lorex wireless ptz camera

Lorex W261AQC-E Indoor Wifi Camera

Lorex doesn’t produce many wifi home security cameras, simple security cameras for home needs that are connected to your existing home wifi network with fast and easy setup and most of the video footage data is stored on the camera’s internal memory or cloud storage.

There are three popular wifi home camera models released by Lorex, namely the W281AA wireless outdoor with spotlight as active deterrent security camera, W261ASC indoor, and W261aqc indoor full HD wifi camera. We’ll discuss Lorex W261aqc and compare it with Reolink E1 Zoom which looks the main competing product in the market for home usage.

Lorex w261aqc wireless ptz camera
Lorex w261aqc wireless ptz camera

Lorex W261aqc

The Lorex W261aqc is designed for indoor security camera to record video footage when there is person detection and the camera will send snapshot footage to your mobile device so you can find out what exactly is going on in your home’s doorway, windows, hallways, or nursery and pet.

Cover for privacy

What happen when you are at home? Of course you don’t expect this camera to continue to send snapshots to your mobile for any detected people at home, including yourself. So that’s why to cover your privacy while at home; the camera is equipped with a cover to close the camera so that it is not monitoring every movement of the people at home. Unless you are away or at night you can activate the camera to do its job.


A camera with a resolution of 1080p @ 30 fps is sufficient for the needs of an indoor security camera, and with your mobile device with the Lorex home app installed you can also have a pretty good and sharp live view including the ease of controlling panning, tilting and 16x digital zooming. With the 135 degree field of view angle feature, you can see almost the entire front view of the camera. While this camera is also equipped with full 360 degree endless panning horizontally and tilting vertically features that you can control via your mobile device.

However, if you compare with the competing product Reolink E1 Zoom this Lorex product is half the resolution of Reolink which is 5MP @20 fps but Lorex offers slightly higher frame rate @30 fps real time.


Lorex is equipped with a fixed lens with 2.8mm focal length and provides wide 112 degree horizontal view angle. And this camera is featured with 16x digital zoom. Digital zoom is a zoom feature that is done through software processing, of course the results are not as good as if the zoom feature is the result of optical zoom where zooming is done through optical engineering so that the results are as sharp as the original image, detail pixel image is noise free unlike in digital zoom. With digital zoom the higher the zoom in the higher the noise is produced in the image.

Compare with Reolink E1 Zoom which is equipped with 3x optical zoom, the zoom results are as beautiful and sharp as the original image, moreover Reolink has a resolution of up to 5MP. With 3x optical zoom your Reolink provides range of field of view angle from 48 degree (Tele) up to 98 degree (Wide angle).

Reolink E1 Zoom
Reolink E1 Zoom with 3x optical zoom

Reolink E1 Zoom with panning, tilting and optical zoom features is like those professional PTZ outdoor cameras which are typically used for business. See also best auto tracking outdoor ptz cameras.

Night vision

Both home wifi cameras feature black and white night vision with IR LEDs when totally darkness. With sufficient light you still can enjoy the color night vision. See also Reolink Lumus vs Lorex with color night vision.

Table 1 below shows you spec comparison table between Lorex W261aqc and Reolink E1 Zoom.

Table 1 Lorex vs Reolink home wifi cameras  

ModelLorex W261aqc-EReolink E1 Zoom
Camera resolution1080p @30 fps5MP (2560×1920)  @20 fps
Image sensor½.7” CMOS 2MP½.7” CMOS sensor 5MP
Lens2.8mm fixed lens f/2.0f=2.8-8mm Autofocus, F=1.6, with IR Cut
Field of view angleHorizontal FOV 112° Diagonal FOV 135° Vertical FOV 59°Horizontal: 48° – 98° Vertical: 37° – 75°
Zoom16x digital zoom3x Optical zoom
Night vision850nm Infrared Night vision, range up to 33ft (10m)  10x  IR LEDs 850nm range up to 40ft (12m)
AudioTwo way with built-in speaker and microphoneTwo way with built-in speaker and microphone
StorageUp to 256 GB microSD, Class 10 or HigherMicro SD Card
Event alertsPerson detection with push notification from Lorex Home appMotion detection
Other featuresPersonal mode by covering the camera Works with Alexa and Google assistant  Works with Google assistant

The price between the two products are not much different, Lorex is tagged with higher price than Reolink E1 zoom. Click the link below to SHOP the product in Amazon.

Click here to SHOP Lorex W261aqc

Click here to SHOP Reolink e1 Zoom

To support more outdoor security cameras you may consider 8 channel camera system offers by Lorex or Reolink. See also Reolink vs Lorex 8ch 4k NVR system kit, and also various models of spec comparison between Reolink and Lorex ip cameras in various models.

Both Lorex W261aqc and Reolink E1 Zoom are designed for indoor use, not designed for outdoor. For professional use you may consider Amaryllo Ares and Amcrest ip4m-1053 ptz camera.

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