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Popular Logitech Connect vs Aver Cam520 Webcams for Conference Rooms

Logitech Connect is one of best webcams for conference rooms with full HD 1080p resolution, ideal for huddle room, and supports 4x digital zoom. How do you compare Logitech Connect vs Aver Cam520 Pro?

What Logitech Connect does

For the needs of a video call meeting in a conference room that is not too large for the needs of up to five meeting participants, your webcam must be able to accommodate all participants and each of them can interact via clear two-way audio, and the right light for bright and clear video quality.

Business class webcam

Logitech Connect is one of webcam for conference rooms that can qualify for business conference call meeting needs. This product is more economical model than the higher spec models of Logitech Meetup webcam. See also Meet Owl Pro vs Logitech Meetup webcams.

Zoom feature

One of the important features that a webcam for conference room must have is the ability to zoom in, especially when a participant is speaking that needs to get a close up screen view. Logitech Connect features 4x digital zoom as well as PTZ feature you can control via remote control and via mobile device with app.

For large size conference room, you may see aver vc520 that comes with 12x optical zoom

Logitech Connect 1080p with 4x digital zoom
Logitech Connect 1080p with 4x digital zoom

Digital zoom is appropriate for huddle conference rooms and with the addition of good quality speakerphone and microphone. However for large meeting rooms; digital zoom might not provide good video quality for participant in further distance. You can compare it with the Aver Cam520 Pro webcam which comes with up to 12x optical zoom in addition to additional digital zoom.


  • USB Plug and play webcam for conference rooms with full HD 1080p @30 fps
  • Designed with premium glass lens and 4x digital zoom providing 82 degree horizontal view angle
  • Supports H.264 with Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for best video call performance in single or multiparty
  • Rightlight™ 2 Technology for challenging various light environment for best video quality
  • Comes with Integrated full duplex 360 degree wideband speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation and is also Bluetooth pairing
  • Two Omni-directional microphones up to 3.6m diameter pick up range  
  • Docks on device that can also works as privacy cover
  • Comes with IR remote control up to 10ft (3m) range
  • Certified for Skype for business, Zoom, Fuse and works with any Video Conference software
  • Tabletop model with Kensington security lock


  • Some people report that this product doesn’t work with Microsoft Teams

With 4x digital zoom and automatic light compensation for best video performance, Logitech Connect is tagged with the price around $450.00 in some online retail stores.

If digital zoom quality doesn’t meet for your business needs in large conference rooms with more people in the meeting room, you may consider one of best webcam for conference room offered by Aver Cam520 Pro.

Logitech Connect vs Aver Cam520 Pro

When you need to upgrade your webcam and replace it with more powerful webcam for large conference room, you may consider Aver Cam520 Pro. However you need to spend more money, it costs twice as much buck as Logitech Connect.

Aver Cam520 Pro Webcam with 12x Optical zoom
Aver Cam520 Pro Webcam with 12x Optical zoom

What makes this Aver Cam520 Pro is tagged with more expensive price? Take a look at the table below that shows you spec comparison table between Logitech Connect and Aver Cam520 Pro.

Frame rates

Both products offered the same full HD resolution; however Aver is capable of delivering video resolution with faster frame rate, double frame per second (fps) than Connect. With faster fps you will find smoother, clearer and more responsive video call, less noise.

Optical Zoom  

When compared to digital zoom, which zooming in is done by software after the webcam capture object that is prone to noise video quality, a webcam with optical zoom performing zooming in and out using optical and mechanical means so that the video quality doesn’t change.

Aver Cam520 Pro is equipped with varifocal lens that can provide zoom range of up to 12x optical zoom in addition to 6x digital zoom.

Other spec differences you need to have a look at the following spec comparison table below, the spec differences between Logitech Connect vs Aver Cam520 Pro.

Table 1 Logitech Connect vs Aver

Webcam for conference roomLogitech ConnectAver Cam520 Pro
Image sensorUnspecifiedSony super-low-light 2M pixel sensor,
Video resolutionFull HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)  @30 fps(16:9) aspect ratio: up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) (4:3) aspect ratio: up to 600p (800 x 600) @60 / 30 /15 fps H.264 compression support
LensPremium glass lens3.9 mm (wide) ~ 47.3 mm (Tele) f/1.8 ~ f/2.8 wide aperture range
Zoom4x digital zoom18X total zoom (12X optical zoom)
Field of view angleDiagonal: 90° Horizontal: 82.1° Vertical: 52.2°Up to 82 degree (Wide)
Lighting correctionRightlight™ 2 Technology for challenging various lighting environments, even low lightTrue WDR 120dBi
PTZDigital Pan Tilt and Zoom from remote controlPan: ±170° Tilt: +90° (up) -30° (down) App control
AudioTwo Omni-directional microphones Integrated full duplex speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation 360° wideband audio Bluetooth speaker phoneNo built-in speakerphone, Cam520 Pro doesn’t come with speakerphone but VC520 PRO does Optional FONE540 USB Bluetooth Speakerphone
Privacy coverDocks on device and functions as a lens coverN/A
PlacementTabletop with Kensington security slotTabletop Ceiling mount with wall mount bracket

With the strengths and weaknesses of Logitech Connect Webcam, this product is ideal for small conference rooms netting with up to five meeting participants. For larger room and more people, you consider Aver CM520 Pro.

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Or you may like to see more spec details of Aver Cam520 Pro here.

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