Foscam R2 Vs Amcrest Vs Vimtag

Foscam offers new Foscam R2 with high resolution of 1080p indoor IP camera. How good is it compared with Amcrest IP2M-841 and Vimtag P1 Premium indoor camera?

Foscam R2

Foscam R2 is one of best home IP cameras that is easy to install, plug and play and easily connect remotely with the palm of your hand via your mobile devices.

R2 Vs FI9821

If you compare this product with the previous version of Foscam FI9821 you can find that this R2 offers higher image quality of full HD 1080p as opposed with HD 720p resolution offered by older model FI9821. You might also like comparison between Amcrest IP2M-841 and Foscam FI9821.

Another feature difference between R2 and the previous version FI9821 is that both products have the same value of horizontal panning degree up to 300 degree. However, the vertical tilting degree is slightly higher up to 120 degree for FI9821 as opposed with the new version of R2. If you compare with outdoor PTZ cameras, some PTZ outdoor cameras offer much higher horizontal panning degree up to 360 degree endless and typically PTZ camera is hang up model mounted on the ceiling or on tower facing downward featuring high resolution image detail and multiple optical zoom factor instead of digital zoom. See also HD PTZ POE camera.

Have a look at the following main features for Foscam R2 and compared with other competing products like Amcrest and Vimtag.

foscam home ip camera
Foscam R2 home wireless camera

Main features

  • High resolution of full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • 110 degree wide viewing angle, panning up to 300 degree horizontally and tilting vertically up to 100 degree
  • Comes with 13 IR LEDs for night vision illuminating distance of up to 26 ft
  • Setting up is easy with QR Code scanning in three steps setup
  • WDR (wide dynamic range) for crisp image detail even in extreme light conditions
  • Support motion detection and alerts
  • Two way audio with high quality built-in microphone and speaker

The design of the model is more elegant compared with previous version, and more important is that this new version Foscam R2 model comes with full HD 1080p high resolution instead of 720p as in FI9821 model. the good thing with this model is that it is featuring 2x magic zoom and 6x digital zoom technology for more detail image quality just like as if it were featuring optical zoom.

Foscam Vs Amcrest Vs Vimtag

Current customer rating for this new Foscam R2 is relatively excellent with 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Will it be so popular as those have been around for a while with high resolution of full HD image quality such as Amcrest and Vimtag?

Let’s have spec comparison tables to help you see the features and spec differences (if any) between Foscam, Amcrest and Vimtag. Amcrest IP2M-841 and Vimtag are two most popular home wireless IP cameras in some online retail stores. See also comparison between Amcrest IP2M-841 and Vimtag P1 premium.

Lens type and Resolution

All the three products come with fixed lens type CMOS sensor with different focal length, Amcrest offers a specific lens from Sony IMX 322 with longer focal length of 4 mm. Foscam introduces wider viewing angle horizontally up to 110 degree as opposed with the competing products with only 90 degree viewing angle.

One of most important things for a camera you probably need to know is the maximum resolution of the lens type can support, typically it is denoted by HD (720 pixel), full HD (1080 pixel) and more pixel density vertically. The higher number of pixel the more detail the image quality can be produced for much better display quality. Both Foscam R2 and Amcrest offer the same full HD image quality, while Vimtag P1 premium offers only up to 720p.

Resolution of 1080p is adequate for indoor usage, however for outdoor should you require large image detail you may consider higher resolution of up to 3MP, 4MP or even higher up to 8MP for business purposes. Amcrest offers you Amcrest bullet type outdoor 3MP camera and Amcrest 4MP outdoor Dome type camera for higher image quality for outdoor usage.

Magic digital zoom

Foscam introduces magic zoom, a technology to magnify image details digitally as it does similarly by optical zoom but with a fixed-focus lens. This is what competing products don’t support.

Free Cloud storage

Unlike the other two products that offer free cloud storage, Foscam R2 doesn’t offer you free cloud storage. Regarding the free cloud storage, Vimtag comes with much better offering of free 60 days   cloud storage. With cloud storage you have a good option of storing your video footage in the cloud storage you can playback later as required remotely via your mobile devices.

The other features differences can be represented in a handful comparison table as shown in table 1 that compares Foscam R2 with Amcrest and table 2 represents comparison between Foscam and Vimtag.

Table 1 Foscam R2 Vs Amcrest IP2M-841

 Foscam R2Amcrest  IP2M-841
Camera resolutionFull HD 1080p (1280 x 1080p)Full HD 1080p (1280 x 1080p)
Lens typeFixed lens 1/3” 2.0MP CMOS sensor 2.8mmSony IMx 322 1/2.7” CMOS sensor fixed lens 2.0MP f 4.0 mm
Viewing angle110 degree90 degree
Pan and Tilt degreePan/Tilt Angle: H=300 degree V=100 degree 
Digital zoom2x magic zoom and 6x digital zoom 
Night visionYes, distance up to 26 ft (8m)Yes, distance up to 32 ft (10m)
QR Code scan supportYes, with P2P technologyYes
Motion detection and alertsYesYes
Two way audioYes with built-in microphone and speakerYes
CompressionYes, H.264H.264H/H.264B/H.264/ MJPEG
free Cloud storageN/AYes, Amcrest Cloud, Cloud Recording and Playback with Free Live Viewing and 4 Hours cloud storage

Table 2 Foscam R2 Vs Vimtag P1 Premium

 Foscam R2Vimtag P1 Premium
Camera resolutionFull HD 1080p (1280 x 1080p)HD 720p (1280 x 720p)
Lens typeFixed lens 1/3” 2.0MP CMOS sensor 2.8mmFixed lens 1/3” 1.0MP CMOS sensor 3.6mm
Viewing angle110 degree70 degree
Pan and Tilt degreePan/Tilt Angle: H=300 degree V=100 degreePan/Tilt Angle: H=350 degree V=65 degree
Digital zoom2x magic zoom and 6x digital zoom4x digital zoom
Night visionYes, distance up to 26 ft (8m)Yes, with 2x 940nm IR lamp up to 26 ft (8m)
QR Code scan supportYes, with P2P technologyYes,
Motion detection and alertsYesYes
Two way audioYes with built-in microphone and speakerYes, built-in microphone and external speaker
CompressionYes, H.264Yes, H.264
free Cloud storageN/AYes, 60 days free storage space, up to 4 cameras per box

Please note that the current Vimtag P1 premium is updated to become Vimtag P1 version 2 with much better performance, according to the seller all the P1 products are now updated to be version 2.

The above specs are not detail. Click the following links for spec details:


Foscam R2 offers you high resolution of full HD image detail quality and with magic zoom and digital zoom technology can produce image quality like those camera with optical zoom when performing digital zoom magnification. However, Foscam doesn’t offer you free cloud storage like Amcrest and Vimtag – a free service that you might not use it for some reasons.

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2 Responses

  1. MICHAEL H says:

    This isn’t very helpful. Virtually every spec is the same between the r2 and the ip2m-841 and this seems to say the r2 is better without any explanation. R2 being 40 more expensive for no reason? This article might as well be called “What foscam improved on in latest up camera”. Seriously this is a joke

    • Ki G says:

      Thanks for the frank opinion Michael …I think the summary says the strength of this R2 camera is the digital and magical zoom technology.

      The product is on sale these days like other products.

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