Laview vs Reolink vs Lorex 16 channel security camera system

What kinds of checklist you require before shopping 16 channel security camera system for your large home, small business or offices? Probably high picture quality of features and spec of the camera system with reasonable price that might not break the bank. Laview offers best value for money 16 channel security camera system you may consider. You may see the comparison laview vs reolink and laview vs lorex in the next paragraphs and also indirectly has a picture of the economic difference which one is more profitable between reolink vs lorex.

You can read reolink vs lorex cameras – the dome, bullet, ptz and wifi cameras comparison between the two vendors.

Before discussing further the differences between these three products, we first discuss the system security kit offered by Laview 16 channel security camera system kit.

Laview 16 channel security camera system

In this bundle Laview offers LV-N9616 NVR system with preinstalled 3TB HDD to provide a wide enough storage capacity to record motion detection only from each camera that is spread in various monitoring places. Of course it is appropriate only when there is a motion detection in the area that we have predefined before so that an alert occurs when it detects the movement of objects within the area which then triggers video recording into the system. This kit comes with 12pcs of 4K bullet model cameras.

4k supports

It supports up to 4k camera resolution @30 fps each channel simultaneously and supports 16 channel playback synchronously up to 4k resolution @30 fps. All models of Laview or any third party Onvif up to 4k resolution cameras are supported.

16-port POE switch

Laview lv-n9616 comes with built-in 16-port POE witch so don’t need to purchase separate POE switch to connect the POE-enable security cameras, just one UTP Cat5e/ Cat6e network cable to supply power and medium transmission. With POE, you don’t need to provide power outlet near the camera eliminating hassle of providing power outlet in outdoor installation. Both laview vs lorex, lorex vs reolink all provide built-in POE switches 16 ports.


The Laview 16 channel security camera system comes with 12pcs of 4k cameras, high resolution 4k (3840×2160) @15 fps with night vision range up to 98ft (30m) in darkness. Bullet model with IP67 weatherproof and 79 degree field of view angle.

The requirement of 8 cameras security system is common configuration, however with 16 channel security camera system would be preference instead of 8 channel camera system in case add new cameras in the future. See also another comparison for Laview vs Lorex 8 channel security system and other products one of top 5 eight channels POE NVR system.

LaView 16 channel 4k NVR system kits


  • 4k NVR system with built-in 16-port POE switch
  • 265 / H.264 compression supports
  • Input / output bandwidth 160Mbps
  • Output VGA/HDMI up to 4k @30 fps
  • Playback 16 channel synchronously up o 4k
  • Include 3TB HDD
  • Includes 12pcs 4k security cameras

You may find the detail spec and features of the product at the end of article.

Laview vs Lorex vs Reolink

The following paragraphs compare Laview 16 channel security camera system with Reolink and Lorex to help you choose which security bundle is suitable to meet your business need. Look carefully at those spec comparison tables to provide an overview of the comparison for laview vs Lorex and also lorex vs reolink or any combination the three product kits.

Reolink 16 channel with 8pcs 5mp cameras (~$880)

NVR System

All the three 16 channel security camera system kits are bundled with different number of security cameras. All the three NVR systems thanks God come with built-in 16-port POE switch so you don’t need to purchase separate POE switch.

Laview and Lorex offer up to 4k resolution cameras @30 fps all 16 channel and 16 channel playback, Reolink can support up to 5mp resolution cameras with 4 channel playback @1080p resolution.

Lorex 16 channel 4k security kits (~$1,340)

Take a look at the following two comparison table, table 1 for Laview vs Reolink 16 channel security camera system, while table 2 for Laview vs Lorex.

Table 1 Laview vs Reolink NVR

NVR ModelLaview LV-N9616Reolink RLK16
# Channel16 Ch with built-in 16 POE port16 Ch with built-in 16 POE port
ResolutionUp to 8mp / 4kUp to 5mp
Incoming bandwidth160MbpsUnspecified
Video outputVGA / HDMI up to 8mp @30 fpsVGA / HDMI up to 1080p
Playback16-ch synchronous up to 4k resolution4-ch synchronous playback up to 5mp
Storage2xSATA ~ 6TB each HDD2xSATA ~12TB / 4TB each HDD (preinstalled 3TB HDD)
AlarmAlarm in/out: 4/1N/A

Table 2 Lorex vs Reolink 16 channel

NVR Model Lorex NR9163 Reolink RLK16
# Channel 16 Ch with built-in 16 POE port 16 Ch with built-in 16 POE port
Resolution Up to 8mp / 4k @30 fps each channel Up to 8mp / 4k @30 fps each channel
Incoming bandwidth Unspecified Unspecified
Video output VGA / HDMI up to 8mp @30 fps VGA / HDMI up to 8mp @30 fps
Playback 16-ch synchronous up to 4k resolution 16-ch synchronous up to 4k resolution
Storage 2xSATA ~ 6TB each HDD / 12TB max 2xSATA ~ 6TB each HDD / 12TB max
Alarm Alarm: 4 Alarm IN and  2 Alarm OUT Alarm: 4 Alarm IN and  2 Alarm OUT


The number of included cameras are different, the money you spend is also different. For high resolution up to 4k / 8mp (3840×2160) cameras Laview and Lorex are appropriate, on the other hand Reolink supports up to 5mp @25 fps, either laview vs reolink or lorex vs reolink, reolink provides slightly lower resolution than them but faster frame rate.

The only camera that supports audio (in with Microphone) is Reolink RLK-410, and it also supports local memory micro SD card storage.

Generally the night vision camera delivers black and white view / recording, but Lorex lnb8111 and other most Lorex cameras are designed with Color Night Vision (CNV) technology to allow you view the camera in color when the night is still illuminated with ambient light, however it will shift to black and white view in completely darkness. Laview and Reolink do not support CNV technology.

The following two tables show you spec comparison, table 3 for Laview vs Reolink cameras and table 4 for Laview vs Lorex cameras.

Table 3. Laview vs Reolink Cameras

Camera modelLaview  LV-PBK80804CReolink RLC-410
Resolution4k (3840×2160) @15 fps5mp (2560×1920) @25 fps
Field of view79 degree80 degree
Night visionYes, range up to 98 ft(30m)Yes, 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100 ft(30m)
AudioN/ABuilt-in Microphone
StorageN/AMicro SD card slot available
HousingIP67 weatherproofIP66 weatherproof
# cameras12pcs 4k cameras8pcs 5mp cameras
POEPoE(802.3af, class 3), 7.5WDC12V & PoE(IEEE 802.3af)
Price (NVR + cameras)$1,449.99$879.99

Table 4 Lorex vs Reolink Cameras

Camera model Lorex LNB8111 Reolink RLC-410
Resolution 4k (3840×2160) @15 fps 5mp (2560×1920) @25 fps
Field of view 88 degree 80 degree
Night vision 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting with Color and 90ft (27m) in total darkness Yes, 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100 ft(30m)
Audio N/A Built-in Microphone
Storage N/A Micro SD card slot available
Housing IP66 weatherproof IP66 weatherproof
# cameras 10pcs 4k cameras 8pcs 5mp cameras
POE PoE Class 0 / 12V DC DC12V & PoE(IEEE 802.3af)
Price (NVR + cameras) $1,339.95 $879.99


With Laview you have 12pcs 4k cameras, the price is $1,450

With Reolink if you add 6 more cameras (RLC410 costs $70) you need to pay $1,300

With Lorex if you add 2 more LNB8111 ($194 /2pcks) you need to pay $1,535

See that Laview 16 channel security camera system with 12pcs 4k cameras is favorable product you may consider compared with Reolink 5mp camera system or Lorex 4k camera system. Now you have an overview of the differences between Leview vs rolex and lorex vs reolink so you can decide which one of those security camera kits best suits your needs.

To learn more details about each of the surveillance kit products including current price and rating, click each of the product links below.

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