Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs vs Lorex

POE Outdoor camera with motorized varifocal lens allows you customize the focal length is typically more expensive due to complicated mechanical design. Which one is the best POE outdoor camera product between Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs, Lorex Lnd3374sb or Reolink RLC-423 PTZ camera?

Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs

Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs is one of POE outdoor cameras, dome model IP cameras with motorized varifocal lens offered by Hikvision among its heaps of IP camera models available in the market today. It’s a 4mp cameras, should you require 4k cameras you may like GW Security gw8571 4k security camera.

What this product does

Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs delivers high resolution of up to 4mp (2688×1520) @20 fps (frame per second) or you can downgrade lower resolution to 1080p @ 30 fps. You may also like comparison Amcrest vs Hikvision 4k camera system.

4x motorized optical zoom

However, this dome model outdoor camera allows you to zoom out 112 degree wide view angle up to 33.8 degree all the way zoom in (Tele view). Technically this varifocal lens camera provides you 4x optical zoom, motorized zoom you can customized local or remotely using your mobile device.

However Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs is not an outdoor POE PTZ camera such as Reolink rlc-423 which allows you to control the camera for panning, tilting and zooming (PTZ), but this camera features manual adjustment for panning and tilting to suit your monitoring area to cover.

Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs
Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs

Smart feature-set

What makes this camera different is the smart feature-set for smart detection including line crossing detection, intrusion detection with predefined virtual region. You can read more detail later and compare it with Lorex product for smart detection.

The other features are almost the same as other competing products including Lorex Lnd3374 or Reolink RLC-423.


  • High resolution 4mp dome model camera
  • Varifocal lens 2.8mm ~ 12.0mm with 4x optical motorized zoom
  • Variations of 112 ~ 33.9 degree field of view angle
  • 120 dB wide dynamic range (WDR) and 3D digital noise reduction (DNR)
  • POE supports 802.3af 12 VDC
  • Night vision with built-in infrared illuminator range ~100ft (30 m)
  • Audio and alarm I/O
  • Storage micro SD card ~ 128GB
  • Onvif compliant
  • IP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant

Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs is tagged with more expensive price compare with competing products such as Lorex Lnd3374 and Reolink RLC-423 we will compare technically in the following paragraphs.

Hikvision vs Lorex vs Reolink

Spec comparison is the easiest way to compare the products in addition of reading testimony from customers about the product. Take two of other competing products for spec comparison, one of Lorex dome model Lnd3374 and Reolink RLC-423 cameras. RLC-423 is the wired version of the other product with wireless version model – the Reolink RLC-423ws PTZ wireless camera.

Lorex Lnd3374 outdoor camera
Lorex Lnd3374 outdoor camera

Both Hikvision and Lorex here are dome model without panning and tilting capabilities, but Reolink RLC-423 is.

Please refer to the following two spec comparison tables to help you easily select which one is suitable to meet your business need.


Hikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-Izs offers 4mp @20 fps higher resolution than Lorex which is only 3mp @20 fps. While Reolink RLC-423 offers 5mp resolution @20 fps, higher resolution than the other two competing products.

Varifocal lens

All the three products are built using varifocal lens ranging from 2.8 up to 12mm focal length, and have almost the same optical zoom factor – 4x optical motorized zoom with range or field of view angle nearly the same. However, Hikvision and Lorex Lnd3374 are dome model without panning and tilting capabilities. Reolink RLC-423 is a PTZ camera with panning and tilting capabilities to allow you monitor the whole area to cover endless 360 degree.

Reolink RLC423 POE PTZ camera with 4x optical zoom
Reolink RLC423 POE PTZ camera with 4x optical zoom

The other features you can see in the table to understand other differences including storage, audio and night vision.

Take a look at the following table 1 for head to head spec comparison table for Hikvision vs Lorex.

Table 1 Hikvision vs Lorex

ModelHikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-IzsLorex Lnd3374
Resolution4mp (2688×1420) @ 20 fps; 2mp (1920×1080) @ 30 fps3mp (2304×1536) @20 fps, 1080p (1920×1080) @30 fps
Lens2.8~12.0mm varifocal lens2.7~12.0 mm varifocal lens
Zoom4x optical motorized zoom3.6 x optical motorized zoom
FOV112 (wide) ~ 33.9 (Tele) degree view angle93 (wide) ~ 33 (Tele) degree view angle
Night visionIR LEDs range ~100ft (30m)850nm IR LEDs range ~140 ft(43m) ambient light ~90 ft(27m) darkness
StorageMicro SD Card ~128GBN/A
Audio / AlarmYes, audio and alarm I/O portsN/A
OutdoorIP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistantIP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant
POEYes, 802.3af 12VDCYes, 12VDC

And table 2 below shows you head to head spec comparison table for Hikvision vs Reolink RLC-423.

Table 2 Hikvision vs Reolink

ModelHikvision Ds-2cd2742fwd-IzsReolink RLC-423 PTZ camera
Resolution4mp (2688×1420) @ 20 fps; 2mp (1920×1080) @ 30 fps5mp (3072×1728) @20 fps
Lens2.8~12.0mm varifocal lens2.7~12.0mm varifocal lens
Zoom4x optical motorized zoom4x optical motorized zoom
FOV112 (wide) ~ 33.9 (Tele) degree view angleHorizontal: 98 (wide) ~ 33 (Tele) degree view angle  / vertical: 54~22 degree
Night visionIR LEDs range ~100ft (30m)6pcs IR LEDs range ~190ft (60m)
StorageMicro SD Card ~128GBN/A
Audio / AlarmYes, audio and alarm I/O portsAudio In port
OutdoorIP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistantIP66 weatherproof with metal aluminum housing
POEYes, 802.3af 12VDCYes, 802.3at 48V POE or 12VDC
OnvifYesNo, Reolink NVR

To learn more spec and manufacturer’s description each of the products including current price in Amazon and rating, click each of the links below:

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