Imporx vs Amcrest Motion Tracking Camera

Imporx offers various models of security camera systems including IP cameras and NVRs that are tagged with reasonable price compared with others including Amcrest, Foscam or Lorex. Another business class PTZ auto tracking camera is also introduced with 20x optical zoom in addition of the one with 30x optical zoom.

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How good is Imporx HC7266-K20X compared with other competing products such as Amcrest?

Imporx HC7266-K20X

Imporx HC7266-K20X is lower model of the faster model of Imporx HK6116B-30X with 30x optical zoom. It’s an auto tracking PTZ camera that is capable of following the moving objects within its coverage. It’s ideal for high security area such as in military buildings or process plant.

With reasonable price, Imporx 7266-K20 is worth of try for your business, check the list of its features below and you can compare it with other premium products offered by Amcrest, Lorex or Hikvision smart tracking camera.


  • Auto tracking PTZ camera with HD 1080p recording resolution @30 fps
  • High quality 2.0MP ½.7 inch SONY CMOS sensor
  • Varifocal lens 7~94mm with 20 x optical zoom
  • Field of view angle ranging from 58.3~3.2 degree (wide ~ tele)
  • Support Night Vision with 8 IR array LEDs range up to 400ft (130m)
  • Panning endless 360 degree and 90 degree tilting
  • Panning speed up to 200 degree /s; Tilting speed 120 degree /s
  • Well constructed housing with IP66 rated weatherproof
  • Mist proof and dust wiper, lightning and surge protection
  • Onvif support
  • APP & Software Support
imporx amera ptz

Imporx 20x auto tracking PTZ camera

The good thing with this POE motion tracking camera is that it supports not just weatherproof, but also mist proof and supports dust wiper. System will automatically clean the dust with the wiper and heating process as well when camera is frosting. See also Sunba and GW Security auto tracking cameras which have the same protection features.

Imporx vs Amcrest

Now compare with competing products, Amcrest premium PTZ outdoor camera – the Amcrest IP2M-853EW which the price is cheaper than Imporx. As reference, table 1 helps you understand the differences (if any).


Technically camera specs are nearly the same, resolution, the lens and focal length range with 20x optical zoom, and field of view angle range. Imporx supports motion tracking, it’s an auto tracking outdoor PTZ camera but Amcrest is just a speed dome. It doesn’t support auto tracking.

Amcrest IP2m-853EW


Most outdoor PTZ camera supports weatherproof, so do both cameras with IP66 rated weatherproof. However, Imporx is equipped with heating and dust wiper as well as lightning and surge protection.

Comparison table

Take a look at the following spec comparison table between Imporx HC7266-K20 and Amcrest IP2M-853EW.

Table 1 Imporx vs Amcrest

Model Imporx HC7266-K20X Amcrest ip2m-853ew
Type PTZ with auto tracking PTZ speed dome camera
Image sensor 2.0MP ½.7 inch SONY CMOS Sony STARVIS CMOS IMX290 2MP image sensor and Ambarella Chipset S3L55M
Lens 4.7~94mm with 20 x optical zoom 5.4~64.0mm with 12x optical zoom
Field of view angle 58.3~3.2 degree (wide~tele) 58 degree (wide) ~ 5 degree (Tele)
Resolution Full HD 1080p @30 fps FHD 1920x1080p at 30fps.
Night vision Yes, 8 IR array LEDs range up to 400 ft(130m) Yes, 6pcs IR LEDs range up to 328ft (100m)
Panning / Tilting Panning up to 360 degree endless; tilting up to 90 degree Panning endless 360 degree, tilting 15~90 degree auto-flip 180 degree
Zoom 20x optical zoom 12x optical zoom; 16x digital zoom
PT speeds Panning up to 200 degree / sec and up to 120 degree tilting Unspecified
Housing construction IP66 rated weatherproof IP66 rated weatherproof
Protection Mist proof and dust wiper, lightning and surge protection N/A
Storage Support local micro SD Card slot up to 32 GB, built-in 8GB Supports memory storage Micro SD Card 128GB
Power 12VDC 4Am: max 65W (heater 45W) 12VDC
Onvif support Yes Yes
Price $390.00 $309.99

Now, to learn more spec details, manufacturer’s description, current price and rating click the link below:

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