Hikvision OEM 4MP Turret Camera vs Ubiquiti

Hikvision is one of popular brands in high quality security surveillance systems including NVR system, IP cameras and more. Many of those products offered by Hikvision are not cheap actually, so no wonder you can find some products available in the market with Hikvision OEM and guess that the prices are more economical compared with the original Hikvision products.

4.1MP Turret Camera

One of best value Hikvision OEM products is high resolution 4.1MP Turret Outdoor POE camera which is tagged with half the price of original Hikvision Turret 4MP DS-2CD2342WD-I camera. Both POE outdoor cameras have the same technical specifications.


Superior HD resolution

This camera gives you superior HD 4.1MP (2688x1520p) video resolution, very sharp and clear @20 fps. And the good thing is that this camera is compatible with any models of Hikvision and Dahua NVR systems such as 16 channel Hikvision NVR system, or any 32 channel NVR system.

Not PTZ camera

It’s a fixed lens camera with 2.8mm focal length giving you wide viewing angle of 106 degree horizontal. You can rotate the camera horizontally 360 degree and up to 75 degree vertically. It’s not a standard POE PTZ camera actually that you can control the panning, tilting and zooming such as Sunba and GW Security auto tracking camera. You need to adjust and rotate the camera to meet your viewing angle manually.

See also popular top 5 IP camera with optical zoom, the IP cameras with motorized optical zoom for much better clear result instead of digital zoom.

Hikvision OEM 4MP Turret camera

Main features

  • 1MP (2688x1520p) video resolution Turret Camera
  • Fixed 2.8mm lens, 1/3” CMOS progressive scan
  • 106 degree wide viewing angle
  • Manual adjustment for 0 degree to 360 degree horizontal; 0 degree to 75 degree vertical and 0 degree to 360 degree rotation
  • Support H.264+ compression format
  • 24 Powerful IR LEDs range up to 100 ft (30 m) with EXIR infrared technology
  • Motion detection and dual streaming

This Hikvision OEM 4.1MP turret camera provides you sharp and clear image, both day and night.

To learn more details about the product, click the links below for current price and rating in Amazon.

You’ll see no differences between the two products except the OEM one is half the price of the original Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I camera.

Comparison with Ubiquiti

Besides the image quality that is nearly the same between the Hikvision OEM and original Hikvision POE camera, you can save up to $100 for this OEM camera compared with the original version.

Now with slightly different price with Ubiquiti UVC-G3 mini Dome camera, let’s compare the two products as shown in the following spec comparison table.


Both products come with built-in 1/3” 2.8mm 4MP CMOS image sensor. Hikvision OEM provides you 1520p super HD resolution @20 fps while Ubiquiti offers 1080p @30 fps. Almost the same resolution, Hikvision OEM can work in 1080p @30 fps too.

Hikvision offers wider field of view angle than Ubiquiti, 106 degree vs 87 degree. You may also like cameras with optical zoom, 4~20x motorized optical zoom which is typically POE outdoor PTZ camera model.

Ubiquiti Dome POE Camera

Night vision

Hikvision OEM includes 24 powerful IR LEDs that can illuminate lights up to 100 ft (30 m) with high quality image result of EXIR infrared technology, sharp and clear night vision. With Ubiquiti you require mechanical IR Cut filter to support night vision.

For professional purposes when longer distance infrared is required, you may consider GW Security auto tracking camera that can reach up to 500 ft. See also this link top 5 IP camera with zoom.


Compression format is not the same actually even though almost the same H.264. Hikvision with H.264+ provides better compression factor that can save file storage up to more than 50% than normal H.264. you may also like to know 32 channel NVR system that supports H.265 compression format and also the camera.

Other specs are almost the same including POE support, and outdoor usage with weatherproof housing.
Ubiquiti is tagged with higher price than Hikvision OEM. Check the comparison table here for detail.

Table 1 Hikvision vs Ubiquiti

Model Hikvision OEM Ubiquiti UVC-G3-DOME
Lens Fixed 2.8mm lens 1/3” CMOS progressive scan image sensor Fixed 2.8mm lens f/2.0; 1/3” CMOS 4MP HDR image sensor
Resolution Superior HD 4.1MP (2688x1520p) @20fps 1080p HD resolution @ 30 fps
Field of view 106 degree 87 degree
Night vision 24 Powerful IR LEDs range up to 100 ft (30 m) with EXIR infrared technology Yes, with mechanical IR cut filter
Compression H.264+ H.264
PTZ Fixed lens, manual position with rotation Fixed lens
POE Yes Yes
Audio N/A Yes, built-in Mic.
Outdoor Yes Yes,
Price $105.00 $130.00


To learn more spec details and manufacturer’s description:

Click here for Ubiquiti 4mp UVG-G3 4mp camera


Hikvision OEM 4MP Turret outdoor POE camera is designed almost the same quality as the original Hikvision camera, however the price is more economical than the original version.

For small to medium businesses, you may consider 16 channel Reolink 4MP with 8 Cameras, more economical budget with high quality NVR and cameras system. Should prefer wireless model for smaller scale business, consider top 5 8-channel wireless security channel.

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