Imporx 30x Auto Tracking Camera vs Q-See

Imporx offers high end products in auto tracking camera category with 30x motorized optical zoom. One of best motion tracking camera with affordable price. How it is compared with Q-See PTZ camera.

What this product does

Imporx with this auto tracking camera product is like other motion tracking camera in the market. With auto tracking camera, the camera follows the moving object in the monitoring area until it is out of camera’s view.

1080p Resolution

Probably you might think that the resolution is only 1080p, while at the same time you can find many IP cameras come with higher resolution something like 5MP resolution such as USG 5MP PTZ camera. However, you may thank to Imporx with this product that comes with 30x optical zoom. With this optical zoom you can target your object in the distance to get the clear and sharp image detail in 1080p resolution.

See also some popular PTZ HD POE cameras such as Reolink RLC-423 outdoor PTZ camera that comes with only 4x optical zoom.


This product is a high speed motion tracking camera with manual control speed: 0.01 degree -350 degree /s. Compare with GW Security auto tracking camera, it can drive the panning speed up to 300 degree /s. some middle speed dome cameras drive speed in the range of 100~200 degree /s horizontally such as Sunba 805-DG20x, Secuplug Foscam and Lorex.

Mostly PTZ cameras are capable of panning horizontally endless 360 degree and up to 90 degree tilting vertically. Even though some models can only pan up to 355, not full 360 degree but the addition of field of view angle of the lens can cover the whole field endless 360 degree.

30x optical zoom

Imporx 30x is built up with varifocal lens ranging from 4.5~135mm providing 30x optical zoom factor. With 30x optical zoom you can capture long distance object in a clear and sharp image detail, no noise result as contributed by digital zoom. Regarding optical zoom factor, you can compare it with Q-See QCN8035Z which is also built up with the lens with the same optical zoom factor.

Imporx 30x Outdoor PTZ camera
Imporx 30x Outdoor PTZ camera

In a nutshell, the list below shows the highlights of this product.


  • High speed auto tracking PTZ camera
  • High resolution 1080p HD
  • Varifocal lens 4.5~135mm
  • 30x optical zoom
  • Manual control speeds 350 degree /s
  • Night vision with IR light up to 150m (450ft)
  • Two way audio
  • POE support
  • Local memory storage SD card slot up to 64GB
  • High grade aluminum alloy construction housing
  • Weatherproof, mist proof and dust wiper
  • Onvif compliant

The good thing with this Imporx 30x product is the weatherproof, mist proof and dust wiper features. No matter what the weather is, in winter the heating system is automatically activated while in summer the camera fan is open up to dissipate the heat. The fog and the dust wiper can also be activated via the app.

Click the link below to learn more detail about this product, manufacturer’s description, more spec details, current price and rating in Amazon.

Click here to learn more details Imporx 30x PTZ camera

Imporx 30x PTZ camera is tagged with the price of around $560 in Amazon, cheaper than other products from different vendors such as Q-See QCN8035Z, or GW Security auto tracking camera or Amcrest IP2M-850E PTZ camera. See also Top 5 IP camera with zoom.

Imporx vs Q-See

To understand how rich the features of Imporx 30x PTZ HD camera compared with others, take one of popular PTZ outdoor cameras with optical zoom – the Q-See. The table below shows you spec comparison table between the two products.

Auto tracking

Both products are tagged with slightly different price, Q-See is around $50 more expensive than Imporx. However, you might think that Imporx 30x has richer features knowing that it is an auto tracking PTZ camera but Q-See isn’t.


Each of the products comes with the same 30x optical zoom even though each of them is built up with slightly different focal length range. However, Q-See adds another feature of 16x digital zoom in addition of 30x optical zoom.  See also top 5 IP camera with optical zoom.

Night vision

Imporx is featuring night vision with 8 IR array LEDs illuminating distance up to 490 ft (150m). On the other hand Q-See doesn’t feature night vision, so it still need light to capture the monitoring area and cannot record video in complete darkness.

Now take a look closer to the following table, see that Imporx 30x has richer features than Q-See including auto tracking, 16x digital zoom in addition of 30x optical zoom, night vision, local memory SD card slot and the price is more economical.

Table 1 shows you spec comparison table between Imporx vs Q-see and Q-See outdoor PTZ cameras.

Table 1 Comparison Imporx vs Q-See

ModelImporx 30xQ-See QCN8035Z
TypeAuto tracking speed dome PTZHigh speed dome camera
Resolution1080p HD1080p HD
LensVarifocal lens 4.5~135mm1/3” color CMOS image sensor

Varifocal lens 4.3~129mm

Optical Zoom30x optical zoom30x optical zoom plus 16x digital zoom
PTZPanning up to 350 degree  and tilting 10~90 degreePanning up to 360 degree  endless and tilting ~90 degree
Night Vision8 IR array LEDs

Range up to 490ft (150m)

POE SupportYes, power 12VYes,
AudioTwo way audio, external portN/A
StorageSD Card slot available (64GB), Onvif NVRNo local storage, compatible NVR storage
OnvifYes, Onvif 2.4No

Imporx 30x motion tracking is one of best affordable auto tracking camera with 30x optical zoom factor, solid aluminum shell housing and is well protected from weather, mist and dust.

Click the links below to learn more detail manufacturer’s description, spec and current price and rating in Amazon.

Alternative Product

Should you require similar product with affordable price you may consider alternative product offered by Globin Workshop Inc – WGCC 2mp auto tracking camera which the price is nearly half the price of Imporx or Q-See auto tracking cameras, under $300 in Amazon.

WGCC 2MP Auto Tracking
WGCC 2MP Auto Tracking (~$290)


  • 1080p @30 fps POE auto tracking camera
  • ½.8 inch Sony CMOS sensor lens
  • Varifocal lens 4.7mm ~ 94mm
  • 18x optical motorized zoom ideal for clear license plate view up to 500m (1,640 ft)
  • 6pcs IR LEDs night vision range up to 100m (328ft)
  • Panning 360 degree endless and ~90 degree tilting
  • Panning peed ~280 degree /s and ~180 degree /s tilting
  • Storage ~64GB,
  • Audio supported
  • Onvif

WGCC 1080p auto tracking camera with 18x optical zoom is the only auto tracking camera with affordable price under $300 in the market, it’s a competing product compared with Imporx or Q-See you may have it a shot for your large yard or parking area.

Click here to learn more detail WGCC auto tracking PTZ camera

For homes or small businesses, you may also consider Yeskam 4 channel wifi camera with 4x1080p wifi camera or Zmodo 8 channel wifi camera.

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