Lorex Vs GW Security 32 Channel NVR System

Lorex and GW Security two surveillance vendors that offer large scale 32 channel NVR system kit. When your business requirement needs up to 32 points to monitor, you may consider either Lorex or GW Security 32 channel nvr system kits.  We’ll discuss briefly about the latest Lorex NR900 series product before comparing it with GW Security.

Lorex NR900 series

When your business is growing and you find that the requirement of more spots to monitor exist while at the other side adding more IP cameras to your existing NVR system is not possible, it is time to consider upgrading your existing security camera system with large number of channel NVR system of Lorex NR900x series system kit that supports up to 32 channels. This series is one of best 32 channel high bandwidth nvr system.

32 Ch Up to 960 fps @4k

The frame rate per second of video with real time motion is when the video security camera can provide a frame rate of @ 30 fps; the video performance is smooth like normal human movement. And Lorex nr900 series supports recording with frame rates up to 960 fps @ up to 4K on all 32 channels. Connect up to 32 security cameras that can provide video resolutions up to 4k @ 30fps simultaneously.

Lorex NR9326 32 channel nvr
Lorex NR9326 32 channel nvr system

This 32 channel nvr system comes with built-in 16-port POE switch, so you need to purchase separate 16-port POE switch in addition to the built-in POE switch.


For security needs at home, probably you only need one or two security cameras and now there are lots of outdoor wifi security camera products that are equipped with local memory storage in the camera and also cloud storage services that make it easy for you to remotely playback the video footages via your mobile device, such as Amcrest ash26 or Arlo Pro 3 floodlight. What about security system with large numbers of security camera in your business environment such as high security mining or process plant projects? Lorex nr900 series supports hard disk storage up to 16TB, large enough to records events detection snapshots.

Here is the highlights of this Lorex NR900x series you can consider, and connect up to 32 4k outdoor poe security cameras.


  • 32 channel NVR system with 4k support on all channels with Linux OS
  • Record rate 32ch: 960fps @720p/1080p/3MP/4MP/8MP
  • Comes with built-in 16-port POE switch with automatically detect connected IP cameras on the network
  • Pentaplex Operation – view, record, playback, back up & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • High capacity storage up to 2x 8TB disk (16TB HDD) with mirror hard drive recording for backup footages
  • Support VGA and HDMI video output up to 4k resolution on 4k TV
  • Convenient front panel button controls and accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Playback Channel 1CH/4CH@4K, 8CH@4MP, 16CH@2MP
  • Automatic online firmware update  

In the market, Lorex offers few packages of 32 channel nvr system kits that come with various models of POE security cameras ranging from 4MP resolution up to 4k resolution cameras. One of these kits is the one we will discuss here that consists of Lorex NR9326 32 channel nvr system plus 32pcs of Lorex LNE4172SB dome 2k security camera with color night vision.

Lorex LNE4172SB

With the included 32pcs of Lorex Lne4172sb camera, you have all available 32 channels are occupied by connected cameras.

Lorex NR900x series with 32x lne4172
Lorex NR900x series with 32x lne4172

Lorex lne4172sb is one of affordable 2k @20 fps security poe camera that supports color night vision in ambient light. Of course it’s not as low light as possible as those starlight camera that can still provides color night vision as low as 0.001lux low light such as Hikvision colorvu or Dahua color night vision camera. However, with the addition of ambient light this camera will provide color night vision with Lorex Color Night Vision technology.


  • High definition 4MP (2K) @20 fps POE outdoor security cameras with H.265 compression format support
  • True HDR and 46dB S/N ratio
  • Fixed lens 2.8mm f/2.0 with 104 degree field of view angle
  • Color night vision in ambient lights up to 0.38lux and switch to B/W night vision with IR LEDS range up to 130 ft
  • IP66 rated weatherproof
  • POE support
  • ONVIF profiles S & T approved


  • No audio
  • HDR not true WDR

Lorex with this bundle comes with Lorex 4K Ultra HD NR9326 Series NVR System with 32pcs dome 2K LNE4172SB IP cameras and preinstalled 6TB hard disk storage, and this bundle is tagged with the price around $3,339.99 in Amazon.

Now we’ll compare with another package offered by GW Security below. See also comparisons of featured security camera products with various camera models between GW Security and Lorex – click the following link GW Security vs Lorex Security Camera.

Lorex vs GW Security 32Ch NVR

One of most popular 32 channel nvr system kits available in the market is offered by GW Security. This package comes with 32ch NVR system plus 32pcs of varifocal outdoor poe 4k starlight security cameras that support color night vision.

GW Security 32 Channel 4K NVR 8MP H.265+ IP Starlight Security Camera System
GW Security 32 Channel 4K NVR 8MP H.265+ IP Starlight Security Camera System with 32 Varifocal Zoom 8.0 MP Smart AI Cameras, Face Detection

Take a look at the following two spec comparison tables for Lorex vs GW security 32 channel nvr systems. Table 1 shows you NVR’s spec and feature differences between Lorex and GW Security, while table 2 shows you camera’s spec and feature differences between the two included cameras.

32 Channel NVR System

Both Lorex and GW offer the same number of channels, however maximum resolution the system can support is different. GW offers recording resolution up to 12MP security camera resolution, while Lorex is only up to 8MP camera resolution.

Compression format

The compression format both the NVR system can support is also different, even though they both support the same H.265 compression format, however GW Security offers one level higher level of H,265+. The H.265 format can save storage up to 60% more efficient than standard H.264 format, moreover the data transmission is also smaller so to save bandwidth and reduce network latency.

With H.265+ compression format, you can save approximate 50% bit rate than standard H. 265, so you will have very efficient bandwidth and hard disk storage with H.265+ compression format. Fortunately, with this GW Security kit both NVR unit and the included cameras support H.265+ compression format.  

POE Switch

Lorex NR9326 comes with built-in 16-port POE switch so you need to purchase separate one unit 16-port POE Switch, but GW GW7832N doesn’t. So with GW Security you need to purchase separate two POE switches, however in this package GW includes two units of 16-port POE switch to support all 32 channels of the system.

Storage capacity

Many more advantages offered by GW compared to the package offered by Lorex, and indeed the price offered is also much different. One other difference is the storage capacity of each nvr unit including the compression format they can support. GW provides storage support up to a maximum of 24TB hard disk storage, compared to Lorex which is only up to a maximum of 16TB.

See more detailed spec differences between Lorex and GW security NVR units presented on the following table 1 below.

Table 1 Lorex nr900 vs GW Security

NVR ModelLorex NR9326GW Security GW7832N
Recording resolution32ch: 960fps @720p/1080p/3MP /4MP/8MPFull 4K @30fps (Up to 12MP) 960fps all channels
POEBuilt-in 16-port POE switchTwo separate 16-port POE Switch
Compression formatH.264/ H.265H.265+
Video outputVGA and HDMI up toHDMI (4K) & VGA (1080P)
Playback1CH/4CH@4K,  8CH@4MP, 16CH@2MPup to 12MP 16ch @1080p
StorageUp to 2 HDDs (SATA) Maximum Capacity Up to 2×8TB (16TB Max) Preinstalled 6TB2CH SATA, support up to 12TB each. Total capacity: up to 24TB 8TB preinstalled
Alarm4x Alarm IN 2x Alarm OUTAlarm: 8 input/1 output


Table 2 below shows spec different between Lorex and GW Security POE outdoor cameras. The apparent different is the resolution between the two cameras, the 2K resolution offered by Lorex LNE4172SB and 4k resolution offered by GW GW8837IP.

Color night vision

GW Security GW8837IP uses Sony Starvis Starlight image sensor that provides you vivid color day and night, in low light up to 0.01lux still provides you color night vision and much better with available ambient light around the property you need to monitor.

With Lorex LNE4172SB, you can also view color night vision even in low light down to 0.38lux, however you need higher light intensity for ambient light for better color night vision.

Varifocal lens

Lorex comes fixed lens; on the other hand GW comes with varifocal optical manual lens. With manual varifocal optical lens you need to adjust the focal length manually as needed, as opposed to motorized optical lens that let you customizing the zoom on the fly via your monitor system or via your mobile device with the app like the PTZ outdoor cameras. See also best auto tracking PTZ outdoor cameras, see also Imporx 30x auto tracking cameras.      

AI face recognition

Lorex LNE4172SB features standard motion detection like other security camera in general. While GW GW8837IP features Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology with up to 15 smart AI functions including face recognition, line crossing, parking detection and still more. With this rich features, GW security GW8837IP is tagged around $275 /unit.

Take a look more details with the following spec comparison table between Lorex and GW Security outdoor cameras.

Table 2 Lorex vs GW Security outdoor cameras

ModelLorex LNE4172SBGW Security GW8837IP
Resolution2k (2688 x 1520) @20 fps4K (3840 x 2160) @15fps, 5MP (2592 x 2048) @30fps
Image sensor1/3” 4MP image sensorIMX274 Sony Starvis Starlight technology + Hi3516AV200 DSP
Compression formatH.264 / H.265H.264 /H.264+ /H.265 /H.265+
Minimum illumination0.38 lux without IR  0.28 lux with IR0.01lux(Color), 0lux(IR on)
Lens2.8mm f/2.0 fixed lensVarifocal lens 2.8mm ~ 12mm
Field of view angle104 degree horizontal120 degree (Wide) ~ 20 degree (Tele)
ZoomN/A4x Optical manual zoom 20x digital zoom
Night visionColor night vision in ambient light IR LEDs range 130ftStarlight Color night vision in low light of starlight   30x IR LEDs range up to 200ft
POEYes, PoE (Power over Ethernet) / 12V DCYes,
Smart featuresMotion detection15 AI smart function including face recognition, line crossing, ROI, ets  
HousingIP66 weatherproofIP66 weatherproof
Price (Aug 2020 in Amazon) for NVR and 32pcs cameras$3,339.99$5,599.00

With the requirement of up to 32 security cameras, Lorex NR900x series with 32x 2k security cameras is appropriate to support your business. However, should you require 4k resolution with rich security camera features GW Security kit is preferred than Lorex.

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