16 camera dvr system

GW Vs LaView 16 Camera DVR System

In medium businesses where small number of areas which require good security protection in each of the areas you need to monitor, the 16 Camera DVR System would be appropriate for surveillance system in place. For better quality, choosing 16 channel HD DVR or NVR system with HD 1080p camera connections is a better idea.

16 Camera DVR System

Why 16 channel DVR system when your requirement is not more than 10 areas to monitor? DVR or NVR system is commonly build in the multiple of 8-camera system such as 8, 16, 24 and 32 cameras in addition of small system with 4 cameras.

When you deploy a security system with 8 cameras connected into the 8 channel DVR or NVR system, who knows in the future with the growing of your business you require more areas to cover that means you need more cameras to setup and need to connect to the already in place 8-channel DVR system, then you’re in trouble. So that’s why if you see any possibility that the business is growing and need more spots to monitor, deploy a 16 channel DVR / NVR system is making sense.

HD 1080p image quality

Why HD 1080p image quality? Viewing higher quality from higher resolution images is much better than images from standard 720p quality, the video and images quality is sharper. DVR or NVR with recording resolution up to 1080p or higher resolution, requires camera with high resolution of 1080p to produce high quality video recording.

The following two security camera bundles are popular 16 channel HD DVR or NVR system with capability of recording up to 1080p video resolution. One of them is product from GW Security which is 16 channel HD DVR system with 16 (sixteen) 2.1 MP 1080p HD camera. The other one is from LaView, it’s not 16 camera DVR system but NVR (network video recorder system). The good thing with NVR over DVR system is that you can connect the IP camera everywhere on the local internet network, not directly connected the camera to the NVR system. You just need to connect the camera to your local network using network CAT5e cable to the nearest POE switch. On the other hand, with DVR system you need to connect each of the camera using coaxial cable directly to the DVR system, and the good thing is that you can run it as long as 980 ft away.

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16 camera DVR system
GW Security 16 camera DVR system


Let’s compare the two products which one is suitable to your business need. Table 1 shows you comparison table between 16 Camera DVR system offered by GW Security which comes with x16 2400TVL Weatherproof IR Cameras and the other one is offered by LaView 16 channel NVR system with 8 HD cameras.

The apparent difference is that the technology system used, GW is designed based on analog High Definition (AHD) DVR and all the included cameras are also AHD which can only work with the same AHD DVR device. The other apparent difference is connection type. With analog system, GW offers coaxial cable connection from each of 16-camera to the DVR device. Actually GW Security offers you various models of NVR bundle as well, either 16 or 32 channel NVR.

16 channel hd dvr
LaView 16 Channel NVR System

See this link for GW security 16 channel NVR system, and for larger volume of camera up to 32 GW Security offers you 32 channel NVR with 32 camera bundle as well.

As opposed to GW 16 channel HD DVR, LaView comes with 16 channel NVR system with UTP Cat5e cable connection. You need only a single cable to run from each of the camera to the POE switch’s ports built-in the NVR device. All the included camera with this bundle are also POE support, no need of separate UTP cable and power connection but in a single UTP cable (CAT5e) for both data and power.

For more detail spec comparison please have a look at the following comparison cable.

Table 1 GW Security Vs LaView

ModelGW Security GW93216AHDLaView NVR LV-KN996P168A4-T3
# Channel16 Channel16 Channel
Resolution1080p HD1080p HD – up to 5MP IP camera

16CH simultaneous playback at high resolution.

CompressionH.264No compression
VGA & HDMI outputYes, support up to 1920 x 1080pYes,
Motion detection & Email alertYesYes
Storage2 SATA HDDs up to 12 TB

Preinstalled disk 4 TB

4 SATA ports, up to 4TB each

Preinstalled 3 TB

USB Ports2x USB ports2x USB ports
Ethernet PortsYes, 1x RJ-45 10/100MbpsYes, 1x RJ45 10/100/1,000Mbps Gigabit port
Built-in PoE SwitchN/AYes, 16-port PoE Switch
BNC PortsYes, 16x BNC Ports video inputN/A
Remote viewYes, with free apps for live view and playback on mobile devices and PCYes, with free apps for live view and playback on mobile devices and PC, resolution can be up to 5MP
QR Code scanYes N/A


Both camera in this 16 camera DVR / NVR system are IP66 weatherproof and vandal proof, ideal for outdoor as well as indoor environment. However, GW in this 16 camera DVR bundle offers AHD (analog high definition) camera which can only work with AHD DVR, cannot work with NVR system.

Image quality

LaView offers standard 1/3” image sensor with 2MP 1920x 1080p resolution, smaller than GW security with ½.9” image sensor 2.1 MP 1920x 1080p resolution for larger image. And the good thing is that both offer 3D noise reduction for sharper image quality, and clearer.


GW offers you varifocal lens to allow you adjust the angle view manually to fit your need ranging from 2.8 mm ~ 12 mm focal length. Which one is better fix lens or varifocal lens? It depends, with fixed lens you can position the camera in certain location and then you can adjust the focal length that means you can adjust the view angle manually to fit your business need. While with fixed lens have fixed focal length to fit to single view of angle, you cannot adjust it manually.


Since this 16 channel HD DVR bundle is analog system, connection cable uses RG59 coaxial cable that can run up to 980 ft from camera to DVR system directly. On the other hand, LaView offers NVR that allows you run Ethernet Cat5e cable from camera to NVR directly up to 300 ft distance for both data and power in a single cable. While with GW security you need to run coaxial cable and power to the camera separately. You can run coaxial cable from camera to NVR device as long as 980 ft.

Table 2 GW Analog camera Vs Laview Onvif camera
 Camera GW271HDLaView LV-PB932F4
Image Sensor1/2.9″ 2.1 Mega pixel SONY CMOS

Only compatible with AHD Series DVR

1/3″sensor CMOS
ResolutionAHD 1080p 2.1 MP 1920 x 1080p2MP 1920 x 1080p
Noise reduction2D / 3D DNR Noise Reduction3 D DNR
Lens typeVarifocal 2.8 ~ 12 mm lensFixed lens 4mm wide angle f/2.0
IR LEDs30 pcs IR LEDs up to 65 ft distance100 ft
IP66 weatherproofYesYes
Vandal proof housingYesYes
InterfaceCoaxial distance up to 980 ft to DVREthernet PoE distance up to 300 ft to NVR directly, or you can connect anywhere on the network.
Price in Amazon / each$109.00$122.50

Which bundle is more economical?

GW Security with 16 camera DVR bundle costs you around $1,900 including 16x HD cameras. While LaView 16 channel NVR with 8 cameras cost you around $ 1,366 including 8x cameras. With the addition of 8 cameras you need to spend 8x ($122.5) = $980 for total of $2,346. GW offers cheaper solution and save you around $400.

If you have already LAN computer network in place, think about the flexibility of NVR system. With NVR system you don’t have to run each of the camera directly to the built-in POE switch of the NVR device. You can place the camera everywhere within the network as long as you can run UTP cable to the nearest POE switch if running directly to the NVR device is more difficult to do.

By counting on the other benefit with varifocal lens offers by GW Security, instead of GW with 16 channel HD DVR system you may also consider GW NVR system with 16 camera, 16x 5MP HD 1080p resolution cameras, P2P technology and QR code scan technology for much easier remote access you may compare this bundle with LaView.

Click here for more spec details of 16 channel NVR by GW.

Cheers, KG.

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