Lorex Vs Amcrest Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Lorex LW3211 series wireless outdoor security camera connect to compatible Lorex DVR. Many people are wondering whether to choose Lorex or Amcrest wireless security cameras. Both vendors offer various models of security camera. Take a look at popular Amcrest IP2M-842 outdoor wireless security camera for comparison with Lorex LW3211.

What this product does

Analog camera and IP camera is different. Typically analog camera doesn’t perform video processing in the camera but in the connected DVR unit. On the other hand IP camera including Amcrest IP2M-842 we would like to compare with performs the video processing tasks in the camera.


720p Night vision camera

Lorex LW3211 is an analog camera with high resolution of up to 720p HD with night vision feature and range distance is up to 135 ft (41m) in ambient night and up to 90 ft(20m) for complete darkness. The camera comes with built-in wifi that connects the camera to the receiver with SignalGuard technology to assure solid wifi connection. This camera can only connect to compatible Lorex MPX DVR such as Lorex HV1000 Series and DV700 LHV2000 Series, no hassle of running coaxial cable to DVR unit, all connection via wifi signal.


Lorex LW3211 is a weatherproof camera with vandal resistant Polycarbonate housing, ideal for outdoor placement no data cabling needed. However you still need to provide power connection to the camera. If you require outdoor camera with completely free-wire, you may consider Netgear Arlo security camera system which consists of 3x Arlo wire-free outdoor camera and Arlo Q Plus indoor camera.

Take a look at the following Lorex LW3211 main features and click the technical spec details for comprehensive description from the manufacturer on the next following link.


Lorex LW3211 wireless outdoor camera


  • High resolution of HD 720p with advanced video compression
  • Night vision camera – range distance up to 135 ft (41m)
  • Built-in wifi with SIgnalGuard technology for automatically reconnecting in case of signal drops
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology to reduce signal conflicts with competing signals
  • Connect to compatible Lorex MPX recorders
  • Weatherproof camera with vandal resistant polycarbonate housing ideal for outdoor
  • High gain antennas provide up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range

With features as listed above, this product is tagged with the price around $125 almost the same price as those competing products such as Amcrest IP2M-842 and Foscam FI9900P series.

Lorex Vs Amcrest

Wondering which one is suitable to meet your business need, take a look at the following spec comparison table to help you deciding which one is to purchase.


Both camera are built on fixed lens 3.6mm CMOS with different resolution. Lorex LW3211 offers high resolution of up to 720p while Amcrest 842 offers higher resolution of up to 1080p. How significant different is  between 720p and 1080p? have a look the following resolution comparison diagram for different image resolution.

comparison of image resolution

comparison of image resolution

See that 1080p resolution is providing larger image details, the larger resolution is better image detail such as those top 5 dome IP cameras.


Both cameras come with wifi connection design, however there is significant difference between the two products. Lorex with built-in wifi and Signal-guard technology connect to the DVR unit via wifi transceiver. Amcrest is IP camera with built-in 802.11b/g/n standard connects wirelessly to your existing home wifi network or connect through wired UTP cable to the network where your NVR unit is connected.

So if you don’t have wireless network in homes, Lorex LW3211 and DVR unit is the solution even though the system can work side by side with your home network. Amcrest and NVR unit is a better solution if wifi network has been in place.


Lorex LW3211 can only connect to compatible Lorex DVR such as LHV1000 series and LHV2000 series, you cannot connect to other third party system. Amcrest is ONVIF compliant product so you can connect to any ONVIF compliant NVR unit including Amcrest NVR and you can combine with other Amcrest HD 3MP Dome camera or Amcrest 4MP bullet camera and any other ONVIF compliant cameras.

The rest of feature differences can be shown in the following features comparison table that compares Lorex LW3211 and Amcrest IP2M-842 IP camera.

Table 1. Lorex LW3211 Vs Amcrest IP2M-842

  Lorex LW3211 Amcrest IP2M-842
Lens Fixed lens 3.6mm CMOS 1/3” 3MP CMOS

Fixed lens 3.6 mm

Resolution 25 fps @720p Max 25/30fps@1080P (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Angle of view 78 degree 72 degree
Night vision Yes, 18 IR LEDs

up to 135ft (41m) in ambient night environments and up to 90ft ( 27m) away in complete darkness.


Distance up to 98 ft (30 m)

Compression Advanced video compression H.264 & MJPEG
Compatibility Only connect to Lorex DVR:

LHV1000 Series 720p HD DVRs

DV700 LHV2000 Series 1080p HD DVRs

Storage No internal memory slot (analog camera),

DVR storage

No internal memory slot

Cloud storage services

Remote viewing Yes, FLIR Cloud remote connectivity to the Lorex DVR – supports QR Code scan Yes, connect to Amcrest NVR and Amcrest cloud – supports QR Code scan
Connection Built-in wifi with FHSS technology and with high gain antenna

Range up to 165 ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range

Ethernet RJ45 10/100Mbps

Wifi 802.11 b/g/n range up to 50m open field

Outdoor IP66 weatherproof rating, and a vandal-resistant polycarbonate housing IP66 rated
Price $124 $120


To learn more detail about each of the product, click the following links:


Lorex LW3211 is an outdoor wireless security camera with resolution of 720p HD that can connect to only Lorex compatible DVR unit. While Amcrest IP2M-842 is a wireless outdoor IP camera with high resolution of 1080p and is ONVIF compliant product that can connect to any ONVIF compliant NVR units.

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