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Most Popular Logitech Brio Webcam vs Nexigo Which One is Better Value

Logitech introduces two logitech brio series: logitech brio 500 and brio 505 in addition of popular logitech brio ultra 4k webcams. How do they compare with nexigo webcams?

Logitech Brio

Previously logitech offered only one logitech brio ultra series with 4k resolution. And today, logitech adds two more logitech brio series with 1080p resolution: logitech brio 500 and brio 505. The apparent spec different between the first logitech brio ultra and the latest brio 500 and brio 505 is video resolution. The first brio ultra is 4k while the latest two brio 500 and 505 series are full HD 1080p.

Logitech brio comparison

The new two series of logitech brio 500 and brio 505 are technically the same; brio 500 is for consumer while brio 505 is for corporate.

The brio 500 series is designed quite stylist with a cylinder model and an integrated privacy cover that makes it easy for you to close just by turning on the right side in a counter clockwise direction, and vice versa when you want to open it. The appearance of the brio 500 series is quite unique compared to the consumer webcam models in general which are designed flat like you see on the brio ultra or nexigo webcams in general.   

What is the difference between logitech brio ultra and logitech brio 500 series? Take a look at the following spec and feature’s comparison table between logitech brio ultra 4k and brio 500 series.

Logitech Brio
Logitech brio ultra 4k

Video resolution

Most of the webcams available on the market so far are webcams with 1080p resolution or lower 720p and with a frame rate of 30 fps. Logitech brio ultra comes with 4k resolution @30 fps certainly provides 4 times more detailed image quality than brio 500 series that stream up to 1080p resolution @30 fps. For smoother speed, brio ultra can deliver resolution 1080p @60 fps and even up to 720p @90 fps. Brio 500 series can go up to 720p @60, not 1080p @60fps.

We’ll compare them with nexigo later, couple of nexigo webcams with 4k and 1080p resolution including nexigo n970 and nexigo n940p.

Logitech RightLight

Light is a major factor in getting bright and clear image quality from a webcam or any type of camera in general. For this reason, the camera cannot provide images with clear and bright image quality if the surrounding light is not sufficient.

Logitech brio is designed with Rightlight technology and HDR, the latest Righlight technology applied to Logitech webcams to challenge the available light condition to provide balanced image even though the light condition is too low or too bright, logitech brio will focus to your face.

Logitech brio ultra is featured by rightlight 3 technology, while the newer model logitech brio 500 series (both brio 500 for consumer and brio 505 for corporate) is featured with newer rightlight 4 technology to beautify the image to look natural in any light condition.

Logitech brio 500 series
Logitech brio 500 series

Chromebook support

One thing that logitech brio 500 series gives you better value is that it supports chromebook, while brio ultra doesn’t. Chromebook is beginning to be more popular ‘cheaper’ than laptop and mac in general. No wonder that the price of brio ultra in the market is beginning to drop and look at the newer logitech brio 500 series.

Other specs and feature you can read on the following comparison table between logitech brio ultra vs brio 500 series.    

Table 1 Logitech brio ultra vs brio 500 / brio 505

Logitech brio seriesBrio ultraBrio 500 series
Camera mega pixel13 MP4MP
Recording resolution4K @30fps 1080p @30 or 60 fps 720p @30, 60, or 90 fps1080p @30fps 720p @60fps
Glass lens and AutofocusYesYes
Diagonal field of view (dFoV): 90°/ 78°/ 65°YesYes
Digital zoom5x digital zoom4x digital zoom
Privacy coverAttachable PCBuilt-in PC
LightingRightlight 3 with HDRRightlight 4 with HDR
Built-in stereo microphone and range up to 4.00 ft (1.22 m)YesYes
USB connectivityUSB-A plug-and-play, supports USB-C with third party adapterUSB-C plug-and-play
Universal clip and tripod threadYesYes
Google meet supports and works with chromebookNoYes
Streaming and recordingYesNo

Today, you may find best deals in Amazon that the price of brio ultra 4k is dropped significantly almost the same as newer logitech brio 500 series.

Now, we take two series of nexigo webcams and compare them with logitech brio series.

Logitech Brio vs Nexigo Webcams

Logitech brio 505 for corporate seems to replace the brio ultra, even though brio 500 series doesn’t support up to 4k resolution. Let’s take this brio ultra 4k and compare it with nexigo n970 series, one of nexigo 4k webcam series, and take also nexigo n940p with logitech brio 500 series. 

Logitech Brio Ultra vs Nexigo N970p

One of new webcam products introduced by nexigo is nexigo n970p that is to compete with popular business class webcam logitech brio ultra with 4k resolution. The nexigo n970 is also designed to support video resolution up to 4k @30 fps.

Nexigo N970p 4k Webcam
Nexigo N970p 4k Webcam
Frame rates

Nexigo n970 is designed with a stylist look; it looks more stylish than old fashioned logitech brio ultra. With the feature that it can stream up to 4k @ 30 fps, it can match the brio ultra, but the n970 can’t be driven up to 60fps at 1080p like the brio ultra. The Brio ultra can be driven with a high frame rate of up to 90fps at 720p, while the Nexigo is only up to @30 fps. Faster frame rates smoother video streaming and much better.

Auto frame

Both webcams support the digital zooming in different way to perform zooming action. Logitech brio ultra gives you three option of preset view angle (90°/ 78°/ 65°) you can select from Logi Tune app you can download. On the other hand, with nexigo n970p you can control the zoom in / out via remote control up to 10x digital zoom.  

In addition, nexigo n970 is featured with AI that recognizes the face and track and zoom automatically. The good thing is that when you have few people in the room, the webcam can adjust the frame automatically to fit all the people in the frame.

OS compatibility

As discussed above that this old fashioned logitech brio ultra doesn’t support today’s chromebook, but the new nexigo n970 does. Chromebook is another OS option instead of most popular Windows and Mac machines.  Both webcams support latest Windows OS version and Mac.

Table 2 Logitech brio 4k vs Nexigo n970

ModelLogitech Brio UltraNexigo N970
Video resolution4K @30fps 1080p @30 fps or 60 fps 720p @30 fps/ @60fps / @90 fps4k (3840 x 2160) @30fps
Image sensor13MP CMOS sensor1/2.8″ 8.28MP Sony STARVIS back-illuminated sensor
LensGlass fixed lens with auto focus3.24mm f/2.1
Focus  auto focusFixed focus, and AI based auto frame to center person on the center
Zoom5x digital zoomUp to 10x digital zoom at 4K@30fps
Field of view anglethree view angle modes:  65°, 78°, and 90°D=90° /H=83° /V=54°
Audio2x Omni-directional microphones with noise cancellation, Mic works with Microsoft CortanaTwo built-in Omni-directional microphones with noise cancellation range up to 6 meters (19.7 ft).
Privacy coverflippable lens shadesliding privacy cover
Ring lightN/A; RightLight 3 technology with HDRN/A,
Chrome OS supportNoYes
Connection typeUSB-C plug-and-playUSB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0)
Mounting typeAdjustable clip for LCD screen, notebook, or tabletop by using the removable clip or embedded tripod threadClip for laptop, notebook, 1/4″ Tripod thread hole
Price (Oct 2022 in Amazon)$119.99$189.00 (MSRP $239.99)

With AI powered webcam for auto frame, track and zoom, nexigo n970 gives you more advantage features than logitech brio ultra 4k. You may also like Obsbot AI powered track webcam, new comer with AI powered tracking and human gesture control. 

Now, we take another popular nexigo n940 and compare it with new logitech brio 500 series.

Logitech Brio 500 vs Nexigo N660

This new stylist model logitech brio 500 series will soon replacing old fashioned logitech brio ultra 4k webcam knowing that this new one is designed with richer feature and more economical than brio ultra. Logitech brio 500 and 505 series come with three colorful options you may like to choose which one is your favor color. Let’s take one of nexigo webcams that may comparable with stylist logitech brio 500 series which also comes in three color option, the nexigo n660p.

Nexigo n660p webcam
Nexigo n660p webcam
Video streaming

One thing that nexigo n660 is preference is the frame rate can go up to @60fps at either 720p or 1080p. You can compare with logitech brio 500 series that can only go up to @60fps at 720p resolution. For zoom meeting, speed of 720p @30 fps is appropriate. While for streaming up to 108op @60fps is better, and nexigo n660p can do that. However, when you need to perform zooming, nexigo n660p doesn’t support zoom feature. Logitech brio 500 series supports zoom and three options of view angle you can select.  

Nexigo n660 doesn’t give you zoom feature, but brio 500 series does with three options of view angle you can select. And the good thing is that the camera features AI to correct the face image to get better clear image quality.  

Show mode

Logitech brio 500 series gives you convenience when you have to give a simple presentation of your work progress notes on your desk. Use show mode by tilting down the webcam on its axis to face on the table, making it easier to present to your meeting opponent on the other end. This is ideal for a teacher giving long distance learning to the students, or home workers presenting their job progress to their colleagues.

For corporate, webcam for conference room should be used to allow you to share the whiteboard easily. You may also consider Jabra panacast webcam for conference room that supports sharing whiteboard content digitally. Jabra is one of the best webcam for conference room.

Take a look at the following table 2 that represents spec and feature comparison between logitech brio 500 series and nexigo n660p.

Table 3 Logitech brio 500 vs Nexigo

ModelLogitech Brio 500 series  Nexigo N660
Video resolution1080p @30fps 720p @60fps1080p @60fps, 720p @60fps,
480p @60fps
Image sensor4MP CMOS sensor 1/2.9-inch CMOS digital image sensor
LensGlass lens with auto focus Lens with autofocus
Zoom4x digital zoom N/A
Field of view anglethree view angle modes:  65°, 78°, and 90°65 degree Horizontal;72° diagonal
Audio2x Omni-directional microphones with noise cancellation, Mic works with Microsoft CortanaBuilt-in dual Stereo Noise Reduction
Omni directional Microphone with echo-cancelling technology
Privacy coverBuilt-in PC. Turning counter clock wise direction to close the privacy coverBuilt-in sliding Privacy Cover
Ring lightN/A; RightLight 4 technology with HDR N/A, need good room lighting for better video performance
Connection typeUSB 3.0/ 2.0 or type C connection USB-A 2.0 plug and play with 6.5ft USB cord
OS supportedAll OSs are supported including Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.Linux 2.6.24 or above, Chrome OS 29.0.1547 or above, Ubuntu Version 10.04 or higher, Android v 5.0 or above
Mounting typeAdjustable clip for LCD screen, notebook, or tabletop by using the removable clip or embedded tripod thread 360 degree adjustable rotation mount clip;
¼” thread tripod support
Price (Oct 2022 in Amazon)$129.99 $53.99

Logitech brio 500 series is still new, and this product is tagged with the price around $130 in retail stores. Nexigo n660 is cheaper, one of best seller webcam products in the market. click the product’s link below to learn more details and get best deals from Amazon (#ads).

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For businesses, you may consider third generation of meet owl 3 webcam for conference room, you can place on the centre of the meeting room table, it comes with 360 degree endless view angle with its fish eye lens. Or you may also like logitech meetup vs jabra panacast webcam for conference.

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