GW Vs Amcrest 16 Channel DVR Security System

In a large environment, wired surveillance system is sometimes preferred knowing that wired connection is more reliable than wireless connection even though you need to run complicated cable installation between each of the camera to the DVR system. On the other hand, wireless security camera system is easier to setup no need to running complicated wired cabling.

Please note that in the following article we are talking about NVR (Network video recorder) not the DVR. We still use the DVR because many people still stuck with DVR terms instead of NVR. We are not talking about the difference between NVR and its predecessor – the DVR. However at least you know the main difference is about where the video is encoded. In a nutshell, Video on a DVR is encoded and processed at the DVR and commonly the camera connects to the DVR via BNC cable, while video on an NVR is encoded and processed at the camera, then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing via a network cable and mostly each camera supports PoE (Power over Ethernet). With PoE feature, each camera needs a single CAT5e cable for both data and power.


Most DVR / NVR camera system with large number of channels (16, 24 and more) are wired connection between the camera and the NVR camera system either BNC (DVR system) or Network PoE cable (NVR). PoE network cable is sometimes preferred, however the distance between the camera to the NVR is limited to total length of 600 ft compared with BNC cable that can be run up to 980 ft.

Most Popular 16 Channel DVR Security System

The following lists two of most popular 16 channel DVR security system in the market that represent the system with BNC and POE cabling system.

  1. GW Security 16 Channel NVR Security System

When you demand high quality widescreen of HD 1080p NVR camera system, GW Security offers you various bundle of NVR and camera kits ranging from 8-channel, 16-channel and more. One of its popular bundle is 16-channel GW2216E NVR camera system to allow you install up to 16 high quality 1080p HD camera system. In addition GW provides you high quality 5.0 MP 1080p camera with varifocal lens for manual zoom to fit to your need ranging from 2.8 mm to 12 mm focal length you can adjust.

Main features

  • 16 channel NVR camera system with 16 full HD 1080p 5.0 MP weatherproof cameras ideal for either indoor or outdoor
  • Camera with varifocal 2.8 ~ 12 mm lens for manual zoom to fit your angle of view need
  • Easy to setup with PoE (power over Ethernet) a single network cable for both data and power
  • Built-P2P (peer to peer) cloud service – no hassle of DDNS and router configuration
  • ONVIF and QR Code scan support
  • Comes with pre-installed 4TB hard drive

You may add one of best PTZ camera by GW security to the NVR system or any other popular PTZ HD camera on the market. With ONVIF your NVR camera system supports any cameras from different vendors that are compliant with ONVIF agreement. And with P2P feature, setting up the camera is not a nightmare like ever before.


GW Security 16 channel NVR camera system

GW Security 16 channel NVR camera system

P2P stands for Peer to Peer – a technology that makes setting up the IP camera easy to link without the complicated of configuring the router and setting up the DDNS and opening the certain ports for inbound access and so on. Camera with P2P feature has a unique ID (UID) to allow the Smartphone camera app to ping the P2P server that has lists of UIDs and the location. Smartphone app can ping the UID when it is online otherwise it is offline. by being able to ping the camera, the Smartphone app can create a direct link connection to the camera.

For complete technical spec, click here for GW Security 16-CH NVR camera system.

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  1. Amcrest 960H 16-Channel DVR Security System

Amcrest offers you various models of affordable DVR camera system with 960H standard either 8 or 16 and more channel DVR. It is ideal for residential surveillance system or large offices and plants. Instead of 8 channel, 16 channel is preferable for future expanding when more spots need to monitor.

So what is 960H standard? It is a standard for security cameras and security DVR’s that capable of providing high resolution image of 960 horizontal and 480 vertical pixels large (960×480) which mostly can fit to the monitor and TV. It provides good view in Smartphone, tablet and other computer monitor.

This bundle is more affordable compared with GW Security NVR camera system without sacrificing image and video quality. This bundle comes with 960H 16-channel DVR security system with pre-installed 1TB hard drive and 8x HD 720p bullet cameras.

Amcrest 960H 16 channel NVR camera system

Amcrest 960H 16 channel NVR camera system

Main features

  • 16 channel DVR camera system with pre-installed 1TB hard drive (expandable up to 12 TB)
  • Comes with 8x high resolution 800+ TVL cameras
  • Allow you remote viewing with Android, iOS using Amcrest Link app
  • Each camera comes with 24 IR LEDs for night vision with distance range up to 65 ft
  • IP66 rated weatherproof indoor outdoor cameras
  • Long distance transmit up to 984 ft with BNC cable

Unlike GW Security that supports PoE, this Amcrest doesn’t support PoE and it connects to DVR using BNC cable up to 984 ft long distance. That is reasonable since this Amcrest is DVR, not a NVR camera system.

Amcrest Vs GW Security

The apparent difference between GW Security and this Amcrest NVR Camera system is that Amcrest doesn’t feature P2P for simplified router configuration. However Amcrest supports QR Code scan for easy remote viewing via mobile devices either Android or iOS, so does GW Security. One more apparent difference is the connection cable you need to run from each of the camera to the NVR camera system is BNC instead of POE network cable.

The following table 1 is comparison between GW Security and Amcrest 16-channel DVR security system, just the main features to list.

Table 1 Amcrest Vs GW Security DVR camera system

GW Security 16 Channel NVR Security System Amcrest 960H 16-Channel DVR Security System
Model GW2216E – 16 channel AMDV960H16 – 16 channel
Resolution 1080p (1080 x 1280 pixels) can support 5.0 MP high resolution camera 960H standard (960 x 480 pixels)
PoE Support Yes, connection with single network  cable for both video and power; comes with 16 Ports PoE Switch No, connection using BNC cable
Cable length Up to 600 ft CAT 5 cable (300 ft from DVR to POE Switch and up to 300 ft from camera to POE Switch)


Long distance BNC cable up to 984ft from each camera to DVR unit
Built-P2P service Yes No
QR code scan Yes Yes
ONVIF agreement Yes Unspecified
Pre-installed hard drive 4TB hard drive (expandable up to 12 TB) 1TB hard drive (expandable up to 12 TB)
HDMI & VGA output Yes Yes
eSATA Port No Yes
Ethernet Port Yes, 1x Fast Ethernet Yes, 1x Fast Ethernet


With GW Security you have higher resolution of video recording up to 1080p and setting up is much easier with only running one network cable for both data and power. And in addition, built-P2P cloud service helps you setting up remote access easier than ever before without complicated router and DDNS configuration. On the other hand, with Amcrest you can run longer distance BNC cable between each of the camera to the DVR camera system up to 984 ft.

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Cheers, Ki Grinsing.

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