Morvelli 1080p wifi PTZ Camera

When you need a camera at home, then if there is a camera at an affordable price without sacrificing its performance, you can be sure you will be interested and find out how the camera is compared to the others.

Morvelli camera comes at affordable price and is proven to have performance that is not inferior to similar products that have been around for a while on the market so far including among of them are Amcrest and Foscam. We’ll compare morvelli vs amcrest ip4m-1051 and morvelli vs foscam r4 and see if this camera is worth of purchase or other products.

Morvelli home wifi camera

What this product does

Like home wifi camera to monitor your baby or the presence of elderly in your supervision, Morvelli camera is very adequate with capabilities like other cameras that have been around on the market so far. You can also use it as a security camera for indoor like other business cameras.


Morvelli Camera is equipped with a 6 layer optical glass lens from Sony Sensor with an f2.1 aperture with a 3.6mm wide angle lens and full HD 2.0mp (1080p) resolution. With high-quality lenses by Sony, no doubt your camera produces images that are very clear and sharp. You can compare it to a similar camera such as Amcrest, Reolink or Foscam.

1080p is appropriate for home, however should require higher resolution you may consider Amcrest ip4m-1051 or foscam r4 which resolution is twice as high resolution as morvelli.

Model Resolution Field of view (H)
Morvelli 2.0MP (1920 x 1080) Unspecified
Amcrest ip4m-1051 4.0MP (2688 x 1520) @20 fps 110 degree
Foscam R4 4.0 MP (2560×1440) @25 fps 67 degree

See comparison between the competing product amcrest ip4m-1051 vs foscam r4 home wifi camera and higher 4k resolution cameras Amcrest ip8m-t2499 turret camera.


Morvelli can be controlled via your Smartphone with the app available with the ability to panning horizontally on its axis up to 355 degrees and tilting vertically up to 155 degrees. The performance is not inferior to those of wifi cameras from popular vendors such as Amcrest or Foscam. The good thing with camera with PTZ feature is that you can control panning to monitor endless view up to 360 degree.

The zooming is done digitally by software or app, it is not like those business grade outdoor PTZ camera such as Lorex lnz44p4b 2k PTZ camera or Amcrest or any high resolution 4k PTZ camera which come with optical motorized zoom .

Night vision

The ability of the camera to still be able to record and view in low light or at night is a must with the help of infrared light with a certain range. Morvelli is equipped with 10 IR LEDs for recording up to 32 ft. distance. the night vision is in black and white recording and view, not color. Should you required color night vision consider nocturnal camera by Lorex such as Lorex lnb9272 4k camera.

Smart camera

You know what an expensive business class PTZ camera with auto tracking capabilities that can follow object movements when entering the monitoring area, Morvelli camera has that capability. Home camera with expensive business class auto tracking capability.


Morvelli camera connects either using wired Ethernet connection or single  2.4Ghz radio band wifi to your home internet network. If you compared morvelli vs amcrest you can find that amcrest supports dual band wifi, morvelli vs foscam r4 is the same single band.


  • Wifi home PTZ 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution camera
  • High quality CMOS sensor by Sony with 6-layer polarized optical glass lens
  • Motion detection and motion tracking feature with Auto-Cruise Mode
  • Panning horizontally up to 355 degree and tilting vertically up to 155 degree and digital zoom by software / app
  • Night vision with 10pcs IR LEDs range up to 32ft (10m)
  • Two way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker
  • Easy to install, wall mount, ceiling mount or vertical with rubberized coating base
  • Alexa Echo Now support for voice control
  • Available microSD card slot up to 64GB
  • Cloud Storage :offers loop-recording with no storage limit
  • Single 2.4GHz band wifi connection and wired Ethernet


  • Doesn’t support 5GHz band wifi for clearer band

To learn more spec details click the link below

Click here for Morvelli home wifi camera

This product is tagged with the price around $50 in Amazon, while Amcrest is tagged around $100 and Foscam around $80.

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