Lorex vs Amcrest 16 channel 16 Channel Nvr Kits

New introduction of 16 channel surveillance system kit is offered by Lorex which consists of top-of-the-line LNK7000 series NVR system and 8pcs 2K LKB353A bullet model color night vision cameras. We’ll compare it with Amcrest 16 channel NVR system kit.

For more security camera comparison between Lorex and Amcrest in various models, wifi, dome, bullet or ptz models – click this link amcrest vs lorex outdoor cameras. This article discuss lorex vs amcrest 16 channel security camera kits. For larger channels, you may consider Amcrest vs Hikvision 32 channels NVR system kits.

LNK7000 series

LNK7216 is a 16 channel security camera system one of LNK7000 series which supports up to 4k recording resolution cameras. With supporting 4k security camera you can assure every angle of your business property captured in more detail even in all the way zoom in of the 4k cameras. Even though in this surveillance bundle comes with 8pcs of 5mp cameras, double resolution of your standard 1080p cameras you still can have better object recognition.  

16-port POE switch

With LNK7216 16 channel NVR system you don’t need to purchase separate POE switch since the system is embedded with 16-port POE switch.Compare with Amcrest NV4116E-HS which is 16 channel surveillance system but it comes with built-in 8-port POE switch.

Lorex LKB353

The included cameras in this Lorex 16 channel surveillance system kit is the Lorex lkb353 5mp (more than double resolution of 1080p) outdoor video audio security camera with color night vision (CNV) when there is still ambient light with range of up to 130 ft.  This allows you to record video in night with better recognition of face or license plate identification. However, it shifts to black and white recording when it becomes completely darkness like other standard night vision cameras.

Lorex 16 channel surveillance system with 8pcs 5mp cameras
Lorex 16 channel surveillance system with 8pcs 5mp cameras

Most recent camera products introduced by Lorex support CNV technology such as Lorex lnz44p12 PTZ camera or Lorex lnb8973 4k security camera.  

Audio In

The good thing with this Lorex lkb353 camera is the built-in microphone to allow you record voice. It’s not a two way audio like standard wifi home cameras like SENS8 home wifi camera or Amcrest ip4m-1051 or Foscam R4 home wifi camera for two way communication but it is just a one way audio for listening, audio recording.

As a summary for this Lorex 16 channel NVR system kit the list below highlights this security bundle.


  • Top-of-the-line Lorex LNK7000 up to 4k resolution NVR system series
  • 16 channel security camera system with built-in 16-port POE switch
  • Supports H.265 compression format
  • Comes with preinstalled 3TB HD storage (up to 12TB)
  • Includes 8pcs of 5mp outdoor bullet model camera
  • Supports color night vision up to 130 ft range
  • Audio IN for voice recording
  • IP67 weatherproof solid metalhousing

This Lorex 16 channel surveillance system kit is tagged with lower budget around $900 in the market including 8 UTP cables. Compare with Amcrest 16 channel NVR system kit which is tagged around $400 higher price than Lorex.

Lorex vs Amcrest 16 channel NVR

Now I present another surveillance module offered by Amcrest and the following two spec comparison tables help you see the differences (if any) between the products. Table 1 shows you spec comparison table Lorex vs Amcrest outdoor security camera included in the bundle kit while table 2 helps you see spec comparison for Lorex vs Amcrest NVR system.

Amcrest 16 channel security system kit
Amcrest 16 channel security system kit


Both NVR systems are 16 channel surveillance system, however the apparent different is physically you can see the number of available POE ports on the rear module. Lorex comes with built-in 16-port POE switch but Amcrest comes with only 8-port.

Storage capacity is different, Lorex offers larger storage space up to 12TB while Amcrest only half (6TB).

Both NVR system support H.265 compression format, it’s a must since both supports recording video up to 4k resolution that is large file to flood your network that might cause network latency. So that’s why you need to compress the file using H.265 compression format, 50% more efficient than standard H.264 format.


Amcrest offers high resolution 4k cameras (Amcrest ip8m-2493) with 16x digital zoom while Lorex offers only 5mp cameras (LKB353 bullet model) with color night vision. Lorex cameras support audio IN for one way listening but Amcrest cameras don’t.

Not much different actually, bullet vs dome model, Lorex with audio IN support and local memory storage for Amcrest and other features nearly the same such as IP67 rated weatherproof, POE ready and both are Onvif compliant.  

Should you require expanding the cameras with Amcrest you need to purchase separate POE switch, while Lorex is ready with built-in 16-port POE switch.   

Table 1. Lorex vs Amcrest cameras

Camera model Lorex LKB353A Amcrest IP8M-2493EW
Resolution 5mp (2592 x 1944) @15 fps UltraHD 4K 8M- resolution (3840×2160) with Sony IMX274 Starvis Sensor progressive scanning image sensor
Field of view angle 105 degree 69~112 degree with 16x digital zoom
H.265 support Yes Yes
Night vision up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting (CNV) and 90ft (27m) in total darkness 98 ft night vision
Audio Audio IN with built-in Microphone N/A
POE Yes Yes
Local memory Storage N/A Micro SD card memory slot up to 128GB; 4 hours free cloud storage
Outdoor IP66 weatherproof with Weatherproof Ethernet connector cover for a protective seal against the elements heavy-duty, weatherproof IP67 metal housing and IK10 vandal-resistant dome

Table 2 Lorex vs Amcrest NVR system

Model Lorex LNK7216 Amcrest NV4116E-HS
NVR system 16 channel with built-in 16-port POE switch 16 channel with built-in 8-port POE switch
Resolution Up to 8mp /4k with H.265/H.264 format Up to 8mp /4k with H.265 format
Video output VGA; HDMI up to 4k resolution VGA; HDMI up to 4k resolution
Storage 3TB preinstalled; up to 2x 6TB (12TB) 4TB included; up to 6TB
Auto firmware update Yes Unspecified
Onvif Yes Yes
Playback Multiple channels up to 8mp 16-Channel @ 1080p/4-Channel 3MP/4MP/3-Channel 5MP/2-Channel 6MP/2-Channel 8MP
Price (includes 8 cameras) $899.99 $1,289.99

Price difference is significant between the two surveillance kits. Lorex 16 channel NVR system with 8pcs 5mp cameras is tagged with around $400 lower price than Amcrest. Amcrest that consists of 16 channel surveillance system with 8pcs 4k security cameras is tagged with the price around $1,290 in Amazon. Click the product links below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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