Frizione 3.0 inch High Res Front Car Camera

After discussing various models of home safety surveillance system including top 5 8-channel wireless surveillance system and also top 5 outdoor camera with zoom, adding a front car camera is also important for vehicle.

Lots of front car camera model you can find in the market whether you prefer the rear mirror model dash cam such as Rexing 80 and Auto Vox or separate dash cam with suction cup attached to the windscreen such as DBPower and Ottertooth. Both models offer the capability of recording the front view and stored in local memory storage you can playback later.

Frizione dash cam

Many people prefer dash cam with rear mirror model, simple and save space no clutter devices in dash board and the good thing is that it can replace your rear mirror function. Typically the rear mirror model consists of dual camera both front and rear cameras such as Auto Vox m3 dual dash cam and KDlinks R100 dash cam.

1440p resolution

Many models of dash cameras come with 1080p high resolution and most backup cameras come with 720p resolution such as Auto Vox M3.  Frizione front car camera is designed with higher resolution of up to 1440p (2560×1440 pixels) @30 fps real time, it’s a 2K resolution dash cam for clearer image detail. Or you can also set to record in 1080p @60 fps very smooth moving resolution.

2K resolution for dash cam is more than appropriate, you might not require higher resolution for dash cam like those business class outdoor security camera such as 4MP Hikvision turret camera or home wifi Reolink 4MP PTZ camera.


Attach the camera on the windscreen using included suction cup and enjoy the 170 degree wide angle front view. You can record continuously during driving and it supports the G-sensor to record the view when accident or crash happened and lock the video file for traffic dispute later when needed.

Frizione front car camera
Frizione front car camera


Video recording footage is generally huge file to store in local memory storage, and the loop recording feature is typically a standard method in recording the dash cam. The old files will be overwritten with the new files, however the video files that are resulted from the G-sensor recording due to crash or accident cannot be overwritten but they are locked for future evident when traffic dispute is required.

Frizione dash cam doesn’t record video and store the files to the memory with no compression, it does compress using standard H.264 compression format technology to save space storage. Not many competing models come with this H.264 compression feature.

For more in depth insights about this Frizione dash cam you may click the link in the end of this article to read more spec details, current price and rating in Amazon.


  • High resolution dash cam with Ambarella A12 chipset and OV4689 sensor
  • Recording resolution Super HD 2560 x 1440P @ 30fps / 1080p @60 fps
  • 170 degree wide viewing angle
  • 0 inch high resolution LCD can view live recording and playback
  • Local storage up to 512GB TF card with loop recording technology
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for early warning system
  • Motion detection to start recording when dash cam detect movement of the object
  • Comes with GPS Geo Tagging

Frizione 3.0 dash cam is tagged with the price around $130 for high resolution dash cam with 170 degree wide angle view. Now, today you have option to find 4K dash cam like the one offered by Kamtron.

Click here to learn more Kamtron 4K Dash Cam


If high resolution is not just one of features you need to take account, you may consider another product with different model. Compare this product (Frizione) with Auto Vox M3 front and rear dash cam. It is reasonable comparison since both are tagged with the same price, so take the one that is suitable to your vehicle and need.

Auto Vox M3 is designed with rear mirror model you can clip to the dash cam to the rear mirror using the included rubber strap.

Auto Vox M3 front car camera
Auto Vox M3

Frizione does not come with backup camera but Auto Vox M3 does. M3 with backup camera, the 5” screen will automatically display backup image when you engage the R gear for safety backup vehicle.

Take a look at the following spec and features comparison table to better understand which one is suitable for your vehicle.

Table 1 Frizione Vs Auto Vox M3

 FrizioneAuto Vox M3
ModelAttached to the windscreen – single camRear mirror dual lens front and rear dash cam
Screen display3.0 inch TFT5.0 inch in the middle of rear view mirror
Recording resolutionUp to (2560×1440 pixels) @30 fps real timeFront cam 1080p @30 fps; backup cam 720p @30 fps
Field of view angle170 degree front view angle165 degree front cam; 170 degree  rear cam
Compression formatYes, H.264N/A
Backup assistantNeed backup camera, however it comes with ADAS system for safety driving assistantYes,  parking image will automatically displayed in the screen when you engage the R gear
WDRNoYes, good in day and night with extreme light and dark
Local StorageSupport 512GB TF Card (not included)Support 32GB SD Card (not included)
WeatherproofNoYes for backup camera with IP68 rated
GPSYes,  GPS geo taggingNo

Those listed features and spec might not complete, to learn more details about teach of the product click the following link for more detail, current price and rated in Amazon.


For high resolution front view camera Frizione is one of best dash cam for you. It comes with safety driver assistance system and GPS geo tagging. Auto Vox M3 is ideal for front and rear dash cam with backup assistant for safety backup vehicle.

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