High Performance H.265 32 Channel NVR System

Various models of 8, 16 and 32 Channel NVR from various surveillance vendors come in new H.265 compression technology, and two of them are GW Security and USG with their H.265 DVR and NVR bundles.

Why H.265 compression?

Data throughput rate delivered between IP camera to the NVR, normally the video data traffic is flooding the local network, will cause the network saturated when large number of cameras transmit simultaneously to the NVR system. The higher resolution and the higher mega pixel the cameras record the huge video data transmitted to the NVR system. Large number of channels NVR such as 32-channel NVR GW Security or Q-See come with higher mega pixels IP camera. This will definitely shortage the available network bandwidth, and when the network segment used by your business computer network is in the same network segment of your video traffic this would saturate your business network and causing bottleneck data traffic.

Lower bit-rate

It is therefore a video compression technology is used to compress the video data to smaller format and the most common video compression technology is H.264. And the latest compression technology today is H.265 which double the data compression ratio up to 50~60%. With this new compression technology, the camera can improve video quality with low bit-rate and enable the camera to deliver smooth superb HD video with much lower bandwidth than video with H.264 compression format. And in turn this technology will reduce the network bandwidth and reduce the video storage size. And even you can transfer much higher resolution images from bigger mega pixel IP camera through the local business computer network with much lower bandwidth not to overwhelmed the LAN network in some degrees.

H.265 DVR

Today you can find various models of NVR camera system in H.265 format, various models of 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel NVR come in H.265 DVR system, I meant H.265 NVR system since many people stuck with DVR instead of NVR term even though they are different in some points. Normally in DVR you use analog cameras that connect them using coaxial cable directly to the DVR system, not overwhelmed your business LAN network such as Amcrest HDCVI DVR system with coaxial connection. However, your DVR connects to your local network should you require remote viewing via internet.

GW Security is one of camera security vendors that offer various models of NVR and IP cameras either using H.264 compression (such as in 16-channel GW NVR system) and latest H.265 compression technology, NVR system that capable of recording up to 4K video from higher mega pixel of IP camera.

GW Security 32 Channel H265 NVR System
GW Security 32 Channel H265 NVR System

GW Security Vs USG

Let’s have a look at comparison between what GW Security offers in its 32 channel NVR system using H.265 technology and Urban Security Group (USG) with its 36 channel NVR. GW security offers in a bundle with 32x IP cameras of 3MP 1080p resolution, while USG come with the bundle of 36 channel camera and 32x 5MP IP cameras. Table 1 shows you spec comparison between GW Security and USG H.265 DVR system, while table 2 shows you spec comparison between the cameras that come with their NVR bundle.

USG H265 4K 36 Channel NVR System
USG H265 4K 36 Channel NVR System


Both NVR systems are designed with latest H.265 compression technology and are capable of recording up to 4K video quality. USG comes with 36 channel design, unusual actually since typically surveillance system comes with 4, 8, 16, 24 or 32 channel NVR or DVR. On the other hand GW Security comes with typical 32 channel NVR and maximum recording bandwidth is up to 320Mbps, while USG doesn’t specify the maximum recording bandwidth. You might be guessing that the maximum recording bandwidth is something about multiplication between 36 and 8MP or higher, just around the same as GW.


USG offers larger storage space capacity with the available of 8 SATA ports with 4TB each for total space of up to 32TB, twice as much storage capacity as GW offers with its 2 SATA ports. Backing up to USB 3.0 external Hard drive is faster with the available USB 3.0 port, 10x faster than normally USB 2.0 port can transfer. Both H.265 DVR system support 3x USB ports with one of them is USB 3.0 type.

POE ports

Technically having the built-in POE switch in the NVR system is better than you have to connect the POE switch somewhere within the network segment away from the NVR device that will just broadcast the traffic within the local network. Connecting the camera directly to each of built-in POE switch is something like analog camera with coaxial cable connect direct to the DVR system such as GW 16-channel DVR with coaxial cable. However, connecting the camera directly to the NVR has limited distance of up to 300 ft between camera to NVR.

Providing separate network segment for your large volume of cameras such as 32 channel NVR with bigger MP cameras is better to isolate the broadcast domain not to flooding a single network segment.

Take a look the table carefully to see which H.265 DVR bundle is suitable to your business need. For example with the QR code scanning feature and P2P feature is much easier for remote access configuration with your Smartphone. Thanks that both NVR systems support P2P technology.


The good thing with the camera included in each of the H.265 DVR bundle is the varifocal lens ranging from 2.8 mm ~ 12 mm you can manually adjust the focal length to fit the view angle to meet your need. You can position the camera in certain place and then you can manually adjust the zoom appropriately. USG comes with bigger mega pixel resolution than GW, however GW camera supports H.265 or H.264 compression compared with USG that supports only H.264. Should you use the maximum resolution of the camera with standard H.264 compression, you better replace the camera with H.265 support for saving the bandwidth up to 60%.

The following two tables represent the comparison between USG and GW Security H.265 DVR bundle, table 1 is for NVR comparison while table 2 is for camera spec comparison.

Table 1 USG Vs GW Security NVR comparison
NVR SystemUSG H.265 Ultra 4KGW Security H.265 NVR
ModelUSGDJ2036X Security NVRGW5532NP
# Channel36 channel – connect and record up to 36x 8MP H.265 IP camera 32-Channel NVR – connect and record up to 32x 8MP H.265 IP camera
Video Resolution4K / 8MP / 3MP / 1080p / 960p / 720p@30fps real-time each channelSupport up to 4K/8MP/5MP/3MP 1536p@ 30fps Real time each channel
Recording playback quality1Ch / 4Ch / 9Ch / 16 Ch playback simultaneously3MP 11Ch real time Playback simultaneously
Max recording bandwidthUnknown320Mbps
Internal Storage8x SATA 4TB / port – up to 32 TB2x SATA ports up to 8TB / port – up to 16TB
USB Ports1x USB 3.0 – for backup

2x USB 2.0 – for backup and mouse

1 x USB 3.0 for backup / upgrade

1 x USB 2.0 for backup

1 x USB 2.0 front panel for mouse
e-SATA PortYes, 1xYes, 1x
Ethernet Ports1x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Port1x RJ45 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
POE portsN/A

In this bundle comes with 2x 16-port POE switch

Built-in 16 ports POE to camera

In this bundle comes with 1x 16-port POE switch

Alarm10Ch alarm input16Ch alarm input / 1Ch out
Video input36CH 4K 8MP (3840 x 2160)

36CH 3K 3MP (2048 x 2160)

36CH 2MP (1920 x 1080)
support up to 4K/8MP/5MP/3MP 1536p @30fps Real time each channel
Audio input36CH network audio input32CH network audio input
Video output1CH VGA plus 1 CH HDMI1CH VGA plus 1 CH HDMI
Audio output1CH RCA1CH RCA
QR Code ScanningYes, P2P cloud connectionYes, built-in P2P service
# included camera32 x 5MP bullet IP camera32 x 3MP 1536p bullet IP Camera
Price in this bundle$4,999.00$5,299.00

Included camera in this bundle you can look at the spec comparison on the following table 2.

Table 2 USG Vs GW Security IP camera comparison
 USGGW Security
ModelUSGDK7050 5MP bullet cameraGW3555IP 1536p bullet camera
Resolution2592 x 1920 pixels 5MP1080p 3MP
LensVarifocal 2.8 ~ 12 mmVarifocal 2.8 ~ 12 mm
Video compressionH.264H.265/H.264
Night visionYesYes
IR LEDs and distance72 pcs

Up to 200 ft

42 pcs

Up to 130 ft

WeatherproofUnspecifiedYes, IP66
QR Code scanYesYes

It’s a good thing that you should check the following link to see a complete product’s spec and price for each of the 36 and 32 channel NVR bundle offered by each of the vendors.

  1. GW Security 32 Channel H.265 NVR spec details and price
  2. USG 36 Channel H.265 NVR spec details and price


To significantly reduce the available bandwidth in your business computer network, upgrade your NVR / DVR system and all the connected IP cameras with the ones that support H.265 latest compression technology such as these 32 channel NVR products with H.265 DVR or NVR systems, to save the available bandwidth up to 60% for video data traffic.

See also best 4 camera security system with DVR – DVR/NVR system with 4 outdoor cameras.

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