High Bandwidth 32 Channel NVR System


Monitoring large number of wide locations for security reasons requires high bandwidth surveillance system that supports large number of channels. Generally 32 channel DVR system is appropriate for medium to large businesses that require surveillance system.

High resolution NVR

In addition, DVR or 32 channel NVR system should support high mega pixel IP cameras for high quality image detail. Today you may find 4K resolution NVR or IP camera system to support critical business system with 24 or 32 channel or even higher NVR system. In some businesses 16 channel NVR system such as LaView 4K 16 channel NVR system is appropriate. However, getting prepare for tomorrow expansion is better.


H.265 compression

With large number of high mega pixel IP camera connect to your business computer network, the high traffic video data will hog your network bandwidth and as a consequence it contributes a serious network latency. It is therefore selecting IP camera that supports compression format is recommended and so is NVR system.

H.264 is a common compression format, and the latest compression format technology today is H.265 which doubles the data compression ratio up to 50~60%. For much better network performance, choose both IP camera and NVR system that support H.265 compression technology. See also 32 channel NVR kits with H.265 supports.

Top 32 channel NVR products

Investing large number of channels NVR system for businesses is better in case in the future the number of cameras increases in line with business growing.  32 channel DVR or NVR system is more likely the appropriate system for most medium businesses.

The following products are popular 32 channel NVR system you may consider which one is suitable to meet your businesses.

HDView 32 Channel NVR

This product one of best HDView offers to business for large scale network which can record IP cameras up to 5MP resolution with latest H.265 compression format. You can connect any H.265 camera such as USG PTZ 5MP camera to the NVR system for saving bandwidth.

For connecting up to 16 POE Cameras you don’t need to purchase another POE switch since this system come with built-in 16-port POE switch. Connect any POE capable outdoor 5MP IP camera  such as GW Security GW5075MIP or USG 5MP varifocal lens camera, or any lower resolution camera.

HDView NVR system can be remotely viewed via smart phone or any mobile devices to all the connected cameras easily with its QR Code scan feature.

hdview 32 channel nvr

HDView 5MP HDView 32 channel NVR


  • 32 channel NVR with built-in 16-port POE Switch
  • Recording resolution supports 5MP/4MP/3MP/2MP/1.3MP IP Cameras, Real Time Recording
  • Bandwidth 256Mbps
  • Supports latest H.265 compression technology
  • Playback 16 channel
  • 32 channel audio IN; 1 channel Audio OUT
  • 16 channel alarm IN and 4 channel alarm OUT
  • QR Code scan and P2P technology for remote viewing
  • Storage internal HDD: SATA up to 24TB
  • Best work with HDView, Hikvision and Dahua IP cameras

This 32 channel NVR system is tagged with the price around $460.00 in Amazon, NVR unit only no hard drives installed. You can install SATA disks up to 24TB.

Click here to learn more details HDView 32 channel NVR

GW Security GW3432E-8S

HDView NVR system as discussed above is capable of recording up to 5MP IP cameras, 32 channel cameras. Should you require larger image details you may consider 4K resolution 32 channel DVR system, you can connect up to 8MP (aka 4K camera) IP camera to the system such as Hikvision DS-2CD4585F-IZH outdoor POE camera.

Unlike HDView that comes with built-in 16-port POE switch , this NVR system come with only 8-port POE switch. You can add another POE switch for connecting more IP cameras.

The good thing is that you can playback and preview all 32 channel simultaneously, ideal for connecting to large screen HDTV from HDMI Video output, or connect remotely via mobile devices easily to all connected cameras.

gw security 32 channel nvr

GW Security 32 Channel 4K NVR


  • 32 channel 4K NVR with built-in 8-port POE switch
  • Recording resolution supports 8MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/2MP IP Cameras, @30fps Real Time Recording
  • Support latest H.265 / H.264 compression technology
  • 32 channel playback and preview
  • 32 channel two way audio
  • QR Code scan support for remote view
  • Storage internal HDD: 3.5” SATA up to 32TB with USB backup storage
  • Supports any ONVIF IP cameras

GW Security 32 channel DVR is ONVIF compliant so you can connect any ONVIF camera to the system. Or you may prefer any high resolution GW camera such as GW Security or Sunba auto tracking camera or any higher or lower resolution IP cameras. This product is tagged with higher price almost twice as much as HDView 32 channel DVR system.

Click here to learn more details GW Security 32 channel NVR.

You may also consider GW Security 32 channel bundled with 32x 5MP dome model camera, click for GW Security 32 Channel kits.

Amcrest NV4432E

Amcrest is well known brand in home or business class surveillance system. You may find home wifi PTZ camera such as new version of Amcrest Shield 2K Ultra HD wifi camera,  and for premium outdoor camera you can find Amcrest IP2M-850 PTZ outdoor camera, and still more models. Amcrest is also offering various models of DVR or NVR system including more economical Amcrest 16 channel DVR kits. See also best value Amcrest vs Foscam 16 channel DVR.

In 32 channel NVR system, Amcrest introduces NV4432E 32 channel NVR with similar built-in 16-port POE switch like HDView. This product is capable of playback up to 32 channel @5MP with bandwidth up to 80Mbps. Compression format is not specified in spec details, have no idea either H.264 or H.265 capable or no compression.

amcrest 32 channel nvr

Amcrest 32 channel NVR


  • 32 channel NVR with built-in 16-port POE Switch
  • Recording resolution supports up to 5MP IP cameras @30 fps
  • Bandwidth 80Mbps
  • Compression format unrecognized
  • Playback 32CH @ 5MP
  • 1x Audio IN; 1x Audio OUT
  • P2P technology and QR Code scan support for remote view with free Amcrest view app
  • Storage internal 4x SATA drive up to 24TB with USB port for external data backup
  • ONVIF compliant IP cameras supported


To learn more details about the product, click the following link for details including current price and rating in Amazon.

Click here for Amcrest NV4432E 32 channel NVR

Selecting large channels such as 32 channel NVR or 32 channel DVR system you may require to consider the built-in POE switch that comes with the product so you don’t need to add more budget. Typically 32 channel NVR system comes with built-in 16-port POE Switch. Support the latest H.265 compression format is a plus for saving network bandwidth. You may connect any ONVIF compliant IP cameras to the NVR including popular top 5 IP camera optical zoom in the market, IP cameras with motorized optical zoom you can control remotely via mobile devices.

You may also like economical home Yi 1080p wifi camera for single placement indoor. Or you may also consider adding dash cam in your vehicle such as popular Auto Vox M3 dual lens dash cam, or KDLinks R100 dual dash cam.

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