Lorex Surveillance system

LW422W Lorex 4 Camera Security System

Lorex offers new LW422W Surveillance system that includes DV700 DVR series plus 2x VGA wireless camera and 2x HD analog camera. How do you compare it with GW Security 8-channel NVR and 4x Dome camera. GW Security surveillance system is getting more popular by days with high rating in some online retail stores.

LW422W Lorex Surveillance system

LW422W is a new Lorex surveillance system that consists of new DVR system (DV7041) and combination of two wireless IP cameras plus two wired HD 1080p cameras. It looks a great combination, you can put wired camera indoor and in location where you can run the BNC cable easily. And in location where you find difficult to run the BNC cable, you can put the wireless camera. In some cases this combination is better compared to full wired surveillance system.

However, in industrial location or process plants the wired long distance system surveillance is beneficial because the wireless connection is limited up to 100 meters outdoor. Surveillance system with BNC connection can run up to 500 meters and is reliable compared to wifi connection which is prone to signal interference.

See also comparison between Arlo full wireless and full wired Amcrest HDCVI system.

With LW422W Lorex Surveillance system you get combination of two wireless camera and two wired HD analog cameras connect to the 4 channel DVR system.

Main features

  • DVR system with true HD 1080p recording capability
  • DVR with preinstalled Hard disk for 24/7 recording with H.264 compression format
  • FLIR Cloud services to allow you to view the camera via mobile devices remotely with free iOS and Android apps
  • 2x LW2287B wireless security night vision cameras with 30fps VGA resolution
  • High gain antennas with receiver in DVR as long as 165 ft(65 m) distance
  • featuring Signal Guard technology and FHSS technology
  • Weatherproof and vandal resistant camera
  • 2x LBV2711B HD 1080p weatherproof and vandal resistant bullet camera
  • Night vision range up to 150 ft (46m) in ambient light and up to 100ft (31m) in total darkness

To read more detail features and manufacturer’s description about this Lorex Surveillance system click here LW422W Lorex System, and this surveillance system is currently available in Amazon and is tagged with the price around $230..

Lorex surveillance system

Comparison Lorex Vs GW Security

Now let’s spend time comparing this system with other competing surveillance system that you might consider it as one of your best candidates to meet your business needs i.e. GW Security surveillance system that currently receives good cutomer rating in Amazon.

With LW422 Lorex surveillance system you have a combination of two wired and two wireless IP cameras, with GW Security you have four Dome wired cameras with varifocal lens. Each system comes with their own DVR system and cameras. See also Amcrest Vs Lorex surveillance system with different wired system.

DVR / NVR system

In deciding which DVR system is suitable for your need, you should be able to see the future need. At a moment you might require only to cover four spots to monitor, probably in the future when your business is growing the more cameras are required to cover larger and more spots. It is therefore DVR with more channels feature is more beneficial than DVR with number of channels that fit to today’s need.

However, if you have LAN environment in place you may consider NVR (network video recorder) instead of DVR system. With DVR you have to connect each of the camera directly to the DVR system. On the other hand, with NVR you can connect the camera (with POE feature) anywhere as long as connect to your local computer network within your business area. With POE camera you can connect the camera not directly to the NVR system, or you can connect the camera directly to the NVR system that has built-in POE switch. See also comparison GW Security and Q-See 32 channel NVR system.

# Channel

Lorex with four channel cameras is ideal for small business or large homes with four locations to cover such as front outdoor, indoor, backyard and probably right or left side of the building. Limited to only four channels would limit future expansion for more cameras. GW Security offers you more channels up to 8 to allow you add more cameras in future and moreover it is ONVIF 2.2 compliant device which is interoperable with other ONVIF compliant devices. With ONVIF standard, your video-related devices is assured interoperable with other ONVIF compliant devices meaning that GW2208EP DVR can work with all third party IP cameras.

Lorex doesn’t specifically mention that the product is ONVIF compliant device. Both Lorex and GW Security offer various models of DVR/NVR with more channels you can choose. However in the following tables we just compare the specific combination of surveillance system they offer in the bundle.


Both DVR support video resolution up to High definition resolution of up to full 1080p HD (1920×1080 pixels), clear and high quality video image. In this configuration, LW411 Lorex surveillance system offers you two wireless VGA resolution camera and two HD 1080p camera.  On the other hand, GW offers you four HD 1080p Dome cameras with varifocal lens. With varifocal lens you can adjust the focal lens in the range of 2.8mm ~ 12mm to fit your view of angle manually.


Today’s CCTV is not just limited to closed local circuit, however with the capability of the DVR to connect to the internet you can monitor the camera remotely from over the world as long as you can connect to the  internet with your mobile devices including Android and iOS. Both DVR comes with 10/100Mbps Ethernet port to allow you connect to your home internet network to allow remote access by using Smartphone or tablet.

Both GW and Lorex come with only one RJ45 Ethernet port to connect to local network with internet connection. GW security offers you built-in 8 PoE ports so all 8 cameras with PoE feature can connect to the DVR with only UTP Ethernet cable to host both power and data lines in a single UTP cable. The good thing is that all the four Dome cameras come with the system are PoE support so you run only one single cable for both data and power to each of the camera. Well, no additional separate PoE switch to purchase.

For camera connection Lorex surveillance system comes with four BNC ports in the rear panel. You still need to add power line to the camera in addition of BNC cable for analog camera, while for wireless camera you just need to provide the power line because data is transmitted wirelessly.


GW Security offers bigger storage space with 2TB preinstalled hard disk and is available 2x SATA port for maximum of 2x 4TB storage space. As opposed to Lorex that offers you only 1TB preinstalled disk and maximum of up to 1x 4TB disk.

Table 1 below shows you DVR comparison between Lorex DV7041 and GW Security GW2208EP.

Table 1 comparison DVR system Lorex Vs GW Security

 Lorex LW422W DVR SystemGW Security NVR system
ModelDV7041 DVRGW2208EP NVR
# Channel4 channels8 channel camera
Video compressionH.264N/A
HDMI & VGA PortYes with cable includedYes, HDMI and VGA resolution up to 1920×1080P
Ethernet PortYes, 1x 10/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet portYes, Built in 8x PoE ports in addition of RJ45 Ethernet port for connection to network.
USB Port for backupYes – instant USB backupNo – USB port is for USB mouse,
StoragePre-installed 1TB Hard disk


1x HDD (SATA) up to 1x 4TB for full 24/7 recording

for storage available 2x SATA Port – each one supports 4 TB, total up to 8 TB   – preinstalled 2TB.



PTZ camera supportYes, remotely controlled via appNot a remote control Zoom camera, rather it is fixed to a single view.


3D intelligent PTZ control via USB Mouse and remotely PTZ via app but only digital zoom not optical zoom.


Remote viewYes, via FLIR Cloud with free appsBuilt-in P2P Cloud service, firewall penetration automatically – always online no need remote view configuration
Onvif supportsN/AYes, Onvif 2.2
Cloud serviceFLIR CloudBuilt-in P2P Cloud service


All the three models of the cameras are IP66 rated weatherproof and vandal resistant, couple of requirements for outdoor placement to withstand from any extreme temperature changes even minus some degrees C temperature.

And all other features similar and differences if any can be shown in the comparison table.

Varifocal lens

Which one is better, fixed or varifocal lens? In photography, fixed lens provide you better quality images compared to zoom lens. However, you cannot control manual zoom with fixed lens. You need to place the camera in certain location to cover the area within the field of view of the lens. You move yourself backward or forward to cover the target area.

On the other hand, with varifocal lens you place the camera in certain location and then you can manually zoom the focal lens to adjust the field of view. It is easier to locate the camera with varifocal lens, you can adjust the field of view easily.

Table 2 shows you comparison between Lorex wired-wired cameras and GW Security Dome PoE camera, take a look the Lorex with two types of camera – wired and wireless.

Table 2 Camera comparison Lorex Vs GW Security

 Lorex surveillance system LW422WGW Security  Dome cameras
Cameras2x VGA wireless security cameras (LW2287B),


2x 1080p HD wired security cameras (LBV2711B)

4x HD 1080P 5.0 Megapixel Dome IP cameras (GW-2071IP)
Image sensorLW2287B: 1/4” Color CMOS Image Sensor



LBV2711B: 2MP image sensor

1/3″ 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor
ResolutionLW2287B: VGA 640×480 pixels



LB2711B: 1080p (1920 x 1080p)

HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
LensesLW2287B : Fixed lens 3.6mm F2.0




2.8mm ~ 12mm Varifocal lens
ZoomDigital zoomOptical zoom – manual zoom with varifocal lens
Horizontal Field of view (degrees)LW2287B: 58 degrees



LB2711B: 90 degrees

adjustable angle of View from 98 degrees to 22 degrees
Record resolutionLW2287B: VGA



LB2711B: 1080P @30fps

1080P @30fps (Up to 1920P@10fqs adjustable)
Night VisionYes



24pcs high power IR LEDs

deliver up to a 140ft (42m) of night vision range in ambient lighting (90ft / 27m in total darkness).



12 IR LEDs delivers up to 150ft (46m) in ambient lighting and up to 100ft (31m) in total darkness




30pcs Infrared LED, view up to 80 feet IR distance

Vandal resistantYesYes


BNC Video / RCA Audio with 1x wifi external antenna and receiver in DVR



BNC with included 60ft (18m) BNC / Power Extension Cable


PoE (power over Ethernet)


Lorex surveillance system (LW422) Offers you combination of wireless camera and wired HD camera, ideal for large homes or small businesses up to four combination of wired-wireless cameras. It is limited to only four cameras.

The newer model that Lorex offers is Lorex 8 channel NR9082 4K security system with 6pcs 4K LNB8111B Cameras. Click the link below to learn more details and shop in Amazon.

Click here for Lorex 8 channel NR9082 4K security system with 6 4K LNB8111B Cameras

GW Security offers you 4 PoE Dome 5MP cameras with varifocal lens and built-in 8-port PoE switch in the NVR, easy to expand to more cameras up to 8 in the future. Ideal for large homes, offices, process plants or industrial plants and warehouses and with ONVIF compliant you can connect any ONVIF compliant cameras from different vendor to the DVR seamlessly. And the good thing is that GW Security cameras come with built-P2P service and QR Code Scan – an easy installation and setup for cameras with  industrial standard for cloud connectivity.

Click here for new model of GW security with 4pc 4k Cameras

You may also like to consider 16 channel NVR camera system GW and Amcrest. To support more than 20 cameras, you better consider GW security 32 channel NVR system. For easy installation, you may also consider affordable wireless surveillance system – see top 5 8-channel wireless security system
Cheers, Ki

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