Kdlinks R100 Ultra HD Front and Rear Dash Cam

With the introductions of new models of front and rear dash cam products, choosing which one is ideal to meet for your car’s need is sometimes confusing. Kdlinks introduces new high resolution model of dual dash cam of Kdlinks R100.

What this product does

Kdlinks R100 is designed with anti-glare mirror clipped to the rearview mirror, you don’t need to replace the rearview mirror with this dash camera. It’s different with the previous Kdlinks X1 model which is designed like a pocket camera and it is attached to your front car’s windshield with the suction cup.  See also popular front car’s camera.

R100 can work in single front cam mode or dual cam mode so you can view both rear and front view in a single display with rear view inserted in the front view display. The dash cam starts recording as soon as you start the engine, and it stops recording and shuts off automatically when it detects the car doesn’t move within 5 minutes.


  • Work in Single Front Cam mode or Front + Rear Dual Cam Mode.
  • High Quality 1296P resolution from front camera and 1080P from rear camera record @ 30 fps
  • Super wide viewing angle, front 140 degree + rear 140 degree
  • High end anti-glare mirror, Large 5″ IPS screen, and super slim design.
  • Come with 16GB micro SD card, up to 64GB / 128GB
  • Unique AUTO-OFF feature
  • Advanced Parking Mode
  • Superior Night-vision by world class Six-Glass lenses
  • Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor)

Most traditional dash cams come with high resolution of up to 1080p, but R100 comes with higher quality recording resolution.

High resolution

R100 is built with high quality six-glass lenses to assure high quality video detail, recording video up to 1296p (2304 x 1296 pixels and is known as 2K) resolution @30 fps from front camera. See also DbPower front car camera which also has 2K resolution. You may also add the rear camera that can deliver up to 1080p resolution (1920x1080p) @30 fps from rear cam with H.264 video compression.

kdlinks r100

Kdlinks R100 front and rear dash cam

Wide viewing angle

Most dash cams are designed with wide field of view angle, up to 140 degree. Even though few models come with 150 degree viewing angle such as DBPower 2K front car camera, and the widest viewing angle you can find in Powerlead Rexing puda D003 which comes with 170 degree viewing angle. Kdlinks R100 delivers wide viewing angle up to 140 degree either for front cam or rear cam.

kdlinks r100

Kdlinks dual front and rear view

The good thing with Kdlinks R100 is the large screen, it comes with 5” anti-glare IPS screen. With dual camera mode, you can see front view on the main screen and the rear view inserted with smaller view in the front view. However, when you backing up the vehicle the screen shows you the same with both front and rear view. Few models of front and rear dash cam such as Auto Vox M2 offer you full screen rear few when it detects the reverse gear is engaged, that’s very good for safety reason.


Kdlinks R100 features G-sensor to detect accident automatically and lock the current video file for future traffic disputes when is required, it also supports emergency lock button.

Please watch the following video introduction to understand more detail about the product (courtesy of YouTube)

Spec comparison

Kdlinks R100 is tagged with the price around $199, more expensive than other similar products available in the market. To help you make up your mind which one is suitable to meet your need, the following two table shows you spec comparison between R100 and Falcon Zero F360 (table 1) and between R100 and Auto Vox M3 (table 2).

Table 1 Kdlinks R100 Vs Falcon Zero

Model Kdlinks R100 Falcon Zero F360
Recording resolution Front cam: 1296p @30 fps

Rear cam: 1080p @30 fps

Dual cameras with 1080p resolution @30 fps
Field of view angle Front cam: 140 degree

Rear cam: 140 degree

180 degree rotating and 120 degree viewing angle
Screen size & model 5” IPS screen

rearview mirror model

3.5” LCD screen

rearview mirror model with dual cams

Storage Free 16GB micro SD card

Supports up to 64 or 128GB

Supports up to 32GB SD Card
G-sensor Yes, and emergency lock button N/A
Night vision support Yes Yes
Price $199.00 $170


Table 2 Kdlinks R100 Vs Auto Vox M3

Model Kdlinks R100 Auto Vox M3
Recording resolution Front cam: 1296p @30 fps

Rear cam: 1080p @30 fps

Front cam: 1080p @30 fps

Rear cam: 720p @30 fps

Field of view angle Front cam: 140 degree

Rear cam: 140 degree

Front cam: 165 degree

Rear cam: 170 degree

Screen size & model 5” IPS screen

rearview mirror model

5” IPS rearview mirror model
Storage Free 16GB micro SD card

Supports up to 64 or 128GB

SD card support, not included card
G-sensor Yes, and emergency lock button Yes
Night vision support Yes Yes, with 6 High Intensity LEDs
Price $199.00 $130


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