Meet Owl Pro Webcam for Conference Room vs Logitech Meetup

One of the important features of a webcam for conference room in an online meeting is the ability of the webcam to focus on whoever speaking on the meeting among other meeting participants. Meet Owl Pro is one of the best webcams for conference rooms that meets such demand. How good is Meet Owl Pro when compared to Logitech Meetup?

Meet Owl Pro

There are two Meet Owl models on the market today, the 1st generation of Meet owl with recording resolution of 720p and the Met owl Pro series with 1080p resolution. There is also an improvement over the Meet owl standard with microphone pickup range only up to 12 ft, while the Pro demonstrates longer pickup range of about 18 ft.

Meet Owl Pro Webcam for conference room
Meet Owl Pro Webcam for conference room

Smart features

One of the features that make this product ideal for use in remote video conferencing in a small room for up to 5 people is the webcam’s ability to shift focus to whoever speaking in a meeting.

This makes it easier for meeting participants not to bother doing manual configuration to shift focus to meeting participants who getting their turn to speaking. This feature makes this webcam different with other webcams for conference rooms including Logitech Meetup that we will compare here later on the next paragraphs.

8pcs Smart mics

Unlike standard webcams in general, which are generally equipped with one or two microphones, this product is equipped with 8 mics. Supported by 8 smart microphones with pickup range of up to 18 ft allows this Meet Owl Pro to interact with all participants in the meeting room to get camera focus while taking the role of speaking.


  • USB plug and play Smart webcams with full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps with tabletop model
  • Fisheye optical lens on top of the camera with smart autofocus to whoever speaking in the meeting
  • Panning 360 degree capability covering each member of the people on the meeting room and autofocus to the speaker
  • Comes with 8pcs of Smart microphones and up to 18ft pick up range, ideal for medium to large meeting table
  • Supports all major video conference software including Skype, Zoom etc


  • Cannot show all meeting members in the frame normally in the meeting room due to webcam is in center of the table  

Meet Owl Pro is tagged with the price around $999.0 in some online stores, more expensive than most portable webcams with clip mount on the monitor or laptop screen.

Meet Owl Pro vs Logitech Meetup

Table 1 below shows you spec comparison table for Meet Owl Pro vs Logitech Meetup to help you understand the pros and cons between the two products.  

Logitech Meetup Webcam
Logitech Meetup Webcam


See here that Logitech Meetup comes with 4k (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution @ 30 fps, four times as high resolution as Meet Owl Pro which is only 1080p resolution.

Smart Autofocus

Unlike Meet owl, which has an autofocus feature for whoever speaking in a meeting room, Logitech with the RightSight technology feature allows the webcam to adjust the view angle automatically so that all meeting participants are on the video frame normally. The Logitech Meetup is placed close to the monitor screen with a wall mount so that with its 120 degree view angle feature can cover all participants in the video frame.

Now, have a look at the comparison table below, Meet Owl vs Logitech webcams.

Table 1 Meet Owl Pro vs Logitech Meetup

Webcam modelMeet Owl ProLogitech Meet Up
LensFisheye type lensCustom Logitech lens
ZoomN/A5x HD zoom
Panning and tilting360 degree panning and tilting+/- (25 degree) panning and +/- 15 degree tilting
Recording resolution1080p@ 30 fps4K (up to 3840 x 2160 pixels @ 30 fps with USB 3.0 cable) 1080p Full HD (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 fps) 720p HD (up to 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30 fps)
Field view angle360 degree panoramic viewDiagonal: 120 degree, Horizontal: 113 degree , Vertical: 80.7 degree
Audio8pcs Smart microphones with pickup radius up to 5m (18ft) and it comes with 360 degree triple speakerphonebuilt-in microphone with 3 beamforming elements; Pickup Range up to 4 meters (13.1 feet) With optional Expansion Mic: 5 meters (16.4 feet)
Smart featuresCamera will focus automatically to whoever is speaking within the meetingRightSight; Rightlight; Rightsound technologies
VC supports All video conference software including Skype, Zoom etcCertified for Zoom, Fuze, Google hangout, Cortana, and other VC software
PlacementTabletopTable stand; Wall mount and optional TV mount
Price in Amazon (Feb 2021)$999.00$1,162.00

Meet Owl Pro is ideal in the center of the meeting room, tabletop model and autofocus to whoever speaking in the meeting. On the other hand, Logitech Meetup covers all meeting participants in video frame normally and is 4k resolution webcam for more detail image.

Listed price may be different with current price. Click the link below to see current price and shop in Amazon (#ads).

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