GW Security 8Ch Wireless Security Camera vs Amcrest

Not only 5mp outdoor security camera products GW Security offers to users, it also introduces few models of high bandwidth NVR systems with various number of channels, 8 channel, 16 channel or 32 channels. I’ll discuss GW3208E NVR system kit, one of best 8 channel outdoor wireless security camera system offered by GW Security.

GW Security GW3208E

GW3208E is an 8 channel NVR system that supports up to 12.0 mp resolution, 8mp or known as 4k resolution. However this NVR unit doesn’t come with built-in POE switch like other NVR system. You can connect any Onvif compliant wireless camera system to the unit wirelessly via your existing wireless network.

8 channel

GW3208E can records up to 12.0mp and allows you live /playback simultaneously 4k @30 fps at all channels. Or up to 12.0mp @30 fps at 2 channels only. You may occupy all channels with 8.0mp /4k security cameras such as GW Security GW8571-mip 4k camera or any 8mp cameras offered by Hikvision and Lorex 4k security cameras.

The other features are this GW3208E unit supports audio all channels and alarm In/Out. The good thing with this NVR system kit is that all included wireless outdoor cameras come with built-in audio.

NVR Highlights

  • 8 channels NVR unit records up to 12.0mp, 4k resolution @30 fps
  • 265 supports
  • Recording bandwidth up to 160Mbps
  • Live / playback 12.0mp up to 2 channels, 4k up to 8 channels real time
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Storage – 2x SATA up to 16TB
GW Security 8 channel wireless security camera
GW Security 8 channel wireless security camera

8 channels 4k NVR system is ideal for small to medium businesses that demand high bandwidth cameras. GW3208e NVR system kit with 8x 5mp wireless cameras becomes one of best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr systems for small to medium businesses.

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GW5737MIC wifi cameras

You can connect any POE outdoor security camera to the GW3208E NVR unit via POE switch, or you can connect the wireless camera to the unit wirelessly via a wireless router. GW Security GW3208E in this bundle comes with 8x wireless outdoor 5mp cameras GW5737MIC cameras.

GW Security GW5737MIC wifi cameras
GW5737MIC wifi cameras


  • Wireless outdoor bullet model cameras
  • 0mp (2592×1920) resolution @15 fps, 3mp @30 fps
  • CMOS sensor with fixed lens 3.6mm with 100 degree FOV angle
  • 265 supports
  • 30pcs IR LEDs range up to 100 ft night vision
  • Built-in Microphone
  • 4Ghz band wireless connection 802.11b/g/n
  • IP67 weatherproof housing

GW Security GW3208E 8 channel NVR unit with 8x 5mp GW5737MIC wireless outdoor cameras is one of best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR (NVR) unit offered by GW. And you can compare this NVR kit with the one offered by Amcrest.

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GW Security vs Amcrest

Both bundles offer the same 4k security camera system, the NVR systems that support 4k resolution and 8 wireless outdoor cameras.

Amcrest 8 channel wireless security camera
Amcrest 8 channel wireless security camera

NVR unit

GW Security supports up to 12.0 mp @ 30 fps with data throughput up to 160Mbps, while Amcrest NV4108-HS supports up to 8.0 mp @30 fps and half data rate throughput as wide as the one offered by GW3208e.

GW Security NVR offers higher capacity than Amcrest both maximum recording resolution and data throughput. The total storage disk capacity is also different, 16TB storage for GW3208e and only 6TB for Amcrest.

Take a look at the following NVR’s spec comparison table.

Table 1 GW Security vs Amcrest NVR

NVR ModelGW Security GW3208EAmcrest NV4108-HS
Recording resolutionUp to 12.0mp, 4k @ 30 fpsUp to 4k @30 fps
# channels8 channels8 channel
Bandwidth~ 160Mbps~ 80Mbps
Live / playback12.0mp 2 channel, 8.0mp 8 channel @30 fps8-Channel @ 1080p/4-Channel 3MP/4MP/3-Channel @5MP/2-Channel 6MP/2-Channel 8MP
Storage~16TB (disk not included)~6TB (not included)


The included 8 wireless outdoor cameras for each bundle is also different in recording resolution and frame rate. With the same frame rate Amcrest is more valuable with 4mp resolution @30 fps as opposed with GW security which is only 3mp @30 fps.

The live / playback is also different. GW security offers 8 channel @ 8.0 mp while Amcrest can support playback 8 channel @1080p.

However, GW5737mic comes with built-in microphone, one way audio for listening from the camera. Amcrest IP4m-1026W doesn’t support audio feature. Now have a look at the spec comparison table to help you choose which kit between two is best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr system.

Table 2 GW Security vs Amcrest Camera

Camera ModelGW Security GW5737MICAmcrest IP4m-1026W
Recording resolution5mp @15 fps, 3mp @30 fps4mp @30 fps,
Lens3.6mm Fixed lens  CMOS sensor2.8mm Latest Ambarella S2LM Chipset and Sony IMX322 Sensor
FOV100 degree118 degree
Night vision30pcs IR LEDs range ~100 ft30pcs IR LEDs range ~98 ft
AudioBuilt-in audio / one way audioN/A
Memory StorageSD Card slot availableMicro SD Card available
Price including NVR and cameras (march 2018)$1,099.00$929.99

For demanding higher capacity GW Security GW3208e offers higher performance, more capacity in data throughput, live view and playback channels and also more storage capacity. As a consequence the price is more expensive than Amcrest kit.

Click the following links to  learn more details spec and manufacturer’s description as well as current price in Amazon.

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