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Most Wishlist Nest Floodlight Cam vs Arlo Which One is Better

After a long wait by loyal users, Google finally released the Nest floodlight cam in addition to Google’s very popular products in security cameras, Google nest outdoor and Nest doorbell. How does this nest floodlight cam compete with the Arlo floodlight camera?

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Nest Floodlight Cam

Nest floodlight is the last generation of nest cam outdoor with the addition of smart floodlight to illuminate the surrounding to render color night vision and also to ward uninvited guests to go further crime action.

Smart alerts

Like most floodlight cameras in general, at night when light condition is low or completely dark, floodlights will be triggered On when detecting any movement within the motion detection zone, so does nest floodlight cams. However, nest allows you to select what types of motion detection to trigger the alerts such as only detect human, vehicle or animal. So not all motion detections trigger the alerts; there is no need to react to unimportant things to follow up. The camera algorithm itself is smart enough to provide intelligent reactions to motion detection within your customized zone.

You may compare with what Arlo floodlight camera offers regarding motion detection. Without Arlo secure plan, the camera gives you live view and motion detection alerts sent to your mobile device, any motion detection. You need to take Arlo secure plan to detect more specific such as human, vehicle or animal detection only. 

Nest Floodlight cameras
Nest Floodlight cameras

Double motion sensor

Besides intelligent detection from the nest camera itself with 130 degrees viewing angle, the floodlight also provides smart detection with a wide 180 degrees viewing angle. So practically this nest floodlight cam can give you peace of mind on your property that you can monitor from wherever you are.

Nest floodlight cam vs Arlo

To further understand how good this nest floodlight cam is, we will compare it with a very popular product, the Arlo floodlight camera. You can refer to the following table 1 below that shows you spec and feature comparison between Nest and Arlo floodlight cameras.

The camera

If you’re expecting a camera with double resolution as 1080p, then Arlo offers 4mp (2k) twice the resolution that Google nest cams offer. So with a 4mp resolution, when you zoom in up to 12x digitally on your Smartphone, the image quality is still pretty good, not too much noise. And nest with 1080p, half the resolution of the Arlo only offers 8x digital zoom, so with maximum zoom in the image quality is almost the same.

In terms of camera resolution, the Arlo floodlight camera is superior to the nest floodlight cam.

Motion detection sensor

In addition, Arlo offers lens with 160 degree wide angle. On the other hand Nest offers lens with 130 degree wide view angle, see that visible coverage of the detection sensor’s viewing angle is narrower. However, nest floodlight itself act as detection sensor 180 degree horizontal with range up to 25ft. So Nest demonstrates double motion detections by the camera and the floodlights.

In terms of wide coverage of motion detection sensor, Nest offers better sensor detection coverage.

Arlo Floodlight camera
Arlo Floodlight camera


Floodlights draw quite a lot of power, so if you use battery power, the battery capacity will run out quicker if the floodlight is on during live view. Moreover, motion detection that triggers the floodlight to turn on so often will drain the power as well. So that’s why Arlo with battery power limits the brightness up to 2000 lumens. However when you use outdoor magnetic charger, the brightness can go up to 3000 lumens.

Nest uses wired Floodlight, hardwired 100-240V AC, instead of battery. However, when the power is outage the floodlight uses battery power. By using the same hardwired for floodlights, Arlo can go up to 3000 lumens brightness, while Nest can go only up to 2400 lumens. Both floodlight cameras can be adjustable via your mobile device with the app.

In terms of floodlight brightness, with the same hardwired power, Arlo demonstrates higher brightness than Nest. However, Nest floodlight becomes the second motion sensor 180 degree horizontal in addition of camera motion sensor, so dual motion sensor.


Storage is used to store history of video clip motion detection events that you can playback when you miss it to check in real time. Without storage, your camera only sends notifications with image snapshot of events and you can check it in live view right away.

Arlo doesn’t provide a local memory storage option, so you can’t playback the trigger event video history stored in memory. However, if your Arlo has an Arlo smart hub, you can install a flash disk as local memory storage. For this reason, Arlo offers the Arlo secure plan that provides cloud storage.

Nest floodlight cam provides built-in local memory on the camera, not large in capacity, it can only store about one hour of video history of event detections. This memory is used as emergency storage when there is a power outage or there is a problem with your wifi connection to the internet at home.

In addition, Nest provides free 3 hours of cloud storage for event history. You can subscribe to the nest aware plan to extend memory up to 30 days. So without subscribing nest aware plan, you can still save up to 3 hours. Arlo doesn’t provide that option, if you don’t subscribe, it can only send notifications for you to open via mobile app for live view.

In terms of storage, Nest floodlight cam offers flexible option.

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Comparison table

Now, you have better insights about the two comparison products for Arlo floodlight camera vs nest floodlight cam. Read more details from the following table 1 below.

Table 1 Arlo vs nest floodlight cam

Floodlight cameraGoogle Nest Cam FloodlightArlo Pro 3 Floodlight
Image sensor½.8 inch 2MP CMOS sensor1/3inch 4MP CMOS image sensor
LensFixed lensFixed lens
View angle130 degree diagonal field of view angle160 degree diagonal
Zoom6x digital zoom12x digital zoom
ResolutionUp to 1080p @30 fpsUp to 4MP (2560 x 1440) with H.264 and H.265 supports
FloodlightTwo floodlights with adjustable brightness;
Up to 2400lm brightness 4000K color temperature
 Efficacy/Brightness: 2000-3000* lumens (Outdoor Magnetic Charging Cable required for 3000 lumens) Color Temperature 4000K
Night visionNight vision with HDR 6pcs high-power 850 nm IR LEDs
range Up to 20 ft (6.10 m)
Color night vision with floodlight; B/W night vision with 2x High power IR
AudioTwo way audio with noise cancellation, built-in speaker and microphoneTwo way audio with high quality speaker and microphone
SirenN/ABuilt-in siren
Smart eventMotion, people, vehicles, animals Nest aware: Familiar faces,
Motion detection
Event sensorCamera: Single motion sensor: 110° horizontal FoV
Up to 25 ft (7.5 m)   Floodlight: Two motion sensors: 180° horizontal FoV Up to 25 ft (7.5 m)  
Single Motion Detector, 130 degree horizontal
ConnectivityStandard 802.11 a/b/g/n @2.4GHz/5GHz WEP, WPA,
WPA2, WPA3 encryption supported
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Standard 802.11 b/g/n
Storage1 hour local memory storage on device in case there is
power outage, internet disconnection.  
Without Nest aware you have 3 hours storage, Nest aware plan extends up to 30 days of event video history and add familiar face detection. Nest aware plus is also available  
No local memory in camera; connect to Arlo smarthub with USB storage; 3 months free Arlo Smart Service including cloud storage
PowerCamera: Built-in rechargeable 6 Ah, 3.65V lithium-ion battery Floodlight: Hardwired: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz Continuously powers the cameraRechargeable battery; / Solar power 5V DC/2A
Smart home connectionRequire Google Home app and Google account. Works with Google assistantAlexa, work with Leviton, Philips Hue, Sonos, Yale, etc
Outdoor protectionIP54 weather resistantOutdoor UV and weather-resistant
Price (Jan 2023)$239.99 in Google store$199.99 in Amazon

Price difference is much, around $80 more expensive for nest floodlight cam. And now you can make up your mind which one is suitable to meet your home security system. So far Amazon has not sell this nest floodlight cam yet. Click the product’s link below for Arlo in Amazon (#ads).

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