Lorex 8 Channel 4k DVR Kit vs Reolink

Lorex released several new products in 2020 and one of them is the Lorex 8 channel 4k dvr system kit with color night vision. Which one is more economical and more suitable to meet your business needs between Lorex 4k security camera analog system and Reolink 8 channel 4k network security camera system?

Lorex Analog System

Lorex released a d841a82-8da8-e analog security camera system kit, an 8-channel 4k analog security camera system kit that comes with 8pcs 4k analog security cameras. The 4k resolution ensures greater image detail and zooming in is sharper and low noise, 4 times higher resolution than standard 1080p cameras.

Lorex 8 channel dvr system kit
Lorex 8 channel dvr system kit

Long distance

Many people still rely on analog systems that allow you to install the security camera as far as up to 1600ft (500m) from the recording unit using coaxial cable as transmission medium. Compare this analog system with IP network security camera system offered by Reolink 4k system kit that uses UTP Cat5e network cable as transmission medium which can run only up to a maximum of 300ft (100m) between the IP security camera and recorder unit (NVR system). That’s one of the advantages of an analog system so that it can reach a large area of your home, offices, or factory production area.

Lorex d841a82-8da8-e kit consists of Lorex D841A82 DVR system, an 8 channel 4k dvr system plus 8 pcs Lorex lbv8543xb analog security camera.  

Lorex Lbv8543xb

Firstly we’ll discuss this Lorex 8 channel dvr security camera kit and at the same time compare it with the camera system offered by Reolink 8 channel system camera kit.

Lorex Lbv8543xb is an analog security camera that uses coaxial cable as transmission medium and can be run as far as 1600ft (500m). You can compare it with security camera system offered by Reolink D800 which uses UTP network cable with maximum distance only up to 300ft.

Spec and features

Lorex Lbv8543xb is designed with 4k resolution @ 15fps (frame per second), using a fixed lens with maximum diaphragm f / 1.6, wide enough to be able to absorb more light and with the addition of ambient light it can deliver color night vision. While in low light condition that can no longer be rendered as color night vision, the camera will switch to B / W night vision with IR LEDs.

Compare with Reolink D800 security camera which also comes with 4k resolution @ 20 fps, slightly higher frame rate than Lorex. The maximum diaphragm f2.0 that Reolink offers is not wider than Lorex and with auto switchover the security camera will switch to B/W night vision in low light condition. See also Swann vs Reolink 8 channels kit and also Zosi vs Reolink 8 channels kit.

Should you require long distance security camera placement from the recorder unit and color night vision is a must, Lorex Lbv8543xb is your choice.

Reolink 8 channel nvr system kit
Reolink 8 channel nvr system kit


Sometimes in a security system you require security camera with audio feature that can record audio and video at once. Lorex analog camera is not equipped with audio, should it come with audio microphone, there must be a separate audio cable between the camera and recorder. Reolink d800 POE security camera uses UTP network cable which becomes transmitting medium for video, audio and power at the same time.

Take a look at the following table 1 that shows you spec comparison between Lorex and Reolink security camera.  

Table 1 Lorex analog vs Reolink camera

ModelLorex LBV8543XBReolink d800
Camera TypeAnalog security cameraIP camera
Recording resolution4K(8MP)@15fps4k (3840×2160) @20 fps
Lens3.6mm F1.6 / Fixed4.0mm f2.0 / fixed lens
View angle87 degree97 degree
Night Vision1x High power 850nm IR LED range up to 150ft (46m)18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft
Spotlight1x White LEDsN/A
AudioN/AOne way with built-in microphone
Power12V DCDC12V & PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
ConnectivityCoaxial cable with BNC connectorUTP CAT5e or CAT6 with RJ45
HousingIP67 rated weatherproof ; Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracketIP66 weatherproof with metal aluminum housing

Lorex vs Reolink 8 Channel kit

Security camera analog cannot work alone; it needs to connect to the recording unit (dvr). It is different with IP camera that can work alone without connecting to recording unit like those home security cameras such as Lorex V261LCD-E floodlight security camera, or any home security cameras with solar power.

However, security cameras for business typically come with recording unit (nvr). Reolink kit here comes with Rlk16 4k 16 channel nvr system instead of the 8 channel nvr system. Take a look at the following table 2 below that shows you comparison between Lorex and Reolink recorder unit which apparently different technology in transmitting medium.

With different medium transmission technology between these Lorex and Reolink security system kit, you can compare these two packages which one is suitable to meet your business needs. Lorex with analog system provides long distance solution up to 1600ft with the addition of siren and spotlight features that can be triggered by any human and vehicle motion detection.

Table 2 Lorex vs Reolink 8 channel system kit

Recorder UnitLorex D841A82Reolink Rlk-16
Video transmission technologyHD AnalogIP Network
# Channel 8/16 Channels With 8/16 BNC port16 channels With built-in 16-port POE switch
Recording resolution / frame rate4K@7fps; 5Mp@12fps; 4MP/3MP@15fps; 1080P@ 25/30fps (NTSC)4K (3840×2160)
Compression formatH.265 / H.264H.265
PlaybackUp to 4 Channel simultaneously1-4Channels synchronous playback
StoragePreinstalled 2TB 1x SATA up to 10TB2x SATA 6TB each HD Up to 12TB Preinstalled 3TB
Smart homeWorks with Alexa and Google assistantDoesn’t work with Alexa nor Google Assistant 
# Security camera included8pcs Lorex LBV8543XB security cameras8pcs Reolink 800B outdoor security cameras

Lorex 8 channel analog system kit is tagged with cheaper price than Reolink. Prices are always fluctuating, click the link below to SHOP the product in Amazon (#ads).

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