Outdoor POE PTZ 4K Security Camera

When standard 1080p resolution camera is not enough to provide what you expect with the image detail result, you may double the resolution by using 2k resolution camera. When 2k resolution camera is still not detail enough you need to find camera with double resolution than 2k camera and 4k security camera is a must to meet your business need.  

POE PTZ Camera

Panning Tilting and Zooming (PTZ) capabilities of a camera is the most comprehensive camera to cover every corners of the large areas to monitor using a single camera. Typically PTZ camera comes with POE feature. POE PTZ camera is capable of panning endless up to 360 degree rotation and tilting up to 90 degree or more rotating vertically and the good thing is that it is performed by software using your Android or iOS mobile devices local or remotely when you are on the go.

4k resolution

In addition of panning and tilting, PTZ camera is capable of zooming in and out either motorized optically or digitally by software or even combination of both optical and digital zooming capabilities.

Optical zoom camera provides you very sharp image result even though you capture with all the way zoom in, no noise. On the other hand, the digital zoom is done by software so that’s way the image detail result is not as sharp as optical zoom result.

The resolution of the camera takes important role in presenting larger image and more detail image result when you zoom in. Various models of PTZ camera are available in the market and generally they are designed with 1080p resolution or 2k resolution such as Amcrest IP2M-858 and Lorex Lnz4412 PTZ camera. For best value ptz HD cameras, see also best value PTZ HD Cameras.

Today you can find high resolution up to PTZ POE camera, 4k security camera with PTZ capabilities such as USG, Samsung and still more.

1. Samsung Hanwa PNP-9200

One of 4k PTZ POE camera available in the market today is offered by Samsung, high grade business class outdoor PTZ camera with 4k resolution.

Samsung Hanwa PNP-9200 is a real 4k resolution of outdoor PTZ camera with frame rate up to 30 fps @4k. it delivers the real 4k (3840×2160) resolution @30 fps real time. Quality is  great, comes with 20x optical motorized zoom plus 16x digital zoom.

Samsung Auto Tracking 4k PTZ Outdoor Camera
Samsung Auto Tracking 4k PTZ Outdoor Camera


  • The real 4k resolution outdoor PTZ camera @30 fps real time
  • Auto tracking PTZ camera with intelligent video analytics
  • 20x optical motorized zoom with the addition of 16x digital zoom
  • Varifocal lens 4.8 ~ 96.0 mm with range of 65.1˚(Wide) ~ 3.8˚(Tele) field of view angle
  • Up to 200m (650ft) IR distance
  • Panning endless 360˚ with speeds up to 400˚/s
  • Tilting -5˚ ~ 185˚ with speeds up to 300˚/s
  • Supports local SD/SDHC/SDXC memory storage slot (Max. 128GB)
  • Two way audio supports
  • IP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant with off/auto/manual defog

This 4k Outdoor ptz camera is a great value camera, and the price is also great around $2,890 in Amazon. to learn more spec details click the link below, including the link to Amazon to shop and other competing products.

Click here for Samsung Hanwha pnp 9200

Unlike Samsung as discussed above which resolution is up to 4k @30 fps, another model is offered by USG, cheaper model, higher resolution. It’s not an auto tracking PTZ camera however.

2. USG 4k PTZ security camera

Unlike Samsung as discussed above which resolution is up to 4k @30 fps, another model is offered by USG (Urban Security Group).  

Few models of PTZ POE camera with 4k resolution are offered by USG and mostly are  “Upgraded Premium Internal Components”, one of them is discussed here and you can read more spec details at the product link below.

USG 4k PTZ Security Camera with 22x Optical Zoom
USG 4k PTZ Security Camera with 22x Optical Zoom

Unlike Samsung above, this POE PTZ camera is not limited to 4k resolution but it can deliver maximum resolution up to 12.0 Megapixel @20 fps. You need to connect to any Onvif NVR system that can support up to 12MP camera such as Hikvision DS-7616NI-K2/16P. See also Hikvision vs Amcrest 16Ch security camera kit that uses DS-7616NI-K2/16P NVR with 12pcs 4k security camera.

Longer distance Night vision

Built-up with high grade SONY Chip lens, 22x optical zoom this camera is equipped with 10pcs IR LEDs to reach long distance up to 1,000 ft. in low light, this camera is very sharp, no noise with the engineering equipments of 3D DNR, super WDR and electronic image stabilization.   

Compared with Samsung that has IR distance only up to 200m (650ft), USG comes with longer IR distance up to 1,000ft away.   


  • Outdoor PTZ POE camera up to 12mp resolution @20 fps, 4k@ 30 fps
  • 1/1.7inch SONY IMX226 Chip with varifocal 6.5~146mm auto focus auto zoom lens
  • 22x optical motorized zoom with range of 56.7~3.07 degree view angle
  • H.265 compression format
  • 10x IR LEDs night vision range up to 1,000 ft
  • IP66 weatherproof and NEMA 4x vandal resistant
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • True day and night with 3D DNR and Super WDR
  • P2P technology
  • Onvif 2.4
  • 360 degree continued rotation, manual pan speed 0.05~240 degree/s, manual tilt speed 0.05~120 degree/s, preset speed 300 degree /s
  • ESD protection against lightening and power surges

USG PTZ POE camera with 4k security camera is engineered to withstand harsh weather environment, water proof and is also vandal resistant. in addition, this camera is also equipped with ESD protection against any lightening and power surges.

Click here to learn more details USG high grade PTZ 4k camera 

3. Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-AELW

Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-AELW is one of high performance 4K PTZ outdoor security camera with smart tracking feature to allow the camera track the moving object within the coverage area. This is ideal solution for high security area with high resolution image detail requirement.   

 Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-AELW  4k PTZ Outdoor camera
Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-AELW 4k PTZ Outdoor camera

The other smart features are also enriched to this camera including intrusion detection, line crossing detection and also defog feature for best image quality in foggy weather.


  • High quality 4k resolution @25fps smart tracking PTZ outdoor camera
  • High quality colored images in dim light environment
  • Embedded with 8.0MP 1/1.9inch progressive scan CMOS chip  
  • Varifocal lens ranging 5.7~205.2 mm with 36x optical motorized zoom providing range of angle of view 56.8~2.02 degree
  • 16x digital zoom
  • Smart features including intrusion detection, line crossing detection and audio exception
  • Smart tracking to track moving object within the camera coverage
  • Smart defog for best image quality in challenging conditions
  • Endless 360 degree endless panning, -20~90 degree tilting with auto flip
  • Panning speed ~160 degree/s and ~120 degree /s tilting
  • Local memory storage micro SD card up to 128GB
  • Protection Levels: IP66, IK10, TVS 6,000 V lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection
  • IR distance up to 650ft (200m)
  • 7/2 alarm Input/output and In/Out audio interface


  • More expensive

Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-AELW is a high performance with rich of business class feature to support your business demand in smart tracking 4k high resolution camera. compared with Samsung which is only 20x optical zoom, this camera features higher up to 36x optical zoom.

Click here to learn more detail Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-AELW

For lower resolution of up to 4mp you may also consider Lorex LNZ44p12b vs Amcrest 4mp PTZ cameras. Compared with USG, Amcrest or Lorex 4mp PTZ cameras are much cheaper.

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You may also consider 4k DVR system kit offered by Amcrest 16 channel DVR security system kit that uses coaxial cable as data medium you can run up to 2,300 ft long between camera and DVR unit.

To meet your business monitoring system you may consider Lorex or Amcrest 16Ch surveillance system kit, and you can add third party cameras to the system such as Reolink RLC-511 or Amcrest or Foscam POE outdoor camera.

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