GW Security GW8571-MIP 4k Security Camera

GW Security introduces new models of 4k security camera products including GW Security GW8517-mip with built-in varifocal lens. How good it is compared with Amcrest ip8m-2493 and Lorex lne8974?


So far GW Security introduces various models of 5mp outdoor camera products either using built-in motorized optical zoom lens or fixed lens. Today GW Security offers new lines of ultra HD resolution camera as known as 4k security camera including GW8571mip we’d like to discuss here, GW8555mip bullet model, GW8536ip dome turret model and GW8537ip bullet model. The first two models come with varifocal lens with optical motorized zoom but the last two models don’t.

Real time @30 fps

Many models of 4k security camera products available in the market today do not deliver full 4k resolution with real time speed @30 frame per second (fps) but lower speeds @15 fps or @20 fps such as Amcrest ip8m-2493 POE outdoor 8mp camera or new product from Lorex LNB8973 4k security camera. GW Security gw8571-mip deliver full resolution of 4k @30 fps real time, smooth video with high resolution @ real time speed.

For faster frame rate you may consider new introduction of PTZ camera by Amcrest IP2m-853 POE PTZ camera with 1080p resolution @60 frame ps.

Varifocal lens

GW Security gw8571mip comes with built-in varifocal lens with 3.6x optical motorized zoom with 8mp Sony Starvis image sensor, nearly similar with Lorex LNB8973 with 3x optical zoom.

With built-in 3.3~12.0 mm varifocal lens you can customized the field of view angle ranging between 115 degree wide view and 22 degree Tele view (all the way zoom in).

GW Security gw8571-mip
GW Security gw8571-mip

The other features are almost the same as other competing products, and the 4k resolution @30 fps is a favorable feature you may take into account in selecting the product.


  • Dome model 4k security camera with H.265/ H.264 video encoding
  • 8mp Progressive Scan Sony Starvis Back-illuminated Sensor
  • 4k / Ultra HD (3840×2160) @30 fps resolution
  • Built-in 3.3~12mm varifocal lens
  • 3.6x optical motorized zoom
  • 22~115 degree range of field of view angle
  • Support night vision with 40pcs IR LEDs range up to 145 ft
  • P2P technology for easy remote view
  • Audio and alarm port interface


  • No built-in audio but audio interface port
  • No memory storage

GW Security gw8571-mip is one of best 4k security camera products available in the market today with 4k resolution @30 fps real time speed.

GW Security vs Lorex vs Amcrest

Not as much as those 4mp POE security cameras in the market today, 4k security cameras are becoming the high demand in years coming. Now let’s compare GW Security GW8571-mip 4k security camera with Lorex LNE8973b bullet model 4k security camera and Amcrest ip8m-2493e 8mp security camera.

Lorex LNB8973 4k security camera
Lorex LNB8973 4k security camera


All the three cameras come with built-in Sony image sensor lens with different types as shown on the table. Both GW Security and Lorex use varifocal lens with optical motorized zoom, but Amcrest doesn’t use varifocal lens. However, Amcrest adds digital zoom feature instead of optical zoom which image quality detail is not as good as optical zoom.

Optical zoom lens is more favorable, however the price consequence is more expensive.  See also best value POE PTZ HD cameras with optical zoom.

Amcrest IP8M-2493 4k security camera
Amcrest IP8M-2493 4k security camera


See that the three products offer the same 8mp recording resolution, however the frame rate per second is different. GW Security gw8571-mip delivers 4k resolution @30 fps, real time frame rate. Compare with Lorex and Amcrest which deliver 4k resolution @15 fps, half the frame rate speed than gw8571mip.

The other features are nearly the same, have a look at the following two spec comparison tables, GW Security vs Lores vs Amcrest.

Table 1 GW Security vs Lorex

ModelGW Security gw8571mipLorex LNB8973b
LensSony Starvis image sensor 3.3~12.0mm2.7~12mm varifocal lens with Sony Exmor R™ CMOS front illuminated image sensor
FOV22~115 degree39~102 degree
Zoom3.6x optical motorized zoom4x optical motorized Zoom; 16x digital Zoom
Recording resolution8mp (3840×2160) @30 fpsUltra HD 4K (3840×2160) @ 15fps / 2K @ 30 fps
Night vision40pcs SMD LED range ~145 ftCNV (color night vision) in ambient light ~175 ft and up to 250 ft in darkness
StorageSD Card slotN/A
POEYesYes, 802.3af 12v DC
Outdoor usageYes, IP66 rated weatherproofIP67 weatherproof built using aerospace-grade aluminum housing
Remote viewP2P technology with GWCamView appFLIR Cloud
Price (March 2018)$299.00$297.98

See also other various spec comparison between GW security vs Lorex – the features products between the two vendors.

Table 1 GW Security vs Amcrest

ModelGW Security gw8571mipAmcrest ip8m-2493
LensSony Starvis image sensor 3.3~12.0mm4.0mm fixed lens Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor and the Ambarella S2Lm chipset
FOV22~115 degree69~112 degree
Zoom3.6x optical motorized zoom16x digital zoom
Recording resolution8mp (3840×2160) @30 fps4K/8MP (3840×2160) @15 fps
Night vision40pcs SMD LED range ~145 ft18x IR LEDs range ~98 ft
StorageSD Card slotMicro SD Card slot available
Outdoor usageYes, IP66 rated weatherproofYes, IP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant
Remote viewP2P technology with GWCamView appQR code scan
Price (March 2018)$299.00$155.00

GW Security gw8571-mip offers more favorable features regarding the frame rate @30 fps for 4k resolution as opposed to only @15 fps for Lorex and Amcrest. However, with 3.6x optical motorized zoom and 4k resolution @30 fps gw8571-mip is tagged with more expensive.

Click each of the following link to learn more spec, manufacturer’s detail as well as current price in Amazon.

See also other spec comparisons

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For PTZ outdoor camera you may also consider new model of Reolink RLC-423WS vs Foscam vs GW Security, and also spec comparison between Reolink RLC422w vs Amcrest ip4m-1028w.

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