LaView 16 Channel Security Camera System Kit

LV-N9916C6E is one of best 16 Channel Security Camera Systems offered by LaView. LaView offers various bundles of LV-N9916C6E 16 channel NVR system kit with included bullet and dome IP cameras. Let’s take one of Amcrest NVR products and compare it with LaView LV-N9916C6E and see which one is best suited to your business.

LaView LV-N9916C6E

LaView LV-N9916C6E is a 16 channel NVR system that support recording resolutions of up to 6MP with H.264 compression format with maximum data rate throughput up to 100Mbps.

Built-in 16-port POE Switch

It comes with built-in 16-port 10/100Mbps POE Switch you can connect any ONVIF compliant IP cameras. To connect to the internet system, this model is equipped with a single Gigabit Ethernet port for high speed connection to your local internet network. Most NVR systems come with Ethernet Port for internet connection, and some models come with built-in POE switch.

Most outdoor cameras support POE for both video data and power cable for connecting to POE switch, such as Imporx 30x outdoor PTZ camera or Secupluq and Foscam PTZ camera.

High capacity disk storage

You can store up to 4x 6TB SATA HDD disks for total of up to 24TB local storage disks. In addition you still can add disk e-SATA disk for more space.

QR Code scan

You can view remotely to any connected camera to the system using your Android or iOS mobile devices from anywhere in the world. With QR Code scan supports, it’s aasy to configure with just scanning the NVR’s barcode system without complication of configuring port forwarding in router.

LaView 16 channel NVR
LaView 16 channel NVR


  • 16 Channel high resolution recording up to 6MP
  • ONVIF compliant NVR, third-Party network cameras supported
  • HDMI and VGA Video output at up to 1920x1080p resolution
  • Plug and play with built-in 16-port 10/100Mbps POE switch
  • Local SATA disk storage – 4x SATA interface each up to 6TB disk
  • HDD quota and graoup management
  • free downloadable app LaView Net provides a user-friendly remote viewing interface with easy QR Code scan of the barcode NVR
  • sophisticated motion detection can be activated in certain areas
  • Searching record files by events (alarm input/motion detection)

Which one is suitable for your business between LaView 16 channel NVR system and Amcrest 32 channel NV4432 NVR system.

LaView vs Amcrest

Reserving more ports for future expansion is a good idea to easily add more cameras when the requirement of adding cameras exists. When 16 port-switch has been fully occupied, you cannot add more when the maximum channel is reached. It is therefore selecting larger scale NVR system is beneficial for some businesses.

Amcrest 32 channel
Amcrest 32 channel

Take a look at spec and feature comparison table between LaView and Amcrest and is shown in table 1 below.


See that the number of channel is different, Amcrest with 32 channel can support up to 5MP IP camera each channel @30 fps. On the other hand, LaView LV-N9916 is a 16 channel NVR system with higher resolution up to 6MP IP camera.

See also Lorex and GW Security 32 channel NVR system or best value Laview vs Reolink vs Lorex 16 channel system.

POE switch

Both LaView and Amcrest NVR system come with built-in 16-port POE switch. Amcrest with 32 channel you require another separate 16-port POE switch for total available 32 POE ports.

You can easily connect any models of POE camera either indoor or outdoor. Mostly high resolution IP cameras are POE support with outdoor rated weatherproof.

Amcrest offers you various models of high resolution IP cameras including Amcrest 3MP ProHD outdoor camera with Dome model, Amcrest IP2M-850 PTZ camera a premium model, or Amcrest IP2M-848 POE camera a premium dome model.

LaView with 16 channel you can connect any IP cameras up to 6MP resolution such as 4MP Dome LV-PWD50402 and 4MP Turret Matrix LV-PTM6040 or any ONVIF compliant cameras such as Hikvision OEM Turret camera.

Table 1 LaView vs Amcrest

ModelLaView LV-N9916C6EAmcrest NV4432
Channel16- channel32 channel
ResolutionUp to 6MP each channelSupports up to 5MP @30 fps each channel
POEBuilt-in 10/100 16-port POE SwitchBuilt-in 10/100 16-port POE Switch
Storage4x SATA interface 6TB each4x SATA interface 6TB each
Remote view supportsYes, QR Code scan support

LaView Net app

Yes, QR Code scan

Amcrest view app

Audio1x IN and 1x OUT RCA ports1x IN and 1x OUT RCA ports
Video outputVGA; HDMI 1080pVGA; HDMI 1080p

The price between the two NVR system is slightly different, Amcrest 32 channel with 16-port POE is tagged with the price around $600 while LaView 16 channel camera security system is tagged with lower price around $570.

To learn more details click the link below:

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