Most Popular Front Car Cameras

Most popular front car camera products including KDLINKS X1, Z-Edge and Wheel-Witness and still more are affordable products which you can easily install on the windshield  using he suction cup. Some models of front and rear dash cam are designed with rear view mirror type.

Front Car Camera

Various models of front car camera products available in the market today to accompany you travelling with your vehicle.

With DVR system

Mostly all the dash cam products including front and rear dash cam products such as Rexing and Auto-Fox come with DVR system to allow you store the video recording into the local storage, the memory storage which is typically in the form of micro-SD card. With the local storage you can later playback on the screen or you can backup via the USB port and view the recording via laptop or TV.

Wide angle lens

Most dash cams come with wide angle camera up to typically 170 degree viewing angle for front camera while the rear camera typically is not as wide as the front car camera, something about 120 degree viewing angle. They are not like bullet model security cameras which field of view angle is under 100 degree viewing angle such as Reolink wireless outdoor camera and Amcrest wireless outdoor camera. With wide angle lens, you can record the wide view of the front car while driving you can playback later.

Popular models

Today you can find various models of front car camera products as well as front and rear dash cam products available in the market you can choose to install in your vehicles. The following lists some popular models of front car camera.


KDLINKS X1 is one of popular models of front car camera which looks like a pocket camera model with zoom lens, it is different model like rear view mirror camera such as Auto-Vox dash cam. It comes with suction cup to attach the camera body frame to the front windshield .

The good thing with this model is the built-in GPS module that precisely record GPS data into video clip and with KDLINKs software you can view your vehicle location, speed and route integrated with Google maps.

kdlinks x1 front car camera
KDLINKs X1 front car camera

Main features

  • Full HD video resolution of 1920x1080p @30 fps with H.264 compression
  • Six-glass lens with f/1.6 aperture
  • Wide angle of 165 degree front view
  • Continuous loop recording with 8GB micro SD card
  • Superior night vision with WDR feature
  • Built-in GPS module to allow you check vehicle location, speed and route on Google map with included free KDLINKs software
  • Comes with G-sensor for accident detection and current video file locking and emergency lock button
  • One year full warranty


  • Doesn’t come with rear camera for backing assistance

This front camera model is tagged with the price under $170, more expensive than best seller Auto-Vox M2 front and rear dash cam. However, KDLINKS X1 front car camera comes with GPS module with free software.

You may alo like the new model of KDLINKS R100 2K Dah Cam

Click here to learn more KDLINKS R100 spec detais and current price

2. Wheel-Witness HD Pro

Like the above KDLINKs front car camera, this Wheel-Witness HD Pro is almost the same model as KDLINKs like the pocket camera, compact and come with the body bracket and suction cup for easy attaching to the windshield . However, this model is higher in resolution up to 2306 x 1296 pixels.

The included micro-SD card memory is also twice as much as KDLINKs to allow you record the video with highest resolution for continuous loop recording. GPS unit is also available integrated with Google map, and the larger 3” screen.

wheel-witness dash cam
Wheel Witness Front Car camera

Main features

  • High resolution video recording up to 2306 x 1296 pixels @30 fps
  • Wide 170 degree angle lens
  • Comes with larger 3.0” screen with TFT LCD technology
  • Night vision with WDR / HDR technology
  • Comes with GPS module integrated with Google maps to show you where your vehicle location
  • Comes with larger 16GB SDHC card memory storage and continuous loop recording. Storage supports up to 32GB SDHC memory card
  • Comes with extra 12 ft. power cable
  • Extra bracket for your second vehicle


  • Doesn’t come with G-sensor for accident detection
  • Doesn’t come with rear camera for backing assistant

When you compare Wheel-Witness and KDLINKs, you can find that KDLINKs comes with richer feature including G-Sensor. However Wheel-Witness offers higher recording resolution. You may also like similar products but with higher resolution, click the link below.

Click here to learn more Rove R2-4k spec, manufacturer’s description and price

3. Z-Edge Z3 2K Dash Cam

Unlike KDLINKs and Wheel-Witness front car camera products, this Z-Edge 2K dash cam offers the highest memory storage of 32GB and resolution is also great with 2560 x 1080 pixels @ 30fps. This product is voted to be the best 2016 dash cam by Wirecutter and becomes the best seller dash cam in Amazon. However, the field of view is 145 degree, not as wide as the two products above.

Z-Edge Z3 comes with adjustable G-sensor sensitivity feature to detect the crash and records the current video and lock it for evident when later there is traffic disputes.

z-edge dash cam
Z-Edge Z3 dash cam

Main features

  • Super HD 2560 x 1080 pixels @ 30fps recording resolution with Ambarela A7 processor
  • Lens with OV4689 color CMOS image sensor
  • Field of view 145 degree
  • Comes with 3.0” scratch resistant LCD display screen
  • Featuring G-sensor with adjustable low, mid and high sensitivity for crash detection and lock current video file
  • Comes with 32GB Kingston TF Card for local storage with loop recording feature
  • Extra long 157” USB cable and solid suction mount with screw-in attachment
  • 30 days money back guarantee – 18 month warranty – lifetime support


  • Doesn’t come with rear camera for backing assistant
  • Doesn’t include GPS module

Similar product you may consider Kamtron 4k dash cam. To learn more spec details click the following link for manufacturer’s description and current price in Amazon.

Click here for Kamtron 4k Dashcam spec details

All the three front car camera products above don’t come with rear camera for backing vehicle assistance like those front and rear dash cam products such as Auto-Vox M2 and Falcon Zero.

For your small to medium businesses, you may consider Reolink 8 channel security system, and for large area business to cover you may consider Sunba and GW Security auto tracking camera.

Cheers, KG.

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