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Lorex V261LCD-E 1080p Floodlight Security Camera

lorex floodlight camera

Lorex introduces Lorex V261LCD-E 1080p floodlight wifi security camera. How good is it compared with Amcrest ash26 and Ezviz Lc1c floodlight security cameras?

What this product does

Lorex V261LCD-E is a security camera that is equipped with floodlights in addition to a very bright light around the camera which is turned ON when triggered by motion detection, or you can choose manual or scheduled options.

This floodlight camera is powered by AC adapter; there are few models of wire-free security camera that are powered by solar panel. See best solar power security camera.

In some color night vision security camera models, you will find one or two white LED spotlights to add illumination around the camera so that the camera gets enough light to record in color night vision. For example Annke br200 or Reolink Lumus that comes with two spotlight LEDs for color night vision recording.

Lorex V261LCD-E floodlight camera
Lorex V261LCD-E floodlight camera

Bright Floodlights

Unlike spotlight security cameras, floodlight security cameras have one or two arrays of bright LEDs to provide illumination up to 2000lm or 3000lm which generally have color temperature around 3000K, as equivalent as bulb light for living rooms and family rooms.

Lorex V261LCD-E is equipped with two floodlights consisting of 24pcs white LED arrays to provide very bright light with color temperature up to 6500K, a white cool color as equivalent as cool daylight. You may compare it with Amcrest ASH26 floodlight camera and the new model of Ezviz  Lc1c floodlight camera which come with two arrays of white LED floodlights providing warm color temperature of 3000K.

With very bright floodlight light, this camera allows you to record in color night vision when the floodlight is ON which you can choose between 3 modes, triggered ON by motion detection, manual and schedule.

Lorex vs Amcrest vs Ezviz Floodlight camera

Today you can find similar products that have been around on the market from various vendors and two of them for comparison are the Amcrest ASH26 and Ezviz Lc1c floodlight camera. Which one is suitable to meet your business need?

Amcrest ash26 floodlight security camera
Amcrest ash26 floodlight security camera

The following two tables show you spec comparison table between the three products. Table 1 shows spec comparison table between Lorex V261LCD-E and Amcrest ASH26, while table 2 shows you for Lorex vs Ezviz floodlight spec comparison table.

All the three products are designed with the same 1080p full HD resolution and the same focal length lens that provide same wide view angle.


Above, we discussed briefly about floodlight cameras which have different color temperature between Lorex and Amcrest and Ezviz, where Lorex v261lcd-e provides 6500K white cool color temperature, the same color temperature as daylight. On the other hand Amcrest ash26 and Ezviz Lc1c come with floodlights with 3000K color temperature, rather warm color temperature compared with Lorex.

Ezviz LC1C floodlight
Ezviz LC1C floodlight security camera

All the three products are equipped with the same brightness of up to 2000lm floodlights, very bright to illuminate surrounding for color night vision.  In normal condition when the floodlights are not ON, all the three products provide B/W night vision when it is completely darkness.


The three products have the same resolution as 1080p full HD, appropriate enough for your home needs. You can put them in strategic places that require security system such as on the porch, driveway, or home shed and don’t have to worry about exposure to rain or heat because the three products are weatherproof.

Besides the floodlight, neither Lorex, Amcrest or Ezviz are equipped with sirens with slightly different loudness levels, Amcrest 110dB, Ezviz 100dB and Lorex doesn’t provide spec detail about siren. This siren can be triggered automatically with motion detection, or manual trigger remotely via your mobile device.

Besides that, the two way audio communication with built-in microphone and speaker is also the same, and the connectivity to the network is using standard wireless 802.11n @ 2.4GHz radio band.

Please refer to the following two comparison tables below to help you choose which floodlight security camera is suitable to meet your needs.

Table 1 Lorex vs Amcrest Floodlight camera

Floodlight cameraLorex v261lcd-eAmcrest ash26
resolution1080p (1920×1080) @30 fps2-MP 1080p @ 30fps High Resolution, (1920x1080p)
Image sensor2 MP 1/2.7″ CMOS1/2.7” 2 Megapixel Progressive CMOS
Lens2.8mm f/2.02.8mm f/2.0
View angle137 degree diagonal / 114 degree horizontal137 degree diagonal / 114 degree horizontal
Night visionIR Night vision range up to 50ft / 15.2 mIR night vision range up to 33ft (10m)
Minimum illuminationColor: 0.02 Lux B&W: 0 LuxManual 1/3s 1/4s: 0.0270 Lux@F2.0 (Color Mode); 0.0118Lux@F2.0 (Night Vision)
Floodlightdual motion-activated Or manually, or on a schedule LED floodlights 2x 24 white LEDs array 2x 2000 lumens 6500K2×24 white LEDs floodlight 2000 lumens brightness color temperature 3000K
SirenYes,Yes, 110dB
AudioTwo way audio with built-in microphone and speakerTwo way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
Connectivity802.11n @2.4GHzIEEE802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz Only), 100m (328ft) Open Field, Internal Dual Antennas, 2×2 MIMO,
Local memory storage1 x microSD Supports up to 256 GBMicroSD Storage up to 256GB.
HousingIP65IP65 weatherproof

Table 2. Lorex vs Ezviz floodlight camera

Floodlight cameraLorex v261lcd-eEzviz Lc1c
resolution1080p (1920×1080) @30 fps2MP (1920 × 1080), FHD Frame Rate: 50Hz @ 25fps, 60Hz @ 30fps
Image sensor2 MP 1/2.7″ CMOSStarlight image sensor
Lens2.8mm f/2.04.0mm f/2.2
View angle137 degree diagonal / 114 degree horizontalHorizontal: 103°; Vertical: 57°; Diagonal: 121°
Night visionIR Night vision range up to 50ft / 15.2 mNight vision range Up to 82ft (25m)
Minimum illuminationColor: 0.02 Lux B&W: 0 LuxUnspecified
Floodlightdual motion-activated LED floodlights 2x 24 white LEDs array 2x 2000 lumens 6500K manually, or on a schedule2x SMD LEDs 2000Lumen (+/- 10%) with 3000K color temperature PIR-motion activated floodlights
SirenYes,Yes, 100dB
AudioTwo way audio with built-in microphone and speakerTwo way audio with built-in Omni-directional microphone and loudspeaker
Connectivity802.11n @2.4GHz$129.99
Local memory storage1 x microSD Supports up to 256 GBMicro SD Card up to 256GB
HousingIP65IP67 weatherproof

Among the three products Lorex v261lcd-e is sold at the most expensive price, and the cheapest one is Ezviz Lc1c. Please click the link below to shop on Amazon (#Ads).

Click here to SHOP Lorex v261lcd-e in Amazon

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