GW Security vs Lorex Security Cameras

GW Security released many products to compete with the mainstay products from large vendors in the market including Lorex or Hikvision, and of course the price is a little more economical than Lorex or Hikvision.

GW Security vs Lorex

This time we will compare few mainstay products of GW Security with Lorex products with almost the same features and specs. Lorex has complete documentation, compare it with GW Security with very poor documentation on its website.

This time, we will compare three featured products from GW Security and three products from Lorex, which almost match the features and specs of GW Security.

1. GW Security vs Lorex Dome Camera

This time we take the dome model featured product from GW Security gw8571 and compare it with lorex lne8974 which both products are sold at the same price on the market even though the factory price was initially 40% more expensive than the promo price on the market. See also comparison this Lorex lne8974 vs Hikvision turret camera.

 GW Security gw8571    vs Lorex lne8974
GW Security gw8571 vs Lorex lne8974


Take a look at table 1 below, both camera products are equipped with 2.8 ~ 12mm varifocal lens with the same 4k resolution, but the GW Security frame rate is twice as high (@ 30 fps) as lorex. With the same frame rate @ 30 fps lorex records and view at 2k resolution.

Color night vision

In terms of night vision, gw security vs lorex differs in the ability of color night vision when there is ambient light within the frame. If totally darkness then the view will shift with IR light for black and white night vision view.

On the other hand, Lorex is equipped with a built-in microphone to record sound at once.

Table 1 GW Security vs Lorex Dome Camera

Model GW Security gw8571 Lorex Lne8974
Resolution 8-Megapixel with 3840×2160 Resolution 4K @30fps 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 15fps / 2K @ 30fps
Lens Varifocal lens 2.8~12.0 mm Sony’s Image sensor Varifocal lens 2.8~12.0mm
Zoom 4x optical motorized zoom 4x optical motorized zoom; 16x digital zoom
Field of View angle 115° ~ 22° 102° ~ 39°
Night vision 30pcs IR SMD LEDs range up to 140ft 2pcs IR LEDs with color night vision in ambient lights – range up to 150ft (50)
Audio N/A Built-in microphone
IP rated IP67 weatherproof IP67 weatherproof
Price $199.00 $199.95

Slower in frame rates, but superior to color night vision and the built-in microphone Lorex Lne8974 is superior to GW security. To shop on Amazon, click the product link below, the current price may be different with the price listed here.

2. GW Security vs Lorex Bullet camera

We move on to one of GW Security featured products with bullet model – gw8755mip outdoor camera compared to one of the lorex products with the bullet camera model, which is Lorex lnb9272. Use the following table 2 below as a reference for comparison of gw security vs lorex.

GW Security gw8755 vs Lorex lnb9272
GW Security gw8755 vs Lorex lnb9272

Take a look at table 2 in the spec comparison of gw security vs. lorex below and you see that they have almost identical technical specs, both with a resolution of 4k @ 30 fps, both also use  varifocal lens with 4x optical zoom.

Night vision

Except the ability of color night vision on Lorex in ambient light, and night vision with Infrared is further up to 350ft if there is no ambient light available.

On the other hand, GW security gw8755mip has advantage with IK10 vandal resistant rating protection, Lorex is not equipped with IK10 protection, only IP67 weatherproof.

Table 2 GW Security vs Lorex Bullet Camera

Model GW Security gw8755mip Lorex lnb9272
Resolution 8.0Megapixel (3840 x 2160) @30 fps with H.265 4k @30 fps
Lens Varifocal lens 2.8~12.0 mm Starvis technology – Sony’s image sensor Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, motorized varifocal fixed 2.8~12 mm with back illuminated pixel technology
Zoom 4x optical zoom 4.4 optical zoom
Field of View angle 115° ~ 22° 102° ~ 39°
Night vision 40pcs IR SMD LEDs range up to 200ft with split glass design high powered infrared LEDs with color night vision (CNV) technology range up to 350ft (107m)
Audio Audio in/out(RCA),Alarm in/out N/A
IP rated IP66 Waterproof and IK10 Vandal proof housing IP67 weatherproof with aluminum alloy metal housing
Price $209.00 $273.95

See that the price difference is around $70 with Lorex is more expensive, comes with high quality Sony’s Exmor CMOS image sensor and superior in color night vision and longer distance IR night vision. However, lorex lnb9272 is lack of IK10 vandal resistant and no audio interface. You judge which one is suitable to meet your business gw security vs lorex. Click product link below and shop in Amazon (#ads).  

3. GW Security vs Lorex PTZ

The third spec comparison gw security vs lorex is the PTZ camera model. This time we take GW Security gw5501 PTZ outdoor camera and Lorex lnz44p12 PTZ camera. See also comparison between Lorex lnz44p12 vs Amcret.

GW Security gw5501 vs Lorex lnz44p12
GW Security gw5501 vs Lorex lnz44p12


Look at table 3 below, there is a big difference between the two products in terms of varifocal lens completeness which produce a much different optical zoom. The Gw5501 PTZ camera comes with 20x optical motorized zoom, while lorex is only 12x optical zoom.

The ability of color night vision on lorex is still an advantage on lorex cameras with CNV technology.


GW Security has prepared this gw5501 ptz camera to be installed outdoor on a tower at a height with lightning protection, and protection against extreme weather changes and harsh outdoor environment. While lorex only complements the IP66 weatherproof protection which also exists on GW.

Table 3 GW Security vs Lorex PTZ camera

Model GW Security gw5501 PTZ Lorex lnz44p12 PTZ
Resolution 5.0 Megapixel HD-IP 1920P (2592 x 1920) @30 fps 4.0Megapixel (2592 x 1520) @30 fps
Lens Varifocal lens 4.7~94.0mm Varifocal lens 5.3mm ~ 64.0mm
Zoom 20x optical zoom 12x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom
Field of View angle 115° ~ 22° 54° ~ 4.54°
Night vision 8pc IR LEDs with multiple angle; range ~328ft (100m) an incredible IR night vision range up to 330ft (100m) in total darkness. Ambient light will record in color
Audio N/A N/A
Panning and Tilting 360° endless panning  speed 0.6~200°/s; 90° tilting speed 0.8~75°/s      360° endless panning  speed ~200°/s; 90° tilting speed ~120°/s     
Housing, IP rated IP66 weatherproof; Using lightning protection, waterproof, anti-fog, anti-obscure, anti-shock, anti-surging, Aluminum alloy housing, good heat dissipation effects, dust prevention IP66 weatherproof
Price $529.00 $489.95

No wonder that gw security gw5501 ptz camera is tagged with higher price than Lorex with the strengths of more optical zoom and better harsh outdoor environment protection. However, lorex is still superior with its color night vision. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

4. GW Security 16CH Kit vs Lorex

One of the most widely used security kit requirements for business offices, industrial manufacturing and small to medium-sized projects is 16 channel NVR security kits. Either GW Security or Lorex have released various models of either 8 or 16-channel NVR security camera kits.

For business needs, security cameras with the active deterrent feature have now become a necessity because they are very effective in preventing intruders from continuing further criminal acts.

Here are two models of 16 channel security kits from either GW Security or Lorex.

16CH GW Security Kits

What GW Security offers here is a 16 channel 4K NVR kit with 16pcs 4K spotlight outdoor security cameras with full color both day and night. Besides, this camera features AI (artificial intelligent) that can recognize faces (face detection) and human and vehicle motion detection and also come with built-in speaker and microphone for two way communication.

GW Security 16Ch 4k Kits
GW Security 16Ch 4k Kits

The NVR unit comes with preinstalled 4TB hard disk you can be expand up to 28TB hard disk, which is very large for security systems storage in the manufacturing industry or any other business needs.

Click here to see more details GW 16CH Kits and SHOP in Amazon

16CH Lorex Kit

Unlike GW Security, Lorex released the 16ch NVR system kit with only 9pcs 4k security cameras. If in time the need for cameras increases, there are still 7 more PoE ports available you can add to full 16 cameras connected. Both GW and Lorex NVR systems are equipped with built-in 16-port POE switch.

Lorex 16CH 4k Kits
Lorex 16CH 4k Kits

Like GW, the Lorex camera is also equipped with spotlights with 4k resolution and is also equipped with a siren that can be triggered remotely via the mobile app.

Click here to SHOP Lorex 16CH kits in Amazon

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