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GW Security vs Hikvision IP Cameras Which One is Better to Meet Your Business (2021)

Honestly Hikvision has dominated the security camera market globally and the variety of its products is very large, ranging from IP cameras, analog cameras, recording systems and the resolution is ranging from 2mp to 12mp. GW Security is not as big and popular as Hikvision and probably their products are popular only in America, Canada and surrounding areas, but GW security offers products with higher features at the same price or even cheaper than Hikvision.

However, GW security does not provide good data specs like Hikvision does with comprehensive website support.

GW Security vs Hikvision

I will compare few popular camera models or new products from each of these two vendors, from dome, bullet, ptz or wifi camera models. Let’s start from the dome model.

1. GW Security vs Hikvision Dome Camera

We will take a dome camera model from GW Security GW8787MMIC and compare it with one of the new dome models from Hikvision – the Hikvision DS-2CD2183G0-I. Take a look at the following table 1 that represent spec comparison between the two products. You may also like few comparison models between Hikvision and Lorex outdoor cameras.

GW Security vs Hikvision Dome Camera
GW Security vs Hikvision Dome Camera


Both dome cameras come with the same resolution up to 8mp, but the frame rate is different. For speed @ 30 fps GW Security can still provide resolutions up to 6mp while Hikvision with the same fps only reaches 3.5mp resolution.

One more thing that makes it different is that Gw8787 is equipped with a varifocal lens with 3x optical motorized zoom. While Hikvision offers three fixed lens option either 2.8mm; 4mm or 6mm.

Table 1 GW Security vs Hikvision dome camera

Model GW Security GW8787MMIC Hikvision DS-2CD2183G0-I
Resolution 8MP(3840×2160) @15 fps, 6MP(3072×2046) @30 fps 8mp(3840 x 2160) @12.5 fps, 3.5MP (2560 x 1440) @30 fps
Lens 1/2.5” 8Megapixel progressive scan STARVIS CMOS with 2.8~8mm motorized lens Option fixed lens, 2.8/4/6 mm
Field of view angle 35-120° 102° (2.8mm); 79° (4mm); 50° (6mm) with manual adjustable panning ~355° and tilting ~75°
Zoom 3x optical optic N/A
Night vision 18pcs of SMD LEDs for clear night vision, IR distance up to 82ft IR LEDs 850nm with range up to 100ft (30m)
Audio Built-in audio 1 audio input (built-in microphone), mono sound
Storage N/A Built-in microSD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128 GB
Housing IP67 weatherproof IP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal proof
Price $169.00 $197

See that the price is a bit difference, GW security GW8787MMIC is cheaper with richer features including faster frame rate and 3x optical motorized lens.

Now we take another comparison with bullet model camera.

2. Hikvision vs GW Security Bullet model

For the bullet camera model, we take it from each camera vendor which is still relatively new in the market, GW Security GW8755MIP and Hikvision DS-2CD2685G0-IZS. Both of them come with 4k resolution for high quality image detail. You may also like spec comparison between GW Security vs Lorex cameras.

Hikvision vs GW Security Bullet model
Hikvision vs GW Security Bullet model


With a price difference of almost $ 100 more expensive, we notice in Table 2 how the two specs are different. First is the frame per second at the same resolution is different, GW Security offers spec resolution of 4k @ 30 fps while hikvision at the same frame rate only reaches 5.3MP resolution.

On the other hand GW Security emphasizes the use of high quality lens from Sony Starvis to show the quality level of the products it offers. The other features are nearly the same except that GW security doesn’t provide local memory SD card storage.

Table 2. Hikvision vs GW Security bullet camera

Model GW Security GW8755MIP Hikvision DS-2CD2685G0-IZS
Resolution 4k @30 fps Up to 3840 x 2160 Resolution @ 20 fps; 5,3MP (3072 × 1728)@30 fps
Lens 1/2.5” 8 MP progressive scan STARVIS CMOS Varifocal lens 2.8mm ~ 12mm 1/2″ (8 MP) Progressive Scan CMOS with 2.8 to 12 mm Motorized Varifocal Lens
Field of view angle Unspecified Horizontal FOV: 112° to 46°
Zoom 5x optical motorized zoom 4x optical motorized zoom
Night vision 5pcs IR LEDs range up to 200ft (70m) Exir 2.0 with 850nm IR LED range up to 165ft (50m)
Audio In/Out interface 1 input (line in/, 3.5 mm), 1 output (line out, 3.5 mm), mono sound
Storage N/A Built-in microSD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128 GB
Housing IP67 IP67, IK10
Price $229.00 $327.00

3. GW Security vs Hikvision PTZ camera

For PTZ camera models, we present two high end products from each vendors with high optical zoom capability as well. For Hikvision we compare one of the superior PTZ camera products with 25x optical zoom (ds-2de4a425iw-de) and GW Security with a product that has been released for quite a long time around mid-2017 (GW550IP). See also other products with 25x optical zoom including Amcrest ip2m-858 PTZ camera and see also few comparison models between Amcrest vs Hikvision cameras.

GW Security vs Hikvision PTZ camera
GW Security vs Hikvision PTZ camera


There is a very significant difference with the use of varifocal lens on each camera used to produce a different optical factor as well. Note that Hikvision provides 25x optical zoom compared to 20x optical zoom in GW security.

Night vision

The GW Security GW550IP is equipped with 8pcs IR LEDs illuminating up to a range of 328ft which is suitable for parking areas or at airports or in mining projects. Compare this ptz camera with Hikvision, which only covers half the distance that GW Security can illuminate.

On the other hand Hikvision provides very sturdy housing protection as a camera device that is safely placed outdoors, it is not enough to just being complied with ip66 rated weatherproof. In addition it comes with TVS 4,000 V lightning protection, surge protection, and voltage transient protection, ideal for mounting on a tower.

Table 3. Hikvision vs GW Security ptz camera

Model Hikvision ds-2de4a425iw-de GW Security GW550IP
Resolution 3.6MP  (2,560×1,440) @25 fps 5MP (2592 x 1920) @30 fps
Lens ½.5” progressive scan CMOS  4.8mm~120mm f1.6~f3.5 motorized varifocal lens CMOS  4.7mm~94 mm
Zoom 25x optical zoom; 16x digital zoom 20 x optical motorized zoom
Field of view angle 57.6° (wide) to 2.5° (Tele)  Unspecified
Night vision   Smart IR ~165ft (50m) 8pcs IR LEDs range up to 328ft (100m)
Audio Audio Interface: 1-ch audio In and 1-ch audio Out Alarm Interface: 2-ch alarm In and 2-ch alarm Out Audio Interface: 1-ch audio In and 1-ch audio Out
Local Memory Storage Built-in memory card slot, supports microSD/SDHC/SDXC, up to 256 GB N/A
PTZ 360 degree endless, panning speed ~300degree /s; tilting -5~90 degree; speed ~160 degree/s   360 degree endless; ~90 degree tilting, panning  speed 200 degree/s; tilting speed ~75 degree /s
Housing IP66 standard, TVS 4,000 V lightning protection, surge protection, and voltage transient protection IP66 rated
Price $605.70 $533.00

4. GW Security 16CH Kit vs Hikvision

GW Security offers a wide variety of security camera kits, from 8 channels to 32 channels ranging from 1080p to 12MP resolution. One of the surveillance system kits offered is a 16 channel NVR system plus 16pcs manual varifocal zoom  4k POE outdoor cameras.

GW Security Kits

In this kit GW offers GW7816NP 16 Channel NVR system with preinstalled 4TB hard disk, you can expand later when larger storage is required in the future up to 24TB disk storage. The included cameras are 16pcs of dome model 4k outdoor spotlight security cameras (GW8177MIC) with AI features and wide view angle 2.8mm fixed lens.

With this AI camera feature, it doesn’t only provide motion detection like security camera in general, but can be smarter by detecting faces, vehicles and together with the NVR system it can provide up to 15 AI features including object missing, video masking, region entrance / exit, line crossing etc.

This GW8177MIC security camera comes with a Sony Starvis image sensor which is very sensitive to low light, which allows even in moonlight or in ambient light, to record color night vision. Note that with a minimum illumination of 0.001lux it can still render color night vision and if there is no light the camera will switch to using IR LEDs to provide b/w night vision.

For details of what in the box you can follow the product links later below. This bundle is tagged with the price around $2,199.00 in Amazon.

We’ll compare this GW Security kit with Hikvision value series.

GW Security 16 channel kits with AI
GW Security 16 channel kits with AI

Hikvision kit

Meanwhile, Hikvision has released huge variations of recording units, both DVR and NVR and large various models of security cameras. You can choose a suitable recording unit either DVR or NVR and add several add-on security cameras accordingly. However, Hikvision doesn’t offer large number of surveillance system kits. And one of the products offered in the kit is the value series, one of them is the Eki-K164t412 which consists of 16 channel 4k NVR unit plus 12pcs of 4mp turret dome security cameras (Hikvision ECI-T24F2).

Hikvision EKI-K164T412 16 channel Kit
Hikvision EKI-K164T412 16 channel Kit

With included 12pcs of cameras, this bundle is tagged around $1,934.99. For 16cps cameras you need to add four more cameras ($396) for total price is around $2,330.00, still more economical than GW security. Let’s see which one is more profitable between the two kits offered by GW Security and Hikvision.

The following two spec comparison tables will help you make up your mind which kit is a better choice. Table 4 represents spec comparison between GW Security NVR system vs Hikvision.

At a glance not much difference between the two NVR system, however you can find that the maximum storage capacity offered by GW Security is twice as large as Hikvision.

Table 4 GW Security NVR vs Hikvision NVR

NVR SystemGW Security GW7816NPHikvision Eki-K164d412
Recording resolutionup to 4K 8MP @30 fps Real-time each channelUp to 8 MP Resolution Recording
Compression format supportsH. 265H.265+/ H.265/ H.264+/ H.264/ MPEG
POE portsSupports up to 16-port POE interfacesBuilt-in 16-port POE switch
StoragePreinstalled 4TB hard disk 2 SATA for 2 HDDs,
Up to 12TB each, total 24TB Hard disk storage
Up to 2 SATA Interfaces / 6TB each disk (12TB maximum)
Incoming bandwidth168Mbps160Mbps
Video output1 HDMI (up to 4K), 1 VGA 1080pHDMI Output 1-ch, up to 1920 x 1080p VGA
Output 1-ch, 1920 x 1080p
PlaybackSynchronous Playback 16-ch; Display 4K /2ch  
real-time, 4MP: 4ch  real-time, 2MP: 8ch  real-time
Synchronous Playback 16-ch; Capability 1-ch
@ 8 MP / 4-ch @ 1080p

Table 5 below will help you comparison between the add-on cameras. See that the resolution is different; GW is 4k camera model with Sony Strvis CMOS and spotlight triggered by event detection to deter unwanted guests, while Hikvision is 4MP resolution cameras with standard motion detection. The other thing you need to note is the AI features including human face and vehicle detection to reduce false alerts. 

GW security cameras come with one way audio to let you record video as well as audio, that’s ok for one way audio.

The other thing that Hikvision is better in challenging the contrast lights condition is true 120dB WDR feature as oppose to digital WDR on GW Security.  

Table 5 GW Security 4k vs Hikvision 4MP cams

Security cam modelGW Security GW8171MICHikvision ECI-T24F2
Image sensor8MP 1/2.7″ Progressive scan Sony Starlight CMOS Sensor1/3″ (4 MP) progressive scan CMOS
Minimum Illumination0.001Lux(Color), 0Lux(IR on)Color: 0.15 lux @ (ƒ/2.0, AGC on); 0.03 lux @ (ƒ/2.0, AGC on), 0 lux with IR
LensFixed lens 2.8 mmFixed lens 2.8 mm Aperture ƒ/2.0
View angle120 degree  Horizontal 100°, vertical 55°, diagonal 117°
SpotlightYes – bright spotlights as active deterrentN/A
WDRDigital WDR120 dB WDR
Resolution4K 2160P @15fps, 2048P @15 fps4MP (2560 × 1440) @20 fps
Night visionStarlight Color night vision Night vision range up to 100ftIR Range Up to 100 ft (30 m)/ 850nm
OnvifYesOnvif (Profile S, Profile G), Isapi
AudioOne way audio with built-in  microphoneN/A
StorageSupports Micro SD Card up to 128GBN/A
Power12 VDC ± 10%; POE12 VDC ±25%, 5.5 mm; PoE (802.3af, class 3)
Smart eventAI human face and vehicle detection; Up to 15 AI function with NVR systemMotion detection 
Housing protectionIP67 heavy duty weatherproof with metal housingIP67 weatherproof with metal and plastic body construction
Included cameras in the kit16x  4k GW8177mic12x 4.0MP Eci-T24f2

Now, with GW Security camera kit you have NVR system with preinstalled 4TB hard disk and 16pcs AI dome model 4k resolution security cameras with 4x optical manual zoom. Hikvision doesn’t come with preinstalled hard disk storage, and the cameras are only 4MP.

For homes you may see these products – Arlo Pro 3 2k Wire-free Camera and most Popular Security Camera with Spotlight including new Amcrest ACD2w wireless home camera with spotlight.

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