PTZ camera
Camera resolution 1.3MP of 960p (1280 x 960p) 1.3MP of 960p (1280 x 960p)
Lens type 2.8mm ~ 12mm, F:1.6 Lens 3.5 ~ 13.7 mm
Image sensor 1/3” color CMOS sensor 1/3” color CMOS sensor
Optical zoom factor 3x optical zoom factor


4x optical lens

8x digital zoom

Video Compression H.264 H.264
Night vision Yes, IR LEDs unknown – distance up to 20 meter (65 ft) Yes, 36 IR LEDs night visibility up to 18 meters distance
PTZ Pan/Tilt angle:H355 degree ,V=78 degree Horizontal: 355 & Vertical: 120
P2P Yes No
Ethernet Port 10/100Mbps RJ-45 10/100Mbps RJ-45
Wifi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n
Price $260 $200



For easy configuration and setup in remote viewing, Foscam outdoor wireless PTZ camera with P2P feature is ideal for DIY remote viewing camera. For better optical zoom, Sumpple outdoor wireless PTZ IP camera is suitable for you and yet is cheaper.

See more detail how good the rating in Amazon is each of the camera.

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