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Lorex 16CH Security Camera System vs Reolink

Lorex releases DK162-88DAE 16 channel dvr security camera system with 8pcs active deterrent 4k security camera. Compare with Reolink 16 channel security camera system kit with 8pcs IP security camera, which kit is suitable to meet your business need.

For 8-channel system, you may also like Reolink vs Lorex 4k 8 channel nvr kit.

Lorex active deterrent system

Lorex released DK162-88DAE kit which consists of 16-channel dvr security camera system with 8 active deterrent cameras. With an active deterrent camera you do not give any uninvited guests who are entering the property the opportunity to continue their malicious actions. In the darkness of the night, your camera still does the job of protecting your property from intruders. When the camera detects the movement of people entering your property, the spotlight of the camera turns on to illuminate bright lights and the siren sounds to deter the intruder from entering your property.

Lorex active deterrent security camera kit
Lorex active deterrent security camera kit with 2TB Disk


Lorex D841A62B is one of 16 channel security camera system with DVR system that comes with built-in 16-port BNC interfaces to allow you connect up to 16 analog cameras. In this bundle it comes with 8pcs of Lorex C881da active deterrent camera.

Up to 4K

Lorex D841A62B is 16 channel DVR system that supports up to 4k recording resolution on all connected cameras.

For your business needs, a 4k camera resolution is a must considering with 4k resolution you can zoom in either digital or optical zoom with brighter results with lower noise especially if you live view the camera via your mobile device which in this system also supports remote view via mobile device.

Lorex with DVR system uses coaxial cable to connect each of the analog camera to the dvr system up to 1600ft (500m) distance. Compare with NVR system with UTP cable, you can only run the cable up to 300ft from each of the IP camera to the NVR system. We’ll compare this Lorex dvr system kit with Reolink NVR system kit which both support up to 4k resolution.

Active deterrent

In this kit Lorex kit comes with 8pcs outdoor cameras that are equipped with siren and spotlight when there is motion detection. Lorex is designed with advance motion detection technology to reduce false alerts against only person / vehicle. And this is great; imagine when the camera detects the motion of the pet and sends alerts and trigger the spotlight to turn on and the siren is sounded, how much trouble would you have when each pet causes the alert to be triggered.

By the spotlight turned on when there is person / vehicle detection, the bright spotlight can surprise the intruder, and with the addition of the siren will discourage the intruder from taking any further action.

With Lorex DVR system and 8pcs of analog active deterrent cameras, this bundle is ideal for large homes or small businesses surveillance system.


  • Up to 4k resolution 16 channel DVR system with built-in 16x BNC interfaces
  • Comes with preinstalled 2TB hard disk storage
  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant for voice command
  • Live View and view playback footage directly to chromecast smart home compatible TV  
  • Advanced motion detection technology to reduce false alerts
  • Person / vehicle detection with alerts and push notifications to your mobile device
  • Comes with 8pcs outdoor 4k(8MP) resolution analog cameras with 98 degree view angle
  • Support color night vision with ambient light or b/w night vision in darkness with IR LED range up to 90ft (28m) and up to 135ft (41m) in low light
  • Motion-activated LED spotlight and remote-triggered siren as active deterrent
  • Outdoor / indoor with IP67 weatherproof rated

The good thing with coaxial cable connection to your DVR unit is that your computer / wifi network is free from any high video traffic that may cause network latency. And you can run coaxial cable and place the camera as long as up to 1600ft to the dvr unit.

Lorex vs Reolink 16Ch

The new product released by Reolink is a 16 channel security camera system that supports up to 4k resolution and one of the packages with this unit is the RLK16-800D8 which consists of 16-channel 4k NVR system and 8pcs of 4k outdoor dome cameras.

Reolink RLK16-800D8 4k security camera system kit
Reolink RLK16-800D8 4k security camera system kit with 3TB disk

Instead of running coaxial cable between the cameras to the recording unit, Reolink RLK-16 is NVR system which comes with 16-port POE Switch so you need to run Cat5e / Cat6 UTP cable from each of the POE outdoor camera to the NVR unit only up to 300ft, shorter than coaxial cable in analog system.

Recording unit

Even though VGA and HDMI ports are available, if you don’t have a monitor then you can use the Apple TV and enjoy live view or playback the footage using the Lorex Home Apple TV App.

Both recording units support up to 8TB storage capacity, however each comes with different preinstalled hard disk. Lorex comes with preinstalled 2TB hard disk, while Reolink comes with 3TB disk.

As general not much different, since the main difference is in the DVR vs NVR technology.


The advantage of the POE camera that Reolink offers here with the NVR system is the need for power, data and audio connections to be transmitted in a single UTP cable. Compared to analog systems, you need a coaxial data cable, separate audio cable and dc adapter for the power supply of each camera.

Night vision

Both types of security camera offer the same 4k resolution, the same fixed lens but different focal length and view angle. However, Lorex offers wider aperture (f/1.6) ideal for low light condition. So that’s why with the addition of ambient light around the camera, Lorex still gives you color night vision. And ambient light is not sufficient, below minimum illumination, the camera switches to B/W night vision with IR LED.

Reolink D800 is not designed for color night vision like Reolink Lumus, or any other color night vision cameras such as Dahua and Hikvision ColorVu color night vision cameras, or Amcrest ASH26 floodlight camera which comes with two floodlight of LEDs array. Reolink Lumus comes with spotlight LEDs to illuminate bright light for color night vision. See also Reolink Lumus vs Lorex.  

Table 1 below shows you spec comparison table between the two security system kits.

Table 1 Lorex Active deterrent vs Reolink

KitsLorex DK162-88DAEReolink RLK16-800D8
TypeDVR 16 channelNVR 16 channel
Recording resolutionUp to 4K all channelsUp to 4K all channels
Interfaces  16-port BNC interfaces16-port POE Switch
Wiring mediaCoaxial cable up to 1600 ftCAT5e / Cat6 UTP cable – POE
Storage2TB preinstalled – up to 8TB maximum3TB preinstalled – up to 8TB
Works with Alexa / Google assistantYesN/A
# Camera8pcs active deterrent analog cameras8pcs dome outdoor POE cameras
camera typeAnalog HD (CVI)POE IP camera
LensFixed lens 2.8mm f/1.6Fixed lens 4.0mm f/2.0
View angle98 degree horizontal87.5 degree horizontal
Resolution4k (3840×2160)3840 x 2160 (8.0 Megapixels) at 20 fps
Night visionColor night vision in ambient light IR LED range up to 135ft (41m)18pcs IR LEDs IR Cut with auto switching – range up to 100ft (30m)
AudioOne way – speaker onlyOne way – microphone
OutdoorIP67 weatherproof with polycarbonate material housingIP66 weatherproof
ConnectionCoaxial cableUTP Cat5e / Cat6
Power12 VDCPoE IEEE 802.3af; 48V Active DC Power: DC 12.0V ⎓ 1A; < 8W
Price (including 8pcs camera) – Aug 2020 Amazon$697.99$899.99

If you don’t want being bothered with the coaxial cable system and assure there is a power outlet near the camera for the needs of the DC adapter, then Lorex active deterrent system can be considered. Besides, Lorex provides color night vision and siren features, and the price is also lower than Reolink.

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