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Laview vs Lorex 8 camera DVR Kits

Many people prefer analog security camera instead of digital security camera. Analog security camera connects to the DVR (digital video recorder) unit using coaxial cable. The good thing with coaxial cable compared with UTP network computer cable is that coaxial cable allows you to run as long as 980ft (300m) from the analog camera to the DVR unit safely (free noise). While UTP cable allows you to run the cable as long as 328ft(100m) safely.

We will discuss here Laview vs Lorex 8 camera dvr security system, Laview with coaxial cable while Lorex with UTP cable. See also comparison of Laview vs Lorex security camera in various models, dome, bullet, turret or PTZ.

Laview DVR LV-T9708MHS

Laview DVR LV-T9708MHS is one of the best 8 channel dvr security system supports resolution up to 5mp each of its 8 channel. What we will discuss in this security kit consists of DVR LV-T9708MHS system plus 8pcs 5mp bullet model TVI cameras. We’ll compare later with the other product offered by Lorex 8 channel nvr security system kit.

laview 8 camera dvr sytem
Laview 8 channel dvr system ~$670

Built-in 8-port BNC

LV-T9708MHS comes with built-in 8-port BNC interface to allow you connect up to 8pcs analog camera. Laview in this 8 channel dvr system kit offers 8pcs Laview lv-hb9150w 5mp bullet TVI cameras. 5mp resolution camera provides you large image details ideal for business purposes such as monitoring parking area, warehouse, offices and more.

High resolution 5mp

Laview lv-hb9150w bullet model TVI security camera is not just providing you sharp image detail with high resolution up to 5mp(2560×1944), it is also featuring color night vision. You still can view color video image in night. New models of Lorex security cameras offers similar color night vision with its CNV technology such Lorex lnb8973 8mp security camera, or the included cameras in this Lorex kit Lorex LNB8111 4k security camera.

Later you may also like comparing Lorex bundle with Hikvision, click here for Lorex vs Hikvision 8 channel nvr system kit.

The following lists highlights of Laview 8 camera dvr security system kit.


  • 8-Channel DVR system with 8-port BNC
  • High resolution 5MP Resolution with H.265+ compression
  • Preinstalled with 2TB HDD, storage up to 8TB
  • Support HDTVI / HDCVI/ AHD / CVBS/ IP camera
  • Video output up to 4k resolution with HDMI interface
  • 8 channel synchronous playback
  • Comes with 8pcs HD 5MP bullet TVI cameras
  • Mobile View with Motion Detection
  • Color Night Vision cameras range up to 65ft
  • IP67 weatherproof cameras

With Laview 8 channel dvr system including 8pcs 5mp bullet model TVI cameras, most important areas to cover as far as up to 900ft away from the dvr unit can be easily monitored day and night in color video recording.

Click here to learn more detail Laview 8 camera DVR system kit

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Should you require larger image file other than 5mp you may consider 4k resolution camera security system such as the one offered by Lorex with its 8 channel dvr system – the NR9082 NVR system with 6pcs Lorex lnb8111b 4k security cameras.

Laview vs Lorex 8 Camera dvr

Lorex offers various combinations of 8 camera dvr system with 8mp cameras or lower resolution cameras. let’s compare Laview security system kit with Lorex 8 channel NVR system kit to help you decide which combination is ideal to support your business need.

Before comparing the two product kits, the following few paragraphs discuss Lorex 4k security system kit which consists of Lorex nr9082 nvr system and 6x 4k LNB8111b security cameras.

lorex 8 camera dvr system kit
lorex 8 camera dvr system kit

Lorex NR9082 NVR System

Lorex NR9082 is one of popular NVR 8/16/32 channel system offered by Lorex and resolution is up to 4k (8mp). How large the capacity of storage you demand for storing the video footage? Lorex offers 2 channel SATA HDD with capacity up to 12TB, large capacity to store your video footage.

Comparing LaView vs lorex 8 camera dvr system kit here you should have in mind that Lorex is NVR system for connecting digital cameras instead of analog ones like Laview.

Built-in POE switch

The nvr unit is embedded with 8-port POE switch built-in in the rear panel of the unit. Few models of nvr system do not come with built-in POE switch such as GW Security GW2216e nvr unit and Amcrest nv4432-hs. See also GW Security vs Amcrest 16 channel dvr system.

High resolution

Lorex nr9082 support recording resolution up to 8mp (4k) resolution 8 channel @240fps, or up to 4k @25 / 30 fps. In this surveillance bundle it comes with 6pcs Lorex LNB8111B bullet model 4k security cameras.

With 4k resolution, the system should support H.265 high rated compression format which is 60% more storage efficient than H.264 standard compression format. LaView is also featuring this H.265+, better compression format.


  • 8 channel NVR system with built-in 8-port POE switch
  • High resolution up to 4k @240 fps all channel
  • 2x SATA storage up to 12TB (in this module, HDD is not included)
  • PTZ supports, but works with Lorex IP cameras only
  • Includes 6pcs Lorex LNB8111B 4k security cameras
  • Camera resolution up to 4k (8mp) @15 fps
  • Fixed lens 4.0mm with 88 degree field of view angle
  • Color Night vision in ambient lights up to 130 ft and shift to black and white view in total darkness up to 90ft
  • IP66 weatherproof with solid metal housing

 With 4k NVR system supports and bundled with 6pcs of 4k security cameras, this product bundled is tagged with the price around $930 (Aug 2018). Click the link below for more information details including current price in Amazon.

Click here for Lorex 8 Channel Security system kit

Recording system

Laview in this module is a DVR system which supports HDTVI / HDCVI/ AHD / CVBS/ IP camera and the unit system is ready with built-in 8-port BNC connection, you can see on the left side of the rear panel available 8-port of BNC interface for connecting BNC cable to the analog cameras. You can run the cable as long as 900 ft(300m) away from the DVR unit to the camera.

On the other hand, Lorex nr9082 is an NVR system with built-in 8-port POE switch. You can run UTP network cable from the camera to the NVR unit as far as 300ft, shorter distance than coaxial cable.


Recording unit each of the product has a maximum resolution the system can support, Lorex can support up to 8mp (4k) resolution while LaView can support only up to 5mp cameras. Take a look more detail in the resolution column in the table.


Storage capacity is one of most important points to consider in selecting which recording unit is suitable to meet your business. Laview in this system can support storage capacity of up to 8TB (preinstalled 2TB) while Lorex system up to 12TB double size as Laview.

Typically all network storage can be used to store the footage video, so you can store most archive files in external NAS.


The included cameras for Laview are all bullet model 5mp @20 fps outdoor cameras, while Lorex offers 8mp @15fps bullet model outdoor cameras. Both models of camera support color night vision in ambient light, however distance range is different.

Lorex nr9082 supports ptz control system so can add PTZ outdoor camera such as Lorex LNZ32P12 outdoor PTZ camera.

Now have a look at the following two spec comparison tables for Laview vs Lorex, table 1 is Laview vs Lorex dvr/nvr system while table 2 is camera spec’s comparison.

Table 1 LaView vs Lorex DVR/NVR

Model Laview DVR LV-T9708MHS Lorex NR9082
System Type DVR with built-in 8-port BNC HDTVI / HDCVI/ AHD / CVBS/ IP camera NVR with built-in 8-port POE switch
Compression H.265+ H.265, H.264
Resolution Analog video input: 8 ch BNC HDTVI input: 5 MP, 4 MP, 3 MP, 1080p30 AHD input: 1080p25, 1080p30 HDCVI input: 1080p25, 1080p30 IP Video input: 2ch, up to 6 MP resolution Up to 4k (3840×2160) @240fps 8 channel
Storage Up to 1xSATA 8TB Preinstalled 2TB HDD Up to 2x SATA HDD 12TB HD not included
PTZ control N/A Lorex cameras only

Table 2 Laview vs Lorex Cameras

Model LaView LV-HB9150W Lorex lnb8111b
Resolution 5mp (2560×1944) @20 fps 8MP/4K (3840×2160) @ 15fps
Lens 3.6mm fixed lens 4.0mm fixed lens
Field of view angle   88 degree
Night vision Color night vision range ~ 65 ft IR LED Type 850nm Color Night Vision Range 130ft (40m) in ambient light/ 90ft (27m) total darkness
Outdoor Yes, IP67 IP66
Price (Aug 2018 in Amazon) $667 (DVR unit + 8pcs 5mp cameras) $930 (NVR + 6pcs 4k cameras)

Now you can see how the price is tagged to each of the product unit. Laview 8 channel dvr system with 8pcs analog 5mp cameras and 2TB disk storage is tagged with $667. Compared with Lorex 8 channel nvr system that supports up to 4k resolution plus 6pcs 4k security ip cameras is tagged more expensive around $930.

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