Lorex Vs Amcrest 2K Outdoor POE Camera

Lorex introduces couples of 2K high video resolution 4MP bullet model IP camera including Lorex LNE4422B mini dome, Lorex LNB4321 bullet model camera and both are featuring color night vision, weatherproof IP66 rated ideal for both indoor and outdoor. Let’s focus on Lorex LNB4321 and compare it with Amcrest IP4M-1026.

What this lnb4321 does

Lorex lnb4321 is one of new release which supports color night vision with CNV technology to allow you view night vision in color, one of popular 2k resolution camera in the market.

CNV technology

The new technology that is offered by Lorex today is the CNV (color night vision) technology that allows you to view the night vision in color instead of traditionally in black and white. Lorex LNB4321 is one of new Lorex products that features color night vision. This is one of excellent features over competing vendors which still use traditional black and white night vision video like Amcrest, Hikvision and still more in the same class.

See also popular dome model outdoor cameras that feature black and white night vision.

Generally all the camera with night vision feature automatically shift from full color to black and white video when the lighting condition shifts from day to night time. With color vision at night, you have a better and more detail image quality. You can easily recognize the face, clothes, skin and license plates in color rather than in black and white video, as long as there is still ambient light around.

High resolution

Larger number of pixels provides deeper image detail and lower noise even when you zoom in with multiple zoom factor. Some models of IP camera come with varifocal lens to allow you adjusting the field of view by zooming in and out dynamically. However, static varifocal lens can be adjusted manually to fit your view angle need. See also various models of 5MP varifocal lens camera.

Lorex LNB4321 is a high resolution 2K bullet model IP outdoor POE camera providing high resolution recording of up to 4MP or 2K (2688×1520 pixels) @20 fps (frame per second), multiple times higher resolution than HD 720p wireless bullet camera product (Lorex LW3211). See also comparison between Lorex and Amcrest HD bullet wireless camera.

Lorex LNB4321 and other new Lorex products with color night vision feature will become competing products against existing popular products available in the market today. You may also interested in security camera kits with color night vision offered by Laview, see here Laview vs Lorex 8 channel dvr security system.

Lorex LNB4321 2K Video Resolution Camera (~$88.00)


  • Fixed lens 3.6 mm with bigger aperture F2.0
  • 2K video resolution, high resolution of 4MP (2688 x 1520 pixels) @20fps
  • Field of view angle 83 degree
  • 850nm IR LED distance up to 130 ft (40m) ambient light and up to 90 ft(27m) for complete darkness
  • CNV (color night vision) technology in ambient light
  • POE support
  • IP66 rated weatherproof ideal for outdoor

With POE support you can easily place the camera in location where no power outlet is available, you just need to run a single UTP network cable (CAT5e or CAT6 type) from the camera to the POE switch or POE injector for both video data and power cable.

You may also like camera system with wired-free, see also Arlo VMK-3200-100NAS outdoor camera system.

Lorex vs Amcrest

Amcrest offers various models of dome and bullet model camera such as Amcrest IP4M-1025 4MP bullet camera, another series of Amcrest IP4M-1026E bullet model camera and Amcrest 3MP outdoor POE dome camera. Which one is suitable to meet your need between Lorex LNB4321 and Amcrest IP4M-1026 bullet model outdoor POE cameras?

Amcrest IP4M-1026 4MP camera
Amcrest IP4M-1026 4MP camera (~$100)


Both cameras offer the same fixed lens type with different focal length and aperture. Lorex offers slightly longer focal length and wider diaphragm (f/2.0) to allow more lights come through the camera, better in low light conditions. Amcrest comes with Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor with 2.8mm and F2.4, slightly shorter focal length than Lorex.

See also comparison between Arlo vs Amcrest vs Vimtag POE camera with Amcrest 4mm fixed lens.

Both cameras offer the same video recording resolution of up to 4MP but different field of view angle. Lorex offers 83 degree while Amcrest offers 118 degree horizontal field of view angle.

Night vision

One of the distinct features that Lorex offers is the CNV technology to allow you still view the night vision in color rather than black and white like other traditional cameras with night vision feature.  This technology provides color night vision while there is still ambient light, in completely dark the camera provides black and white vision.

Other features and spec differences can be shown in the following spec comparison table between Lorex and Amcrest bullet model outdoor cameras.

Table 1 Lorex LNB4321 Vs Amcrest IP4M-1026E Outdoor POE Camera

 Lorex LNB4321Amcrest IP4M-1025E
LensFixed lens 3.6mm F2.0


1/3” CMOS sensor

Fixed lens 2.8mm F2.4


1/3” Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor

Resolution4MP (2688 x 1520 pixels) @20fps4MP (2688 x 1520 pixels) @30fps
Field of view (horizontal)83 degree118 degree
Night VisionIR LED type = 850nm


Range 130ft (40m) ambient light / 90ft (27m) completely dark

30 IR LEDs


Range up to 98 ft (30m)

Color Night VisionYes, CNV (color night vision) technology


Switched to B/W for completely darkness

No, B/W
Outdoor featureYes, IP66 ratedYes, IP67 rated
POEYes, POE class 3 / 12V DCYes,
Price (Aug 2018 in Amazon)$88.00$99.99

To learn more details about features and manufacturer’s description and price in Amazon:


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