Most Popular Front and Rear Dash Cam

Front and rear dash cam is not just an accessories in today’s vehicles, it becomes a must to install in car for security reason and it becomes a traffic disputes of your driving. The car’s camera typically comes with dual video for both front and rear view, and sometimes with the R-gear the rear camera will take over the view completely.

Why dash cam front and rear

Like homes that need a surveillance security system, a vehicle can also be installed camera system which generally becomes part of the dashboard accessories. In homes or small businesses you typically require outdoor monitoring system such as installing outdoor PTZ camera either using POE PTZ camera or wireless outdoor security camera, or probably you prefer installing bullet camera such as Amcrest ProHD 3MP camera. In vehicles you require camera system both front and rear which typically known as dash cam since it becomes part of dashboard accessories. The dash cam front and rear is meant for some reasons such as security, traffic disputes, and for peace of mind in reversing the vehicles easily and safely with full control of rear view with the camera.

The demand of front and rear dash cam products is very high and the trend is increasing by years. Some models of high end vehicles come with built-in dash cam front and rear, however some models don’t so that’s why you need to find suitable dash cam products to meet your car’s need.

Auto-Vox M2

Auto-Vox M2 becomes one of best seller dash cam products in Amazon with affordable price and yet performance is excellent. It provides crisp of HD 1080p camera resolution with dual lens anti-dazzling blue screen rearview mirror. It comes with car recorder and reverse parking system and internal storage up to 32GB micro-SD card memory storage.

Auto-Vox M2 comes with WDR camera to help you automatically balance the lighting exposure. Driving in daytime is sometimes full of sun lighting that sometimes causes over-exposed result. That’s why WDR camera system comes to adjust the exposure for best recording result. And the other good thing with this product is that it comes with G-Sensor feature to start recording immediately as soon as the collision happens and the video file is locked not to be overwritten as evidence for traffic disputes.

Auto Vox front and rear dash cam

Main features

  • Dual camera system for both front and rear perspective
  • High resolution of 1080p front view camera and HD 720p rear view camera
  • 140 degree view angle front camera and 120 degree view angle rear camera
  • Bind it to the rearview mirror easily with no-damage installation
  • All-in-one integration of dash cam, car reverse-system, anti-dazzling blue rearview mirror
  • With D-gear the front view takes main part of the screen and should you change the R-gear the rear view take over automatically
  • Anti-dazzling blue screen with 4.3” display size for comfortable feeling of your eyes
  • Comes with internal micro-SD card storage up to 32GB

Auto-Vox M2 is the best seller of front and rear dash cam products, easy to install and the price tag is not so high. And the newer model is Auto Vox M3.

Click here for more information, spec details and current price (Auto-Vox M3)

You might be interested with the newer version of this model, the Auto Vox M2 with night vision support, wider viewing angle both rear and front cams and larger size display.

The newer model is Auto Vox M6. In Auto Vox M6 you can find richer features including Night vision with 6 high intensity LEDs for backup camera and motion detection feature. Click here for Auto Vox M6 front and rear dash cam.

Z-Edge Z2Pro Dual Camera Dash Cam

Similar to Auto-Vox M2 /M3 or M6, Z-Edge Z2Pro front and rear dash cam is offered with larger screen display – 5 inch. Both front and rear cameras are full HD (1080p) simultaneously, or you can change to record in 2K (2160p) @24 fps or 4K (1440p) @ 30 fps without rear camera connected.

The view angle of the front camera is 150 degree, it’s slightly wider compared with Auto-Vox M2 which is 140 degree. It also supports the backup camera control when you backing up the vehicle by engaging the R-gear.

Z Edge Z2Pro front and rear dash cam

Main features

  • Dual lens camera dash cam both front and rear view
  • Super HD 1920x1080p resolution @30 fps both front and rear cameras
  • 150 degree front camera and 140 degree rear camera viewing angle
  • Dual view picture in picture display, toggle button to display full screen or insert picture in picture display
  • Rear view backup monitoring automatically displayed when backing up the vehicle, supported by water-proof backup camera and active reverse gridlines for parking
  • G-sensor support to allow system to capture in motion detection mode. Crash detection to record video and lock the file when collision and crash detected
  • Seamless video loop recording to efficiently use the storage
  • Free 16GB TF card memory, expandable up to 128GB

The price tagged to this product is higher than Auto Vox M3 or M6, it cost around $170 (Dec 2017), prices are always going down by time. Click the link below for more spec details, manufacturer’s description and current price in Amazon.

Falcon Zero F360

Unlike Auto-Vox M2 and Z-Edge which the rear view camera can be installed outside the car such as near the rear plate number, with Falcon Zero F360 both camera are embedded together with the mirror display system and are 180 degree rotating and 120 degree viewing angle. Both cameras provide high resolution of up to 1080p. The main difference if you compare it with Auto-Vox dash cam front and rear is that with Auto-Vox the rear camera is integrated with the R-gear, meaning that when you move the car using the R-gear the rearview mirror will automatically display the rear view car for safety in mind.

Falcon Zero F360 provides you full enjoyable driving with recording video and dual rotating camera you can adjust easily which view angle your camera face, both camera facing the front view with different view angle left and side part of the car, or one camera for front view and you rotate the second camera for rear view.

falcom f360
Falcon Zero F360 Dash Cam

Main features

  • Dual 180 degree rotating camera with 120 degree wide viewing angle
  • High resolution of 1080p camera
  • Comes with 3.5 inch LCD display
  • Night vision for interior clips and shots; Built-in microphone / speaker function
  • Storage locally with micro-SD card up to 32GB with loop recording, overwriting the old file with new file
  • Included TV and HDMI HD output
  • Simple wiring from the dashboard to the rear mirror camera system

The good thing with this front and rear dash cam is that you can adjust both camera to form a super wide 240 degree front view angle.

Click here for Falcon Zero F360 more spec details and current price in Amazon

Unlike most today’s IP camera which supports remote viewing such as Amcrest and Hikvision outdoor camera or outdoor wireless PTZ camera, the dash cam doesn’t support remote viewing and no reason to support this remote viewing. Dash cams typically used for safety reason, and with recording capability with internal storage can be used as evident in case of traffic disputes.


Auto-Vox M2 or M6 (the newer product) to support the safety in mind for moving the car reverse with integrated R-Gear system. Moreover, the system will automatically lock the file in case of collision with G-sensor. The M3 is the advanced version. Falcon lets you enjoy recording along the way with super wide angle of up to 240 degree viewing angle by adjusting both camera to front view.

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