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Business Class Lorex 32 Channel NVR kit vs GW Security Which One Gives You Best Value

Lorex and GW Security are two surveillance camera vendors that offer large-scale 32-channel NVR system kits. If your business requires security surveillance of up to 32 zones, you might consider Lorex or GW Security 32 channel nvr system kit.

Lorex vs GW Security 4k Kits

Which of these two security camera system kits you may consider to meet your business surveillance needs? Both vendors offer various 32 channel surveillance kits you may consider and this article will discuss best value Lorex NC4K8-3216 32 channel camera kits and compared it with GW Security GW7832N 32 channel kits.

We will start by comparing the recording units (NVR units) between the two products and then comparing the security cameras included in the bundle.

Lorex N882A38B vs GW Security GW7832N 32CH

In both of these surveillance kits each comes with a 32 channel network video recording (NVR) unit with preinstalled hard disk. To find out which of the two has a spec that meets your business needs then compare each camera included in this kit. As a reference, please use table 1 below.

Lorex 32 channel 4k kits
Lorex 32 channel 4k kits

POE Switch

Both of these nvr units are 32 channels and support poe camera connections, for that both recorder units require a poe switch up to 32 ports for a full connection of up to 32 cameras. There are different configurations for each unit; lorex has come with a built-in 16-port poe switch so it requires an external 16-port poe switch for full 32 cameras. Although in the kit offered, Lorex only provides 16pcs outdoor poe cameras so that in the future you can add up to 16 cameras that are compatible with this nvr unit.

Unlike the lorex N882A38B nvr unit, Gw security is not equipped with a built-in poe switch but it does provide two separate / external 16-port poe switches. And in this surveillance package, Gw security provides 32x outdoor poe cameras so that all poe switch ports are fully occupied.

GW Security 32 channels 4k kits
GW Security 32 channels 4k kits

With two external poe switches, there are more devices in the control room. However, if the position where you place all the connected cameras far apart in two groups, then there is an advantage so that you can place each of the poe switches in two different location so the network cable that enters the recording unit room is only one or two UTP cables. Unlike the NVR unit which has a built-in 16-port poe switch, 16 UTP network cables will be cluttering around in the control room. Moreover, if you also place additional poe switch in one room, there will be 32 network cables are cluttering around in the control room.

Now you may consider these poe switches as well, are all the cameras spread over two groups of far apart location or are all of them converging on the same control room.


For home security needs, probably you only need one or two security cameras and today you can find that home security cameras come with built-in local memory storage and some require cloud storage services that make it easy for you to remotely playback the video footages via your mobile devices with the compliant app.

What about security system with large numbers of security camera in your business environment such as high security mining projects, process plants, large warehouses, apartments, large blocks of business offices? Lorex N882A38B and GW Security GW7832Nseries support hard disk storage up to 20TB and 24TB respectively, large enough to record video snapshots of event detections you can playback later.

The good thing with both nvr systems is they support latest H.265 compression format that is 60% more efficient than legacy H.264 one in hard disk storage. even GW security gw7832 support more recent H.265+. With H.265+ compression format, you can save approximate 50% bit rate than standard H. 265, so you will have very efficient bandwidth and hard disk storage with H.265+ compression format. Fortunately, with this GW Security kit both NVR unit and the included cameras support H.265+ compression format. 

Assure that all connected security cameras support the same H.265 compression format too so the use of the hard disk is more efficient

Smart features

GW Security GW7832N is rich in smart features; look at the smart features row on the table. Not just person and vehicle detection but all security concerns features most business environments require including perimeter and behavior event detection.    

If your connected security cameras feature these smart features, thanks to this GW7832N nvr system that support various smart features.  

Table 1 Lorex vs GW Security 32CH NVR

NVR ModelLorex N882A38BGW Security GW7832N
Channel #32 channel32 Channel
Recording resolution32ch: 960fps @720p/1080p/3MP /4MP/8MPFull 4K @30fps (Up to 12MP) 960fps all channels
BandwidthUnknown256Mbps incoming 256Mbps Outgoing
POEBuilt-in 16-port POE switch; Separate 16-port POE switchseparate two units 16-port POE Switch
Compression formatH.264/ H.265H.265+
Video outputVGA 1080p and HDMI up to 4kHDMI (4K) & VGA (1080P)
Playback1CH/4CH@4K,  8CH@4MP, 16CH@2MPup to 12MP 16ch @1080p
StorageUp to 2 HDDs (SATA) Maximum Capacity Up to 2 x 10 TB (20TB Max) Preinstalled 8TB2CH SATA, support up to 12TB each. Total capacity:
up to 24TB 8TB preinstalled
Smart featuresSupports person and vehicle detectionSupports Face Detection, People Gathering Detection,
Blurred detection, Scene change detection, Audio exception
detection, Area Intrusion, Line crossing, Region Entrance /Region Exiting, Fast Moving, Object Missing, Unattended
Object, Loitering Detection, Parking Detection
Alarm4x Alarm IN 2x Alarm OUTAlarm: 8 input/1 output

Lorex vs GW Security cameras

Table 2 below shows spec differences between Lorex E841CA and GW Security GW8150IP POE outdoor cameras.

Both models of camera are 4k resolution @15 fps, but Lorex only supports digital WDR instead of true WDR (wide dynamic range). The WDR feature is the capability of the camera to challenge the condition of both bright light and shadow within the frame to produce balanced image, not under exposed or over exposed condition.

Both security camera models support color night vision in ambient light, while in fully darkness the camera will switch to black / white night vision with IR LEDs. See also Hikvision vs Dahua color night vision cameras.

Varifocal lens

On a camera with a fixed lens there is only one focal length and one view angle, it is a fixed lens you can’t adjust the focal length or the field of view angle. Unlike fixed lens, the security camera that comes with varifocal lens allows you to adjust the focal length so that the field of the view angle also follows the focal length. There are two types of varifocal lens, manual or motorized varifocal lenses. With manual varifocal lens you need to adjust the camera field of view angle as needed manually by using screwdriver on the camera.

Unlike Lorex E841CA that comes with fixed lens, GW Security gw8150ip comes with varifocal motorized lens with 4x optical motorized zoom that allows you to change the focal length on the fly via your mobile device with the app or via your nvr system with the video monitor. .   

Security cameras with optical motorized zoom are generally tagged with more expensive than standard cameras with fixed lens.   

Smart features

If you rely on motion detection feature in general, there will be a lot of false positive alerts, there could be a pet crossing the detection zone and trigger unnecessary alerts. For this reason, cameras need to be equipped with smarter human and vehicle detection feature to reduce false positive alerts. Gw security gw8150ip offers AI features that only detect humans and vehicles.

Take a look at more spec differences table below, and see that gw815iP offers richer features than Lorex e841ca.

Table 2 Lorex vs GW Security outdoor cameras

ModelLorex E841CAGW Security GW8150IP
Resolution3840 x 2160 at 15 fps 2592 x 1944 at 30 fps4K (3840 x 2160) @15fps, 5MP (2592 x 2048) @30fps
Image sensor8MP/4K ; ½.7” CMOS8MP ½.7inch progressive scan CMOS sensor
Compression formatH.264 / H.265H.264 /H.264+ /H.265 /H.265+
Minimum illuminationB/W 0Lux  0.01lux(Color), 0lux(IR on)
WDRHDR (digital WDR)True WDR &3D DNR
Lens2.8mm f/2.0 fixed lensVarifocal lens 2.8mm ~ 12mm
Field of view angle105 degree Horizontal113 degree (Wide) ~37 degree (Tele)
ZoomN/A4x Optical manual zoom 20x digital zoom
Night visionColor Night Vision with ambient light and up to
90ft (27.4m) IR night vision range in fully darkness; up to 130ft (40m) in low light  
Starlight Color night vision in low light of starlight  IR LEDs range up to 115ft
AudioN/ABuilt-in microphone
Local memory storageN/ABuilt-in Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128GB
POEYes, PoE 802.3af (DC 15 W)Yes, POE and 12 VDC ± 10%
Smart featuresMotion detectionAI Human and vehicle detection
HousingIP67 with aluminum alloy housingIP66 weatherproof
# cameras in the kit16pcs Lorex e841ca32pcs gw8150IP
Price (Nov  2021 in Amazon)$2,099.99 (with 16x cameras)$5,499.00 (with 32x cameras)

Lorex kit comes with 16pcs of cameras, if you need more 16 cameras addition for full 32 cameras which each camera is around $110, you need to pay around $3,860.0. Compare with GW Security kits that comes with richer features of nvr system and 32 pcs of richer features cameras, you need to pay more expensive price.

Click the product’s link below to read more details and shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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