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Most Popular Arlo vs Google Nest Cam IQ Which One Gives You Best Value

Google today has released the new generation of Google Nest Camera, either outdoor or indoor, you may find that legacy Nest cam IQ outdoor is not available in the market.

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If you still like to see how Arlo Ultra (1st Generation) is compared with Google Nest IQ outdoor, go on reading this article. Nest IQ outdoor is one of most popular wire-free cameras in the market.

What this product does

The design of this camera is not like other camera models in general, which is designed with bullet, dome or turret models. However, the Nest cam outdoor is designed with a sturdy, beautiful shape and striking with a clean white color that makes this camera when installed outdoors to be deterrence to cancel the intention of the burglar to act further. However, it is not active deterrence like those native active deterrence camera like those models offered by Lorex. See also Reolink Argus vs Lorex Dvr kit that comes with 4 active deterrence cameras.

Google nest cam iq outdoor
Google nest cam iq outdoor

Supersite Video

Google Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a unique outdoor security camera with supersite video quality and is enriched with face recognition feature. Of course it’s not just an attractive ad, but in complicated technical stuffs this camera combines multiple 4k snapshot images that process images in bright light and shadows with complicated software to produce super HDR (high dynamic range) video footage that is captivating, bright, clear and sharp in 1080p resolution.

With a complicated process to produce supersite HDR footage quality, it certainly needs a powerful processor, for this reason Nest cam IQ is embedded with powerful 6-core processor which is technically around 50% faster than quad-core processors in general.

Auto tracking and zoom in

When your camera detects someone passing in your camera frame, the camera system will automatically follow the person’s movements while zooming in (up to 12x digital zoom) to get a closer look at that person. The same feature is also applied to Arlo Ultra which is a competitor of this product. See also Arlo Pro 3 2k wire-free camera.

Night vision

Nest Cam IQ outdoor is also equipped with high power 850nm IR LEDs to let you view the video in darkness, very sharp in image quality even in darkness. However, with ambient light you still can view color night vision like other recent model of Arlo Ultra that comes with color night vision.

Built-in Wifi ac

Nest IQ is equipped with a built-in 2×2 MIMO wireless ac adapter to optimize data throughput between the camera to your home wifi network that has an 802.11ac-based wifi router installed. By utilizing the 5GHz clearer band your video can be transmitted smoothly via dual band WiFi AC network so as to minimize interference as in the crowded 2.4GHz band.


  • Supersite 1080p @30 fps HDR video with 4k Image sensor and intelligent imaging
  • Wide 130 degree field of view angle
  • Auto zoom in (12x digital zoom) when detect human and tracking it
  • High power 850nm infrared LEDs
  • Built-in with dual band wifi ac adapter with 2×2 MIMO
  • Two way audio, with built-in 3-microphone array and high quality 15x more powerful speaker than previous model  
  • Free cloud storage of the last 3 hours of snapshots. Optional 5days, 10 days or 30 days Nest Aware plan are available.
  • Powered by high speed 6-core processor
  • IP66 rated weatherproof housing


  • Very Costly
  • Need subscription of Nest Cam Aware
  • Huge data to the cloud storage

Nest cam IQ outdoor is not just like any outdoor camera in general, like Arlo this camera is sold at a price much higher than other cameras in its class. Moreover, if you want to get cloud storage facilities with all its features, you need to subscribe to the Nest cloud Aware plans to be able to see your footage for more than 3 hours given for free.

3 hours is certainly not enough to playback your footage in the middle of the night because in the morning after the past 3 hours the footage has been erased. Your option is cloud storage for 5 days, 10 days or 30 days full day footage.

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Nest cam IQ vs Arlo Ultra

We have briefly discussed the difference between Nest Cam IQ outdoor with Arlo as discussed in the above paragraphs, for more details we can see the comparison between these two products presented in the following spec comparison table.

Arlo Ultra
Arlo Ultra System Kit


Although both cameras use the same 4k color image sensor, the video resolution is only 1080p @ 30 fps applied to Nest Cam. While Arlo offers video resolutions up to 4k @ 15 fps. Of course, the Arlo ultra resolution is 4x as high resolution as Nest Cam. Arlo gives speed @ 15 fps speed frame only considering this camera is battery powered. While Nest cam can be up to @ 30 fps because it uses the power plug-in. See also new Amcrest ip8m-mt2544 4k turret camera that comes with 4k resolution and 4x optical motorized zoom.

Spotlight & Siren

A very noticeable difference is that Arlo is equipped with a spotlight and siren that can be triggered either automatically or manually via your mobile device when there is motion detection alert. With this spotlight and loudly siren feature makes this camera as an active deterrence that Nest Cam does not have. See also popular security cameras with spotlight.

Table 1 Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor vs Arlo Ultra

Model Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Arlo Ultra
Video Resolution 1080p @30 fps HDR with auto tracking and zoom 4k resolution @15 fps HDR with auto tracking and zoom
Lens Fixed lens 4k color CMOS image sensor Fixed lens, ½” 4k color image sensor
Zoom 12x digital zoom 12x digital zoom
View angle 130 degree 180 degree diagonal view
Night vision Color night vision in ambient light, IR LED 850nm Enhanced Color night vision with 850nm IR LED
Spotlight N/A Yes, 6500K and siren you can trigger on motion detection alert
Wifi 802.11b/g/n/ac dual band 2×2 MIMO and Bluetooth LE 802.11b/g/n/ac dual band and Bluetooth LE 4.2
Audio 3-microphone array and high quality speaker Dual microphone array and speaker
Storage 3 hours free cloud storage, optional cloud plan 5 days, 10 days or 30 days Micro SD card slot available,
Base station required No, via existing wifi network Yes, VMB5000 Arlo base station – sold separately
Outdoor IP66 weatherproof and tampered resistant Weather resistant housing
Power   Rechargeable battery 3~6 months life
Price $399.00 / each unit $579.99 (two Arlo cameras and base station)

Take a look at the price tagged; see that Nest Cam is tagged with too much money. On the other hand Arlo Ultra kit that consists of two units Arlo Ultra plus hub / base station is tagged around $580.  

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For business choice, consider either GW Security or Hikvision outdoor security camera to support high resolution 4k cameras.

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