Lorex 8 channel nvr System vs Reolink

One thing that sucks me with the security camera at night is when the glowing lights of IR LEDs that allow the camera to record night vision attracts the attention of flying insects coming to fly close to the camera lens so that the footage video becomes dirty with the shadow of the flying insects and the bad thing the false motion alerts.  

Unfortunately you can’t force the camera to turn off the IR LEDs at night to allow you to record in color with ambient lights around. Usually the camera automatically turns on IR LEDs when the light sensor detects the day to switch to the dark to be able to illuminate the surrounding with infrared lights and record it in black and white.

Lorex 4k 8 channel kits with Color Night Viion
Lorex 4k 8 channel kits with Color Night Viion

Lorex CNV

It is therefore Lorex introduces various models of IP security camera system with Color Night Vision (CNV) to allow you record and view the footage at night in color instead of black and white as long as there is still ambient light. With ambient lighting within the frame of monitoring area you need to cover you can enjoy color night vision. So you don’t need to worry of insects swarm in front of the camera that might cause false motion alerts.

Today, most of new Lorex camera series are designed with CNV technology for color night vision. You can mention Lorex lnz44p4b PTZ camera 2k outdoor POE camera with 4x optical zoom or Lorex Lnb9272 4k camera.

High quality result

With the development of image CMOS technology, 1080p camera resolution has no longer provided adequate image quality. While today you can get high-quality cameras with high resolution up to 8.0MP (aka 4k resolution) and even some models feature up to 12.0MP.

This Lorex 4k security camera system kit offers you 4k resolution camera system. it comes with LNR6100 8 channel 4K-Capable HD Network Video Recorder with built-in 8-port POE Switch and 6pcs of 4k Lorex LNB8005 bullet model cameras with amazing image quality result even when zoomed and the good thing is the color night vision feature in ambient light. 

With built-in 8-port switch and 6pcs of camera, you still have two more POE ports to allow you add more camera from any third party camera with Onvif compliant such as Amcrest ip8m-t2499 4k turret model or similar model by Lorex such as Lorex LNB9272 nocturnal series 4k camera.

This Lorex 4k security camera system kits is ideal for large homes or small business offices or retail stores that demand high resolution image detail.


  • Comes with high performance 8-channel 4k @30 fps NVR (network video recording) system with H.265 compression format support
  • Built-in 8-port POE Switch
  • Manage and control with Lorex Secure™ apps for live viewing, playback, video recording & snapshots via your mobile devices (iPhone / iPad / Android)
  • PC and Mac compatible Lorex Cloud™ video management software with remote management from anywhere
  • Up to 8TB high capacity storage, large capacity when motion detection is configured
  • Comes with 6pcs of LNB8005 4k with 88 degree wide angle view bullet model cameras with color night vision feature up to 130ft range with ambient light
  • POE and IP66 rated weatherproof

See that this surveillance system kit doesn’t come with pre-installed hard drive, you may also consider different model offered by Lorex with 6pcs camera LNB8111 bullet model camera with preinstalled 2TB hard drive.

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Lorex 8 Channel vs Reolink

As comparison you may also consider similar kit offered by Reolink. With the above Lorex 8 channel system kit doesn’t come with storage, this kit offered by Reolink is featuring preinstalled 2TB hard drive and 4pcs 4k bullet model POE outdoor cameras. This is the first model Reolink introduced to the market with 4k security camera systems.

Reolink 4k 8 Channel Security camera system
Reolink 4k 8 Channel Security camera system

The cons with Reolink system is that all the connected cameras are not Onvif compliant as so as the NVR system. I will discuss this security system kit later in another coming article.

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Related models

For high resolution 4k PTZ outdoor camera with 360 degree endless panning capability and tilting, you may consider one of 4k PTZ outdoor security camera such as the one offered Samsung Hanwa, Hikvision or USG.

Should you require more than 8 cameras you may consider 16 channel NVR system by Laview Lorex and Reolink.

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