Lorex LNB4321 Vs Hikvision Vs GW Security

Lorex offers LNB4321 bullet model outdoor POE camera with color night vision technology (CNV) to provide you color video recording in ambient light, not in black and white video recording like those traditional night vision cameras.

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Why Lorex LNB4321?

If your current surveillance system uses standard HD 720p such as Arlo camera or HD 1080p outdoor security camera such as Vimtag B1 and Amcrest wifi outdoor camera, probably you are satisfied when you are viewing the video footage from the palm of your hand using mobile devices or viewing the video from HDMI monitor. Resolution of 720p or 1080p is sharp enough for video camera. However, you will be amazed when your camera can provide double image quality instead of standard 1080p video resolution offered by Lorex LNB4321 outdoor POE camera.

2K resolution

Lorex LNB4321 camera is capable of recording video in 2688 x 1520 pixels resolution or as known as 2K pixel resolution @ 20fps (frame per second). Still higher resolution than the new Amcrest IP3M-943 bullet camera with 2304 x 1296p resolution or the Amcrest dome model IP3M-956E with 2048 x 1536p resolution. With higher resolution, you still get stunningly image detail when you zoom in to see object at the distance. The higher resolution the larger and clearer image details quality you can get.

High quality Lens

Lorex LNB4321 comes with high quality 3.6mm fixed lens with larger aperture of f/2.0, wide diaphragm lens  ideal for providing clear image details even though in low light condition and is much better to capture fast moving object. This camera can provide you wide 83 degree viewing angle horizontally, ideal for open area. Don’t compare with front car cameras which is typically designed to cover up to 170 degree viewing angle such as Dbpower and Ottertooth dash cams.


Unlike outdoor POE camera in general which typically features standard night vision which shifts full color recording to black and white recording when the light condition shifts from day time to night time, Lorex LNB4321 still provides you full color night vision recording as long as ambient light still exist. When the light changes to completely darkness, this camera records in standard black and white video like other night vision camera in general.

This camera comes with 850nm IR LED type that can illuminate darkness up to 130 ft distance with 83 degree viewing angle, a fixed viewing angle. Some models of camera come with varifocal lens providing variations of field of view angle like GW Security camera.

Lorex LNB4321 with color night vision
Lorex LNB4321 with color night vision (~$105)

Lorex LNB4321 main features

  • 4MP camera high resolution up to 2688 x 1520 pixels
  • 83 degree wide viewing angle
  • Support night vision up to 130 ft. distance
  • Color Night Vision (CNV) technology
  • IP66 rated weatherproof ideal for outdoor usage
  • POE support
  • ONVIF compliant

To learn more details about this product, the complete technical specifications, current price as well as current rating in Amazon, click the link below.

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Lorex LNB4321 offers color night vision feature other competing products don’t. Now, let me take two competing products i.e. Hikvision and GW Security GW5555IP you may consider to buy when Color night vision feature is not very essential feature to meet your business need. Hikvision offers 4mp resolution while GW security is higher, 5mp resolution.

Hikvision 4MP Bulet camera (~$135)

Take a look at the following two spec comparison tables to help you see the spec differences (if any) so you can make up your mind either confirming Lorex or the other product to purchase. Table 1 shows you comparison between Lorex LNB4321 and Hikvision, while table 2 shows you comparison between Lorex LNB4321 and GW Security GW5555ip.


Lorex LNB4321 is designed with fixed 3.6mm lens, while Hikvision offers you three lens options 4mm, 6mm or 12mm. GW Security offers different lens model, the varifocal lens ranging from 2.8mm to 12mm focal length. The field of view angle is not fixed like the other two products but you can control the angle of view from the NVR system, from computer or even from your mobile devices, Android or iOS. With motorized 4x optical zoom factor, GW security is ideal for any situations. You can zoom the camera up to 4x optical zoom to get the same clear and sharp image detail not like those digital zoom camera.

GW Security 5mp IP Camera (~$129)


All the three cameras are ONVIF compliant, so you can connect the camera to any ONVIF compliant NVR system such as LaView and GW Security 16 channel NVR, or you may connect to high end 32 channel H265 NVR system.

Table 1 Lorex LNB4321 Vs Hikvision 4MP camera

 Lorex 4MPHikvision 4MP
ModelLNB4321 bulet IP cameraDS-2CD2T42WD-I5 bulet IP camera
LensFixed lens 1/3” 4MP 3.6mm f/2.0Fixed lens 1/3” progressive scan CMOS 4mm, 6mm, 12mm
Field of view83 degree83 degree (4mm); 55.4 degree (6mm); 24.7 degree (12mm)
Resolution4MP (2688×1520) @ 20fps4MP (2688 x 1520) @20 fps
Night visionYes, color night vision (CNV) 850nm IR LED


Range: 130ft (40m) / 90ft (27m)

Yes, EXIR high performance LEDs


Range up to 165 ft.


POEYes, / 12V DCYes, /12V DC
WeatherproofIP66IP67, metallic housing and bracket
ONVIFYesYes (profile S/G)

Table 2 Lorex LNB4321 Vs GW Security

 Lorex 4MPGW Security GW5555IP
ModelLNB4321 bulet IP cameraBullet IP camera
LensFixed lens 1/3” 4MP 3.6mm f/2.0Varifocal lens 2.8~12 mm motorized 4x optical zoom – 5.0 MP Progressive Scan Sony IMX326 Exmor R Back-illuminated Sensor
Field of view83 degree22 ~ 100 degree
Resolution5MP (2592×1920) @ 20fps5-Megapixel with 2592×1920 Super High Resolution H.265 Video
Night visionYes, color night vision (CNV) 850nm IR LED


Range: 130ft (40m) / 90ft (27m)

Yes, 30 PCs infrared LED


Range up to 110 ft

POEYes, / 12V DCYes, and optional power port
WeatherproofIP66IP66 and vandal proof housing
ONVIFYesYes, and P2P support

To learn more details about the competing products, click the following links to see the current price and rating as well.


Lorex LNB4321 is the first bullet model 4MP outdoor POE camera with color night vision (CNV) technology provides you full color night vision instead of black and white night vision. Both Hikvision and Lorex are designed with fixed lens with single field of view angle. You may consider GW Security camera when varifocal lens with motorized 4x optical lens is required to meet your need.

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