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GW Security 8 Channel NVR system vs Reolink

GW Security has released many new products to replace old products by enhancing features and specs, both video recording units and security cameras. This time, GW Security released an 8 channel NVR system that comes with 6 or 8pcs security cameras with face detection features.

We will compare it with similar product kits offered by Reolink which are also becoming increasingly popular with affordable products without reducing performance. Reolink offers 16 channel nvr system kit that consists of Reolink Rln16 16-channel nvr system with 8pcs of 4k security cameras.   

GW Security 8CH AI Kit

This time, GW Security camera system combines the new Gw7808np 8channel nvr poe system with 8pcs of Gw8137 4k security camera with face detection feature instead of standard motion detection system which frequently contributes false alert.

GW Security 8 channel 4k AI camera system

This Gw security 8 channel AI kit is very suitable for business needs including business offices, warehouses, department stores etc that require up to 4k resolution for much better detailed image. This product is also very suitable for high security areas with the face recognition capability to more accurate face detection instead of standard motion detection.


GW Security Gw7808np is the recording unit for this surveillance system kit; it’s an 8-channel POE NVR system with built-in 8-port POE switch and large capacity of hard disk storage up to 24TB. You can compare with Reolink RLN16 which maximum storage is only up to 8TB hard disk.


  • 8 channels NVR system with built-in 8-port POE Switch
  • Supports latest H.265+ / H.265 / H.s64
  • Support up to 4k resolution
  • Smart detection including area intrusion, line crossing, fast moving, object missing and unattended object
  • 4channel synchronous playback @1080p
  • Preinstalled 3TB Hard disk, Storage capacity 2x SATA interfaces – up to 12TB each HDD (up to 24TB Disk)
  • Mobile view with free mobile app
  • Onvif support

Now, compare this GW Security Gw7808 NVR system with its competing product offered by Reolink (Rln16). See also Amcrest and Reolink 16 channel NVR system kits. For larger channels you may also like Lorex and GW Security 32 channel system kit.

Reolink 16 channel NVR system kit
Reolink 16 channel NVR system kit

Look at table 1 below as a comparison table between Gw security and Reolink nvr systems. Reolink offers the latest Rln16 16-channel NVR system series that supports up to 4K resolution. So there are still 8 more camera connections that can be added if you require to add more cameras. Technically, the hardware is almost the same, except the number of channels and the maximum hard disk storage capacity is much different.

Table 1. GW Security vs Reolink NVR system   

NVR ModelGW Security GW Gw7808npReolink RLN16
Channel #8 channel with built-in 8-port POE switch16 channel with built-in 16-port POE switch IEEE 802.3 af/at
Recording resolutionUp to 8MPUp to 4k resolution
Video outputVGA (1080p) HDMI (4k 3840 x 2160)VGA (1080p) HDMI (4k 3840 x 2160)
StoragePreinstalled 3TB 2x SATA up to 2x 12TB (24TB)Preinstalled 3TB 2x SATA up to 2x 4TB (8TB)
Playback4 channel synchronous @1080p4 channel synchronous @4K
Audio1Ch RCA1CH RCA audio output

Technically, GW Security Gw7808 8 channel nvr system offers more advantages than Reolink Rln16; the maximum hard disk capacity is threefold larger capacity. However, Reolink offers more channels.

GW8137 Security Cameras

In this GW Security camera system kit comes with 8pcs of GW Security GW8137 4k bullet model AI security cameras. This camera comes with AI (artificial intelligent) feature with face detection instead of standard motion detection.

In addition of face detection, Gw8137 comes with built-in ultra bright spotlight and siren as active deterrent feature. Active deterrent cameras are great at preventing intruders from going further action into your property.


  • 4k resolution @15fps and supports H.265+ compression format
  • Fixed lens with 2.8mm f/2.0 wide view angle 105 degree
  • 20X Digital zoom with click-and-drag via your mobile device with
  • WDR and DWDR support
  • Comes with ultra-bright spotlight and siren to deter the intruder
  • Night vision range up to 115 ft with IR Cut filter with auto switch
  • One way audio with built-in Microphone
  • Local memory storage with built-in Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128GB
  • POE support,
  • IP66 rated weatherproof

Compare this security camera with the security camera offered by Reolink d800 in the 16 channel surveillance system kit which has the same 4k resolution. For more details, please see table 2 below which compares the Gw8173 and Reolink d800. See also comparison between GW Security camera vs Lorex in various models.

Both security camera models come with fixed lens, different focal length and slightly different in frame rate.

Active deterrent

GW Security Gw8137 is equipped with bright spotlight and siren that work like active deterrent.

Today there are few models of security cameras, both for business and for homes, equipped with spotlights that provide bright light illumination at night when there is motion detection. This adds a shocking effect to intruders who enter your property with bright light and some models also come with siren as active deterrent system. Some camera models are equipped with a spotlight or floodlight that allows the camera to record view in color night vision. Reolink D800 doesn’t come with spotlight and siren.

See also Lorex lnz44p12 high speed dome PTZ camera which is designed with CNV technology to allow you view and record in color night vision as long as there is still ambient light.

Table 2 GW Security vs Reolink Security camera

Security camera modelGW Security Gw8137Reolink D800
Resolution8.0MP (3840 x 2160) @15 fps8.0MP (3840 x 2160) @20 fps
LensFixed lens 2.8mm f/2.0Fixed lens 4.0mm f/2.0
Field of view angle105 degree87.5 degree horizontal
Night visionIR range 115 ft with IR Cut filter with auto switching18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft (30m) IR Cut filter with auto switching
Minimum illumination0.001Lux(Color), 0Lux(IR on)Unspecified
Spotlight and sirenYesN/A
AudioBuilt-in microphoneOne way audio with built-in Microphone
StorageBuilt-in Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128GBN/A
HousingIP66 weatherproofIP66 waterproof
OnvifOnvif(Profile S), CGIConnect to Reolink NVR
Price in bundle$1247.00 (NVR with 3TB + 8pcs camera$765.00 (NVR with 3TB + 8 cameras)

Now compare the offered price of each bundle of surveillance system kit by referencing the above two comparison tables.

GW Security with larger storage capacity, face detection feature, active deterrent system with spotlight and siren are more advantages compared with Reolink. However, Reolink offers you cheaper budget. Click the link below to SHOP in Amazon (#Ads).

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Click here to SHOP Reolink 8 Channel 4k Kit (#Ads)

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