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Hitosino 4MP Color Night Vision Turret Camera

Hitosino released an OEM product from Hikvision Colorvu Ds-2cd2347g1-Lu and of course, with the same specs and features as the original Hikvision released. And there are many other Hikvision OEM products similar to other models that Hitosino released. How good is it compared with Amcrest ip4m-1048ew color night vision?

What this product does

In order to be able to provide color night vision like during the day, keep the light around the security camera so it doesn’t drop below the minimum illumination and use a wide aperture so that maximum light can enter the image sensor.

Hitosino oem turret colorvu camera
Hitosino oem turret Ds-2cd2347g1-Lu colorvu camera

Color Night Vision

For this reason, the Hitosino OEM camera from Hikvision Ds-2cd2347g1-Lu colorvu is equipped with 2x non-dazzling lighting which illuminate ambient light around the camera to keep the surrounding light not  to drop  below the minimum illumination so that the camera can provide color night vision like during the day.

Both Hitosino and Amcrest we discussed here are supposed for businesses, for homes you may consider floodlight cameras such as Victure floodlight camera, or Lorex v261lcd floodlight camera.

Wide diaphragm

You can compare with Amcrest ip4m-1048ew which comes with 2x white LEDs for ambient illumination for color night vision. Both Hitosino and Amcrest provide the same minimum illumination spec up to 0.001Lux. However, Hitosino oem is equipped with wide f/1.0 aperture lens as opposed to Amcrest which is only f/1.6 aperture.


When there is condition where both strong light and dark shadow are existing within the camera frame, the standard security camera will have difficulty providing a good image and tend to produce overexposed or underexposed images. For this reason, WDR (wide dynamic range) feature is applied to security cameras to provide a balanced image so that the image is not too overexposed or underexposed.

Both Hitosino and Amcrest security cameras are equipped with WDR feature but at different levels. Hitosino offers 120dB wdr while Amcrest 140dB. Of course, with 140db wdr it is better than 120db wdr.

Smart features

Both Hitosini Oem Ds-2cd2347g1-Lu and Amcrest ip4m-1048ew are designed with advanced smart features set as listed at the ‘other’ row of table 1. See that Amcrest comes with advanced AI (artificial intelligent) technology including face detection and face recognition. To enable face recognition you need to connect to any compatible Amcrest NVR with AI feature such as NV4208e-ai 8 channel, Amcrest NV4216-ai, or nv4216e-ai 16 channel NVR systems

Hitosino vs Amcrest

Few spec and features are discussed above, both have similar spec and features except that Amcrest features AI (artificial intelligent) such as face recognition, however you need to connect to compatible NVR system with AI feature.

Amcrest ip4m-1048 Nightcolor camera
Amcrest ip4m-1048 Nightcolor camera

Take a look at the following spec comparison table as shown on table 1 below.


Both Hitosino and Amcrest color night vision cameras support local memory storage, however Amcrest supports memory up to 256GB as opposed to 128GB offered by Hitosino.    

Table 1 Hitosino vs Amcrest color night vision

ModelHitosino Oem Ds-2cd2347g1-LuAmcrest ip4m-1048ew-ai
Resolution4mp (2688 x 1520) @ 30fps4mp (2688 x 1520) @30 fps
Image sensor1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS1/1.8” 4MP CMOS
Lens4.0mm f/1.02.8mm f/1.6
View anglehorizontal: 94°, vertical: 48°, diagonal: 115°113 degree
CompressionH.265+/ H.265/H.264+/ H.264/MJPEGH.265 / H.264 / H.264B / H.264H Video Compression.
Illuminator2x non-dazzling lighting2 White LED’s for NightColor distance up to 66 feet.
Minimum illumination0.0014 Lux @ (F1.0, AGC ON), 0 Lux with Light0.001Lux @f1.6
WDR120dB true WDR140 dB WDR
AudioOne way audio with built-in microphoneOne way with built-in Microphone
StoragemicroSD/SDHC/SDXC card (128G), local storage and NAS (NFS,SMB/CIFS), ANRMicro SD Card up to 256GB
OtherSmart feature-set including behavior analysis, line crossing detection, objects removalSmart plan: heat map, AI (IVS), and people counting Perimeter protection, fast-moving, missing object, trip-wire, intrusion detection and still more smart features
HousingIP66 weatherproofIP67 rated with metal housing

With the same turret model and the same 2k recording resolution @30 fps, Amcrest offers larger capacity of local memory storage, bigger dB WDR, stronger IP rated (IP67) and smart AI face recognition feature. But Amcrest is tagged with more expensive price than Hitosino. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

Click here to SHOP Hitosino OEM Ds-2cd2347g1-Lu

Click here to SHOP Amcrest ip4m-1048ew

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