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GW Security 8 Channel AI vs Lorex Active Deterrent

GW Security introduces 8-channel NVR system kit with 4, 6 or 8 4k turret security cameras with AI (artificial intelligent) features including face recognition and motion detection. How good it is compared with Lorex Active deterrent camera kit?

GW Security AI kit

This GW Security AI kit consists of GW Security Gw5508npg 8-channel NVR system and 6pcs or 8pcs Gw8536mic turret model 4k security camera. See also GW Security 32 channel NVR system kit vs Amcrest.

With the GW Security AI kit you can select options either face recognition or human / vehicle detection modes. In addition to human / vehicle detection modes which are common features in surveillance systems, with GW Security you can enable face detection modes.

GW Security 8 channel AI kit
GW Security 8 channel AI kit

AI feature

Artificial Intelligent (AI) features as an added value in GW Security AI system kit, you can enable this AI feature to get more accurate alert triggers and reduce false alarms due to motion detection from animals or shaking tree.  

GW Security Gw8536mic is a new generation of security camera that comes with built-in humanoid detection algorithm that allows the camera to recognize familiar faces so that the camera will not send alert / alarm due to false detection as a result of wrong detection of known faces that have previously been entered into the system database by setting up in human and vehicle detection form.

For your business needs, offices with strict security poicy, this product is very adequate with face recognition and detection features.


  • 8 channel 4k NVR system kit with 6pcs or 8pcs GW Security Gw8536mic with Artificial Intelligent features
  • Comes with built-in 8-port POE switch and H.265 support
  • Comes with preinstalled 2TB Hard disk (maximum 2x SATA had disk 20TB)
  • 6pcs turret 4k @15fps security cameras with AI features, face detection and face recognition function with built-in intelligent facial recognition
  • Built-in 18Pcs Super SMD LED, View up to 100ft IR distance for night vision
  • One way audio with built-in microphone
  • POE support   and IP66 weatherproof


  • Documentation is not much

GW Security 8 channel nvr POE system kit with AI feature is ideal for small businesses with smart intelligent function of face recognition and human / vehicle detection. Now, consider another model with different features – the Active deterrent camera system offered by Lorex. See Lorex 8 channel active deterrent system camera system.

GW Security 8 Channel vs Lorex

To understand the differences between the two models of 8 channel poe NVR kits, two comparison tables are presented here to make it easier for you to choose which one suits your needs. Table 1 represents spec and features comparison between Gw security and lorex. Table 2 shows specs and features comparison between the two security cameras.

Lorex 8 channel active deterrent cameras
Lorex 8 channel active deterrent camera kit

8 Channel NVR

Both of these nvr system models are appropriate for the needs of large homes that require up to 8 monitoring points on your property, apartments, business offices, or retail shops.

Both of these NVR systems support up to 4k resolution for all channels, and 2TB of preinstalled hard disk storage with different maximum storage limits. GW Security supports up to 20TB of storage, while Lorex is only half of GW security.

So technically there isn’t much difference between the two 8 channel NVR system models. However, GW Security supports AI features such as face recognition, Lorex supports smart home environment with Alexa support.

  Table 1 GW Security vs Lorex 8 channel

ModelGW SecurityLorex
NVR modelGW5508NPG 8 channel NVRLorex N841 8 channel
POEBuilt-in 8-port POE switchBuilt-in 8-port POE switch
Recording resolutionup to 4K/8MP/5MP/3MP 1536p @ 30fps Realtime each channel4K (8MP)/5MP/4MP/3MP/ 1080P/720P
Video outputVGA and HDMI (4k)VGA and HDMI (4k)
Playback4K.2ch  realtime, 4MP: 4ch realtime, 2MP: 8ch realtime8ch: 240fps up to 4K Up to 4 channels, synchronized
Storage2x SATA port 10T each (maximum 20TB) – preinstalled 2TB1 Bay up to 10TB SATA Backup USB Flash drive & USB HDD, preinstalled 2TB Hard disk
Incoming bandwidthUp to 128Mbps80Mbps
Smart featuresArtificial intelligent with face recognitionSupport Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Security cameras

These two cameras are technically almost the same, the same resolution of 4k @ 15 fps, both come with fixed lens even though the focal length is different, and of course the different view angles.

You can see a main difference in terms of night vision, Lorex E891ab with spotlight allows you to view color night vision as long as there is still ambient light around the camera. In addition, Lorex E891ab comes with two spotlights and siren for active deterrent when the camera detect motion.

GW Security Gw8536mic security camera does not support color night vision but B/W night vision. See also Amcrest ip4m-1046 vs Hikvision color night vision security cameras.

Another difference is the AI face detection feature offered by GW Security Gw8536mic and the NVR system to avoid false alarms. GW security with AI feature allows you to activate this AI feature and enter human face database that you know so that the camera system will provide human detection from faces detection that are not recognized in the system.

Take a look at the following comparison table between GW Security AI security camera vs Lorex active deterrent camera.   

Table 2 GW Security vs Lorex 4k cameras

Security CameraGW Security GW8536MICLorex E891AB
Image sensor1/3” 5MP Progressive CMOS8MP/4K 1/1.8” CMOS
Minimum illuminationColor 0.1lux @ F1.2(AGC ON) ; B/W 0 lux @ IR ONunspecified
Lens3.6 mm fixed lens with digital zoom2.8mm f/1.6 fixed lens
Field of View angleUnknown111 degree Horizontal
Resolution15fps@8MP(3840×2160), 30fps@6MP(3072×2048)4K(8MP) @ 15fps, 4MP@ 20fps, 3MP, 2MP @30fps
Night vision18Pcs Super SMD LED, View up to 100ft IR Distance for night visionColor Night Vision with ambient light and up to 150ft (45m) IR night vision range Dual motion-activated LED warning lights and siren
StorageNVR, Software Platform, SD card (up to 128GB)NVR, no local memory storage
AudioOne way audio – Built-in microphoneTwo way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker
IP ratedIP66 rated weatherproof and dust protectionIP67 with aluminum alloy housing
Price (Oct 2020 in Amazon)$749.00 (NVR + 6pcs camera)$999.99 (NVR + 8pcs cameras)

GW Security 8 channel poe nvr system kit with 2TB preinstalled hard disk plus 6pcs Gw8536mic turret AI model cameras ($199.00 each unit camera) is tagged with the price around $750.00.

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On the other hand, Lorex 8 channel nvr with preinstalled 2TB hard disk plus 8pcs active deterrent 4k security cameras is tagged around $999.99 and the rated is excellent.

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