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Lorex Fusion 16 Channel 4k Kits vs Reolink

Mostly small to medium businesses implement security surveillance systems using 8 channel or 16 channel security camera system kits. Lorex with its fusion collection released 16 channel 4k kits with active deterrent system to prevent further crime act. With a lower budget, you may consider Reolink 16 channel 4k kit.

Lorex 4k kits

Lorex 4KSDAI168D-2 is one of 16 channel security camera system kits with high resolution 4k active deterrent camera system. It consists of Lorex N862A63B 16 channel NVR system with preinstalled 3TB hard disk and eight Lorex E892DD dome model 4k resolution active deterrent security cameras.

With all the equipment in this package, Lorex offers this kit for around $ 1200. Another option you may consider is Reolink 16 channel kit with around $300 cheaper than Lorex, however without the active deterrent feature. See also Reolink vs Lorex 16Ch security camera kits, with different NVR models.

Lorex 16 channels 4k with active deterrent
Lorex 16 channels 4k with active deterrent

Active deterrent

One of the advantages of this Lorex 16 channel system kit is the active deterrent feature applied both on the NVR system and also on the security cameras, which if enable can expel uninvited guests entering your business property and prevent further criminal acts.

Lorex N862A63B

Lorex N862A63 is 16-channel NVR system that supports up to 8MP security camera and it comes with built-in 16-port POE switch you can connect up to 16 POE security cameras.

This NVR system is equipped with a panic button which in certain emergency situation you can press this button so that all security cameras with active deterrent features such as spotlights and sirens will become active which indicates an intruders get into your business facility so that everyone is alert. Most competing products including Reolink 16 channel system don’t feature such kind of this panic button.

Lorex E892DD

In addition to the panic button on the recorder unit, Lorex in this 16 channel kit comes with 8 units of Lorex e892dd 4k security camera with active deterrent feature as well. The e892dd is equipped with two spotlights that will be turned on when there is motion detection and the built-in siren that you can trigger remotely from your mobile device with Lorex home app installed. With spotlights turned on and siren is triggered, this can deter intruders from entering your property further to commit criminal acts.

When you compare with Reolink kits with Reolink RLC-820A security cameras, the cameras don’t feature active deterrent.

Lorex vs Reolink Kits

Now we compare what makes great price difference between the two kits Lorex and Reolink 16 channel security camera system in addition of active deterrent feature difference as discussed on the above paragraphs.  

Reolink 16 channels 4k Kits
Reolink 16 channels 4k Kits


You can refer to table 1 below that shows you spec comparison table between Lorex and Reolink. See that Reolink offers Rln16 NVR system that supports up to 12MP resolution security cameras, while Lorex N862a63 supports only up to 8MP resolution cameras.

Lorex offers larger maximum storage than Reolink unit as shown on the storage row in the table. Both are equipped with two channels SATA interface for hard disks with different maximum disk capacity. And both NVR systems support Google assistant for smart home.   

Lorex vs Reolink NVR 16 channels
Lorex vs Reolink NVR 16 channels

Table 1 Lorex vs Reolink NVR

Recording unitLorex N862A63BReolink Rln16-410
NVR Model16 channel 4k with 16-port POE switch – Lorex fusion  nvr system16 channel 12MP (4096 x 3840) with 16-port POE switch
Simultaneous playbackUp to 4ch@4K 15fps1~4 Channels 12MP  @15fps
Storage3TB preinstalled; maximum 2x 8TB Hard drive  (16TB)3TB preinstalled, 2x SATA up to 6TB /each  (Max 12TB)
Smart featuresPanic button to enable all lights and sirens of active deterrent cameras at one time Supports person & vehicle detection Fusion capabilities Supports Amazon alexa & Google AlexaHuman and vehicle detection supports Support Google assistant 

Included cameras

Both Lorex and Reolink 16 channel kits come with the same number of 8pcs security cameras, so you can add more eight security cameras when more cameras are required to expand. As reference table 2 below shows spec comparison difference between the camera models.

Both models of security camera feature the same up to 4k resolution, but the maximum frame rate @4k resolution is different. Reolink with longer focal length demonstrates narrower view angle as opposed to Lorex.

And see that the main difference is the color night feature. Lorex with color night vision technology demonstrates color night vision when the ambient light is available. Unless, the Lorex cameras switch to b/w night vision with IR LEDs array up to 98ft range. Reolink rlc-820 security cameras don’t feature color night vision. See also Reolink Argus 3 with color night vision.

The other different is the audio equipment. Lorex E892DD comes with built-in microphone and speaker for two way communication, while Reolink rlc-820 only comes with microphone for audio recording only.

Table 2 Lorex vs Reolink security cameras

 Lorex E892DDReolink RLC-820A
Image sensor8MP/4K 1/2.8” CMOS1/2.49″ CMOS Sensor
Recording resolution4K(8MP)@15fps, 5MP@30fps, 1080p@30fps, 720p@30fpsDefault: 3840X2160 (8.0 Megapixels) at 25 frames/sec
Lens2.8mm F2.0/ Fixedf=4.0mm Fixed, F=2.0, with IR Cut filter
View angle108 degree horizontal87 degree horizontal 44 degree vertical
Night visionColor night vision in ambient light B/W night vision up to 150ft (45m)/ 98ft (30m)Night vision range up to 30 Meters (100ft) (LED: 18pcs/14mil/850nm)
Spotlights and sirenDual motion activated warning LEDs and remote activated sirenN/A
AudioTwo way audio communication with built-in microphone and speakerOne way audio with built-in microphone
Local memoryN/AMicro SD card slot up to 256GB
PowerPoE Class -802.3af /12V DCPoE 802.3af; 48V Active DC Power: DC 12.0V ⎓ 1A; < 8W
HousingIP67 weatherproof with aluminum housingIP66 weatherproof
Smart featuresHuman and vehicle motion detectionMotion detection/ Person detection/ Vehicle detection

Lorex 16 channel 4k camera system kit with active deterrent features is offered with the price around $1,300 in Amazon, while Reolink 16 channels 4k system kit is tagged around $950.0. Note that prices are fluctuating by time, click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads). Note that Reolink kits as discussed above is still not available, the link below is the 800D series.

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