Motorola Orbit vs Arlo Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Motorola introduces compact wire-free IP camera – Motorola Orbit Wireless Outdoor Security Camera. It’s a battery powered wifi camera with IP66 rated weatherproof well constructed housing.

What this product does

Netgear claims that Arlo is the first wire-free IP camera ever produced in the market with water proof housing. Today you can find some models of wire-free IP cameras and one of them is Motorola Orbit.

Full HD

Motorola Orbit is wire-free IP cameras, and is made of fixed 2.3mm lens with full HD 1080p (1920x1080p) resolution. When you compare it with popular Arlo by Netgear wire-free camera, Orbit resolution is higher than Arlo.

Wide view angle

Motorola Orbit is built with fixed 2.3mm lens providing you 150 degree super wide field of view angle, nearly covering the entire front view of the camera. See also top rated clefilter fisheye video camera which covers up to 180 / 360 degree panoramic view.

Arlo on the other hand is only 110 degree field of view angle, nearly the same field of view angle as those business class dome model outdoor camera such as Amcrest IP4M-1028E outdoor POE camera or the wireless model is Amcrest IP4M-1028W wireless outdoor camera which the field angle is 118 degree.

Battery operated

Motorola Orbit is powered by lithium rechargeable battery which can last up to 3 months. However it depends how the activity of the camera is used, the motion detection recording would be much longer than continuous recording. See that any time Orbit detects motion, it draws the power and so does any time you open the camera app it wakes up the camera. for continous streaming the battery can last up to full 7 hours.

motorola orbit
Motorola Orbit wire-free outdoor camera

Compare with Arlo that is powered by Four (4) Lithium CR123, not rechargeable battery with battery life up to 4~6 months. However, the newer version Arlo Pro with siren is now coming with rechargeable battery. See also Arlo Pro vs Reolink Argus wire-free cameras.

Two way audio

Motorola Orbit is like other wireless home IP cameras which typically come with two way audio, Orbit supports two way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker. Talk to each other via your mobile device with someone around the camera, two way direction communication.

Arlo first generation (1st G) doesn’t support audio, but the Pro version does.


Motorola Orbit wireless outdoor security camera system supports local memory SD Card with preinstalled 8GB memory (up to 32GB) to allow you playback the footage either local or remotely via your mobile devices.

Arlo wireless security camera
Arlo indoor – outdoor wireless camera

Each unit of Arlo doesn’t support local memory storage, but Arlo offers free 7 days motion and audio triggered cloud storage and some longer time options are also available. However, Arlo with base station you can connect a USB storage to the base station for local storage.


As a nutshell, take a look at the following Orbit’s highlights:

  • Compact device of wireless outdoor security camera with magnetic base
  • Full HD 1080p resolution (2.0MP image sensor)
  • Fixed 2.3mm lens
  • 150 degree Wide field of view angle
  • Supports night vision with 7 pcs IR LEDs
  • Two way audio communication with built-in Mic. and speaker
  • Battery operated with 3680mAh Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Memory local storage with micro SD card up to 32 GB and preinstalled 8GB
  • Motion, sound and temperature notification
  • Zone and human detection
  • Hubble connected app
  • Solid IP66 rated weatherproof housing

You require to download  the Hubble connected app to manage the Orbit cameras. Unlike Arlo that requires base station, with Motorola Orbit you just need a wireless network in home, and each Hubble account can manage no limit of Orbit cameras. Technically you can add as many Orbit cameras as required with your home wireless router.

Comparison table

Motorola Orbit comes to compete with other wire-free IP cameras in the market including Arlo and some more products. To help you understand what is the differences between Orbit and Arlo, please refer to the following spec comparison table between Motorola Orbit and Netgear Arlo wireless outdoor security cameras.

Table Motorola Orbit vs Arlo

ModelMotorola OrbitNetgear Arlo
Recording resolutionFull HD 1080p 2.0MP (1920x1080p)HD 720p 1.3MP (1280x720p)
Field of view angle150 degree110 degree / 130 degree (Arlo Pro)
ConnectionWireless connection to wifi networkWireless connection to Arlo base station
Night visionYes, 7 IR LEDsYes, with 850nm LEDs range up to 25 ft
AudioTwo way audio with built-in Mic and speakerStandard Arlo audio is N/A; Arlo Pro supports two way audio
StorageLocal memory storage micro SD Card up to 32GB, preinstalled 8GBLocal storage N/A, free 7 days motion detection cloud storage
PowerBattery operated – 3680 mAh Lithium rechargeable battery


USB slot: Micro USB – Input DC 5V / 2A

Standard Arlo 4x Lithium battery; Arlo Pro – 2440mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
RecordingMotion, human detectionMotion detection with PIR motion sensor
HousingIP66 rated weatherproofIP65 rated weatherproof (Arlo Pro)

You may read more spec and manufacturer’s description about each of the product as well as current price and rating in Amazon, click the link below:

Arlo and Motorola are both wireless outdoor security cameras with wire-free model, battery operated cameras. Motorola Orbit offers higher recording resolution and wider field of view angle compared with Arlo.

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