Lorex Vs GW Security 32 Channel NVR System

Lorex and GW Security offer large scale 32 channel NVR system kit, It is suitable for industries that need up to 32 points of monitoring area. We’ll also discuss similar product offered by Lorex and make comparison between the two systems.

32 channel NVR

When your business is growing and you find that the requirement of more spots to monitor exist while at the other side adding more IP cameras to your existing NVR system is not possible, you will find yourself regretted having bought less channel NVR system.

For example, with your existing 16-channel NVR system such as Reolink 16 channel NVR system or LaView 16 channel security system in some cases you find it difficult to add more cameras when 16 ports has been occupied. It is therefore selecting 24-channel or 32 channel NVR system is more advantages than 16 channel NVR system.

See also featured security camera product comparisons with various camera models between GW Security and Lorex – click this link GW Security vs Lorex Security Camera.

Lorex NR800 System

When requirement of more than 16 cameras exists, purchasing 24 channel or 32 channel NVR system is more advantage. Lorex offers NR800 32 channel NVR camera system with built-in 16-port POE switch. You’ll see that GW security comes with built-in 8-port POE switch.

In some models of wireless NVR system, you can find that they don’t come with built-in POE switch but the wifi system. However, all DVR systems come with built-in BNC connections with the same number of the channel DVR can support, for example affordable 8 channel A-Zone DVR system; or Lorex and CIB DVR system.

Up to 4MP resolution

Lorex NR800 can record and live view in 1080p resolution, 3MP and 4MP resolution. You can add up to 32 compatible IP cameras, and this 32 channel NVR system kit comes with 12x Lorex bullet cameras and 8x Lorex Dome cameras.

Remote view

Today’s camera system technology gives you the easiness in configuring remote view, you can connect and live view the connected cameras to the NVR system easily with FLIR cloud remote view technology offered by Lorex. Few vendors offer easy to configure remote view P2P technology such as GW Security.

Lorex 32 channel NVR system

To list long listing spec features and description of this Lorex 32 channel camera system click the links at end of the article, while below lists the main features of this product.

Main features

  • Lorex 32 channel IP NVR system with included 6TB HDD
  • Comes with built-in 16-port POE switch and 16-port POE switch addition
  • Record and live view in 1080p, 3MP or 4MP recording resolution @30 fps
  • Convenient front view and dual video output (HDMI and VGA)
  • Pentaplex operation – view, record, playback, backup & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • 3 step remote view with FLIR cloud technology
  • Motion detection and alerts
  • Comes with 12x bullet cameras LNB3373 and 8x dome LND3374 cameras
  • All weatherproof 1080p cameras and IK10 vandal resistant
  • Support night vision with range up to 140 ft (43m)
  • Remotely adjustable 33 ~ 93 degree field of view

That’s a short version list of Lorex NR800 32 channel NVR system spec and features, for the full version of manufacturer’s description, NVR specs and both types of IP camera’s spec click the link below:

Click here for Lorex 32 channel camera system kit

Now let’s take one of other security camera system kits from different vendors say GW Security for comparison, both are 32 channel system kit and the price tagged is nearly the same.

Lorex vs GW Security 32Ch NVR

Take a look at the following two spec comparison table for Lorex vs GW security 32 channel nvr system. Table 1 shows you NVR’s spec and feature differences between Lorex and GW Security. table 2 shows camera’s spec and feature differences between the two included cameras.

GW Security 32 channel


Both Lorex and GW offer the same number of channel, however maximum resolution the system can support is different. GW offers recording resolution up to 4K (8MP) camera resolution, while Lorex is only up to 4MP camera resolution.

GW offers new H.265 compression format which is 60% more optimal than standard H.264 compression format. With higher ratio of compression format H.265 is ideal for large scale NVR system in corporate network to reduce network latency.

Built-in POE port is also different, GW offers less ports than Lorex. However they also come with separate POE switch.

Table 1 Lorex vs GW Security NVR

ModelNR800 seriesGW3232
Channel32 channel32 channel
Recording resolution1080p, 3MP or 4MP @30 fps each channel4K / 8MP /5MP / 4MP/ 3MP @30 fps each channel
POE portsBuilt-in 16-port POE switch


Plus 16-port POE switch

Built-in 8-port POE switch


Plus 2x 16-port POE switch

Compression supportH.264H.265
Video outputDual HDMI and VGADual HDMI and VGA
StoragePreinstalled 6TB HDDPreinstalled 8TB HDD
Motion detection and alertsYesYes
Remote viewYes, with FLIR cloudYes, P2P and QR Code scan
Included camera12x Lorex bullet 1080p camera


8x dome 1080p cameras

16x bullet and 16x dome 5MP HD 1920 weatherproof cameras
Price including cameras$5,150.00$5,499.00


The maximum resolution GW Security can support is up to 8MP, and the included cameras are 5MP resolution with varifocal lens providing field of view angle ranging from 22~115 degree. While Lorex offers you included camera with up to 2MP camera resolution. And see that optical zoom is also slightly different, and slightly different in night vision range.

Table 2 Lorex vs GW cameras

ModelLNB 3373 Bullet


LND3374 Dome

GW5085 Bullet


GW5075 Dome

Camera resolution1080p / 2MP5MP
field of view angle33~93 degree remotely adjustable2.8~12mm motorized varifocal lens


22~115 degree

Optical zoom3x optical zoom4x optical zoom
Night visionYes, range up to 140 ft (43m)Yes, range up to 120 ft (bullet) / 80 ft (dome)
OutdoorIP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistantIP66 weatherproof

To learn more spec, manufacturer’s description, current price and rating in Amazon, click each of the product below.

See that with slightly price difference, GW Security 32 channel offers higher resolution system and included cameras compared with Lorex.

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